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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Life is good.

Hello hips.
Currently I feel like my brain’s cells are jumping up and down. Feel tired. My day is murky. I went to Medical Division at 4th floor and seek for Dr Bavani. I have been told that, I got a bit of fever. My body is warm, feeling dizzy and getting flu already. Huhu. When I went to sleep last night, I was so exhausted, grumpy and stressed... lately I was so busy with my work plus with new project for ING that I have to manage it on my own and the result is I didn’t have enough time for myself. ):

Bad news.
Better-half’s close-auntie was admitted to HUSM due to some problem with her throat. The operation was done by yesterday and she has been warded to ICU for some medical follow-up. Better-half was sooo sad and in cheerless mode. Pity him. Hoping that everything will be going as well as before.
Mama Wan Rohana told that, that old lady keep asking where Fuad is. Better-half and I are planning to back to hometown by this becoming Friday’s night for visiting her auntie. Called and asked mama whether she would like to join us together (mama’s staying at Along’s house) and totally agreed. Happy (: home-sweet-home. (:

Leng told that prices have been marked down at Zara’s Outlet. Oh ya. I didn’t notice that, I’ve bought 3 tops and 2 high waist belts in white and black colors by this week and I was so-called-lack-of-penny. Huwaaa.. ): *sob sob* but… I really wish I could be there, at least to grab one cute piece of Zara’s outfit. Anybody want to give me some penny for me to realize it? *laugh*

Actually, I’m deciding to have a new flat shoe for my casual use and also a new pair of stiletto for my work’s use. Guess’s flat shoes and Replay as well are catching my eyes currently. Hurm. Believe what, saya mengumpul duet utk itu. *laughs* perhaps, middle of July, a pair of them will be mine. Perhaps. I’ll be glad if I manage to get it earliest than that. *chuckling*

Did I hear someone yawn? Herm. Never mind. I didn’t care with what you going to say bout me, this is my life, don’t you ever care bout my life. (Totally pointed to silent readers). I love to spend my penny on shopping. Who cares? La la la.

And tonight, I have to start getting everything ready for my travel on Friday’s night. (:

What else..

Ow ya. Both of my sale-blogs have been updated with new hot-tops of mine, so for those shoppers, do check it out ya! *giggles*


Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I can’t think of anything to write.
Maybe i will b inspired, later. * giggles*

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Oh! I got it from a friend of mine. Osh s**t! I’ve told myself not to spend much penny on shopping again this month………… errr.. But… I can’t stop myself from shop and shop... will let better half know bout this. I am flatter if he loves to buy me a new top. Perhaps. *giggles* I love top shop & Dorothy Perkins, all their stuffs are adorable, plus with affordable price that I can get from that warehouse sale, of course I wont let myself from grab nothing. *sob sob*
Salary will be in on Friday’s night, perhaps and I have to manage it well.

Better half called me just now and told that, I’ve been invited to join his colleagues’ party at Sunway Lagoon on July 6th. My place has been reserved and payment has been done. OMG! I refused but better half insisted me to be there. What should I do? *sigh* Ya, I already meet up with most of his colleagues when I attended a few ‘majlis makan-makan’ before this, all his colleagues are friendly. Hurm. What should I wear on that day? I have to dig for a best cloth I reckoned. *bites my finger* uh. Never mind.

Monday, June 23, 2008

never give up

For the past 3 hours, I‘ve been spending time google-ing for online-shop, I’m looking for nothing actually, I just go through web by web. I feel bored. It’s totally bored. Ow! Today is Monday. My stomach is churning and I am all jittery. My head is spinning. I’ve taken 2 tablets of Uphamol just now. Oh GOD! I missed my mum so much (:
How bout your weekend? Mine is just ‘beautiful’. Ermm...We went to Ikano last night, since better-half is looking for new pants for his work-apparel. After done with a little shopping at Seed outlet, we headed our self to Cold Storage. Better-half loves it so much. We had fried rice, fried Mee Hun, ¼ watermelons, chicken roasted and 2 drinks. I went sleep last night after had chit-chats and laughing with Sis Ann for almost 40minutes. I spent the whole day with mum on Saturday and better half fetched me in late evening after he took off from work..

