My Devotees

Friday, October 30, 2009


Hey diary. I have been vanished for sooooo many days & week from this blog-sphere. The main cause is no internet connection and it made me sick. Sincerely sick. I bought P1WIMAX few weeks ago but it’s spilled me as I was not able to connect to internet, after check here and there; placed the modem here and there in finding the signal; I was informed that my residence is out of coverage. What the heck. At the time when I intend to register, the seller, bukan main lagi said this, said that, tapi? Consequently, within the cooling period, I’ve cancelled my account. Geram tapi tak berapa puas hati as I need to wait for 45days to get the refund cheque. Last night, I managed to enroll for 3GB Maxis Broadband since pop round at Tropicana City. I’m glad for the reason that it’s just a small device which I can carry to anywhere. Luckily, it’s performing well. Alhamdulillah.
Today is already 10 Zulkaedah. Yeah diary, I haven’t posted any post about my great Raya. Some of blog lovers did email me and enquired about my missing. I’m still alive, hale and hearty. He he he.

Syawal this year has been a wonderful Syawal for me.The most important and remarkable moments during Syawal ni, masa berkumpul adik beradik kat dapur, after berbuka puasa on the last Ramadhan, all daughters, we gathered together to get food preparation untuk hari raya, sesi masukkan biskut raya into canister, prepare the table and our living hall. It’s so good fun. Jauh dalam hati, I’m worried all these sweet moments will be distant from me once I get married. It’s hard to say……but I know, it will happen someday soon… I love to be the most important head kat rumah on malam raya, kemas rumah, prepare all the foods, but..entahla.. It’s hard to say… as my 3rd sister said despairingly and with a sigh on malam raya “sorang lagi kahwin, tak tahulah raya tahun depan camne”……. It was sadden me…..
Similar with the past few years, our main dishes on the first Hari Raya is nasi minyak with chicken curry unchanged. Tapai Pulut and ketupat daun palas wajib ada, this is my much-loved food during Hari Raya. Rasa tak lengkap raya kalau tak ada ketupat daun palas. On second day of hari Raya, Mama & I managed to prepare lontong & fried macaroni. Hurm, lontong ni pun wajib buat every Syawal ni. It was as yummy as before.
Several friends asked about my wedding preparation.. Alhamdulillah, so far, we had stroke out a few things already such as kursus kahwin, HIV test, wedding invitation cards which will be in hand by next week, make-up artist, door gifts, bertandang’s outfit, bunga telur, bunga manggar and etc. oh ya diary, I’m looking for a kompang troop which I have not find it yet. I realized, it’s so difficult to find kompang troop in Kelantan.
In fact, I intend to do the ‘hantaran’ things on my own; still I do not have enough time to decorate all those things, thus terpaksa tempah all the gubahan and decoration.
There is a main thing need to be settled without delay - all the nikah-kahwin forms. Nampaknya, we need to balik kampong dalam masa terdekat ni…
What I’ve learnt from this preparation, it’s not easy to get married. He he he. Seriously, there are many things need to be done.. All the sweet and nasty things that better-half & I came across throughout our preparation will be etched in my mind eternally. Sometime, unpleasant and unwanted things happened. Sometime, I like it but he dislikes it. Sometime, we disagreed and argue for simple things. Sometime, we do not have the same opinion. Sometime, we are not in the same mind. But, in the last part, we see eyes to eyes and we say yes. I’m truly glad and thankful that I’m going to marry someone who is always with me in my good & bad times…… InsyaAllah.

Ok, it's time for lala land. nite.