Oh! I have to some grocery-shopping this weekend.

Hurm.. I got headache.. I better off now from surfing.


Friday, June 20, 2008


I’m updating. I just took off from donated my blood. Oh! I was so happy and a bit proud of myself, hips! Yeah…. This is my first experience donate my blood and I’ve been waiting for a decade to donate my blood. One of my colleagues in that room noticed my ‘cuak-ness’. Hehe. The nurse who did prepare the thing keep comforting me, she said that I will feel a bit ‘sakit’. I’m shivering and finally…..

and see... i am smiling...

and this..

and finally....the 'blood bag' fulled with my O-type blood. hurey!

I’m absolutely-happy because I managed to finish it, maybe it’s not worth much to all of u, but I am pretty happy with what I’ve been done. What the heck! i am getting headache with unknown peoples who are getting envy with my life. StresS!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

ding dong

Hello peeps! I’m writing again. I so not in mood today.. aihhh! Hate this.

I received 2 calls from Kuantan and Perak, asking whether I was applying for loan before with Aeon Credit. And my answer is NO, I am not!. *sigh* how can? I text-ed better half and asked him to check through my ic no, whether there’s any fraud account or how. (Better-half’s working with Aeon Credit). He replied, “tade pon”. Hurm.. Never mind.

Hurm………. Sungguh mengantukkkk and letey,..and penat..oh nk rehat… I wonder how I can survive until 5.30pm…. uhhhh…..

Ow ya! I better off now to make hot Nescafe..

better half is snapping when i'm digging for book.

to YOU that i hate the most!

Morning hips!
I am so pissed off and angry shitless yesterday.
To that bitchy ( eerr I think so), you are not welcome to my blog! Enough said.
Ahhh sod it. Suddenly I have no mood for all of these.. ciao!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


It’s already 5.30pm.
Better half is already here to fetch me (he’s on medical leave today since he’s not well).
Jason‘s email is shadowing ask us to stay for a while for a short briefing..

Oh! I am craving for Starbucks Café latte……. Will ask better half to get it for me! hehe.


How’s everybody! :)
Did I mentioned before that my beloved baby Neo has been scratched by someone last week.. (Err. last week isn’t it, kak Ann?). I don’t know who was that person yang busuk hati! Whether sengaja or tak sengaja, wtf nk calar my car! S**t! Huh! We parked the car only less than 30 minutes after better-half decided to have some refreshment before we forwarding to Subang Air Port to pick-up Mum. Lepas tuh, tengok-tengok jer dah calar belah driver’s door. arrghhH! I hate this! I cried all the way to subang! Better half drove in mute, he didn’t say anything and of course I didn’t blame him. Not only scratch tapi dengan lekuk sekali. Isk! gerAm sampai hari nie. Kalau haku jalan tepi pintu tu, aku selalu buat tak pandang, nnti sakit hati! Erm.. Wondering why got such people yg tak reti nk hormat barang orang…….*sigh*

Monday, June 16, 2008

Ellena's couture

My new-sale-blog-for-my branded's collection has been launched just now.
Here it goes:

Sounds of Shopping

Soooooooooooo sorry for the lack of posts lately...

well, I had some good time though on last weekend. Spent the weekend with better-half, we did window shopping and I did shopping too! *weee* oh! I realized that I can stop myself from shopping! By last weekend, I managed to grab a new-Sony Ericsson-hand phone that I have been eye-ing for decade from Sungei Wang *ngee* so, no worries anymore if I off to out-station because we still can 3G some more, so yeay! I also grabbed one-hot-must-grab whitey shirt from Armani Exchange (actually I want to grab two pieces, one more is in maroon color, better-half loike it too….but... arrghhhh! Forget it!), one-V neck-blue-simple-shirt from Top Shop (better-half like it most!), a-black-high-waist-belt from Miss Cindy (better-half chose it too)…by the way, It’s nice to be pampered that way, aite? * giggles*.

Ow ya! I bought a new-grey-bangle and thought to pair it with my new-grey-kimono-tops that I bought a few days ago from online-shopping! Yes, I love kimono-ish tops and I had a few pieces in my collection! We went to pavilion again, better-half grabbed Onitsuka-Tiger’s footwear in black color that he have been hunting for a month, he also managed to buy a new shirt from Guess Collection and I adore for new Guess jeans..Oh... I am melting! I have to wait for next month! Perhaps, I have to wait until me waist reduce a bit. Heheh. Hurm, I didn’t buy any necklace yet for this month..and I am looking for a new-blue-color that I can pair it with my new-Top Shop-top. *theeee-hee*
Yesterday, better-half, his friend named Ewan and I off to Alamanda, oh my God, Alamanda changed a lot ya! So many new shops will be opened soon. We also off to Sunway Pyramid, we bought nothing, errr..but not me..i grabbed loose powder from SaSa, not one case but two case. *giggles*.
Hurm. That’s all for last weekend, maybe it isn’t that much but I would say that I pretty satisfied with my limited $$$ and my own savings! :D

Oh ya! I can’t upload the pictures that have been taken from my new HP coz the memory stick’s adapter didn’t work!!! Argghh!!!! Willing to buy a new one tonight! Uh! Habes lg duet haku! wait ya hun! the pics will be uploaded tommorow!

What else….

Oh ya! I am planning to sell my AUTHENTIC personal collection to the people who wish to take care of them. Most of the unused and used items are still new and in excellent condition. Most of them are Armani Exchange’s tops, Miss Sixty, Energie, Calvin Klein Jeans, Guess, French Connection, Emporio Armani, LV’s shoes.. erm.. ya, got a pair of new stilettos, erm.. Many more! I will inform the details later ya! :) here for Shopaholics those like branded thing.

I'm extremely grateful for the existence of the term shopping. :)

p/s: aku lupe g wat facial!!!! boleh tak?? :( hurm.kne postpone lagi nex week. *sob sob*

Friday, June 13, 2008


Hello hips!
Last night, better half & i went to Cinneleisure Damansara to watch
this movie, like I said before, cinneleisure is my-first-choice-cinema. The panda named ‘Po’ is so cute and looks cuddly and silly as a kungfu master. For me, that Kung Fu Panda does have a good message about believing in yourself, not judging others on their looks. It is a hilarious movie about a panda doing kung fu. How can you resist? :) Enough said, it’s all well and good, so watch it before it leaves theatre!

*gossip hangat: smlm aku jmpa selebriti terkenal kat Cinneleisure, die pengacara NO1 M'sia, sure korang dah boley agak siapa kan, ni first time aku jumpa dia real dpn mata, he sat beside me & ordering some foods kt cafe kecik dlm Cinneleisure tu, he's wearing AX shirt and LV's foot wear (sorry, aku jenis yg observe orang). die mmg nmpk muda gile, mcm 20an. tp satu yg aku jadi tak suka tibe2, sbb die sangat laaaaa tidakkkkk 'mesra-alam'. seriously, tak mcm die mgacara semua segmen2 die kat tv. enuf said, he's not friendly. ye la, ko celebrity, public-figure, kena lah pandai bawa diri kat public kan. haku BIG FAN ko, da start nyampah dgn ko. cettt!~ muka masam gile. c'mon la.... menci!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Unexpected-small-birthday-party in pyjamas?

even it was almost 1 am, he managed to eat Mc Chicken. :)
What should I say about those above pictures? Unexpected-small-birthday-party in pyjamas? I reckoned! Ngeeeee.. Better-half did make this small party for me. He texted me around 1150pm while I was enjoying my-tight-sleep and he asked me to go down. Unexpectedly, better-half was there. I was so happy. Again, he sang me ‘birthday’s song, suprised me with that 3-red-roses (i think it's pink) after he asked me to closed my eyes for a few minutes and it’s touched me a lottt. Hohoho.

We forwarded to the nearest Mc Donalds since I was wearing pyjamas. Oh! Tak sempat tukar baju tido actually. Hahah. He sent me home when time showed 1am. Thanks a lot, sayang. And I love u so much.

and to my-dearie-sister-that-u-know-who-you-are, thanks a lottttttt for this luvly birthday present! i luv it so much! It’s unexpected taw. We thought, it was ‘buah limau mandarin’. Haha. Notty!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

New York Skin Solutions

Oh! I received a call just now from New York Skin Solutions, reminded me bout the appointment for this becoming Sunday, on 3.30pm at 2nd floor, New York Skin Solutions The Curve. So I have-no-choice to block my day on that date. Huhu. New York Skins Solution is one of my choices for my skin treatment and of course better half promised to accompany me there. Yey!

More kilos to go

Hello hips! I just come back from The Weld, made my tummy fulled with nasi beriyani at Asam Laksa Cafe, I loike it so much! Spent one hour time with kak Farah and we did chat about anything, families, husband and marriage! So much fun!

Yes, I noticed that I haven’t blogging as much about Herbalife and updated you all with my herbal life’s progress, since I’m consuming that good-health-food. I shall say that my progress is not too drastic because I’m not the one di kalangan yang obesity but I am only fat! Yes FAT. *smile* I look plump, I reckoned. Ngeeee. i haven’t reached my target jeans’s size yet, I also not reached my target top’s size which is UK8-10 (currently I’m wearing UK12, sometimes UK10 can fits me well). I realized that I can fit back my old-stored-tops that I didn’t manage to fit it before, all my work-apparels that ketat sana-ketat sini, I managed to wear it back and it is a little achievement to me. I should clap for myself. Ngeee. Better-half realized it too and he’s encouraging me to maintain with this good-health-food until I reach my ideal weight.

Besides consuming herbal life, I’m doing some workout 3-4 times a week with hope that I’ll burn more fats and increasing my metabolism rate. I do hope so. Ngeee. Late evening yesterday, while we (Sherina & me) are enjoying our work-out time, someone came and talked to me. A familiar-40yrs old-Malay man,I reckoned, he’s ING staff, working in DMD department and suddenly he said “ I think you should spend more time on treadmill and do more cycling, actually you are not fat, but slightly look plump. If you manage to lose a few kilos then you will have a great body-shape”. I smiled. Yes. Absolutely agreed (I’m not talking with my body-shape) with my plumpy-look. I am not toooo fat, just plump and a-bit-chubby with my height 159cm plus the weight is **kgs. Hehehe. So I should spend more time with treadmill and do more cycling. Yes! More kilos to go!

Here the pic goes(was taken by yesterday evening):

oh! i managed to burn 100 kalories. yey!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


What the best words should I use to describe this? Another family is a gift! Perhaps!
Thank you so much for every little thing that was made for me and I feel so lucky to be among of you!

From Left: Me, Mama Wan Rohana, Faiz Dzihni, Fuad Dzihni And Eldest Brother, Faris Dzihni. The pic was taken by, Youngest Sister, Wan Farah.

Monday, June 09, 2008


Hello peeps!
Happy Monday! (I luff to pronounce it as ‘mUuunn-deyyyy’ muncungg lebey) heee.
Herm... does seem like a quiet day recently, that I’m not firing away posts about my life, no? *ngee* I reckoned!
Mum and sis Ida was here. They’re staying at along’s house. I was there for 2 days already, so yesterday spent the whole day with better-half since along decided to bring mum jalan-jalan. I woke up in late morning yesterday so didn’t have time to prepare breakfast. Oh! I was so MALAS even to take shake. *sigh* yeah! My diet already ‘koyak’ since mum was here. Oh. Tak boley nk salahkan mama, aku tak ade disiplin! *long sigh* went to KLCC spent the whole day with window shopping with better-half. Oh! I always love spends time with better-half at open-air-Starbucks-café at KLCC & better half do so. We sit-locked our bums and spent for almost 2 hours there, had some chit-chats and to rest our pockets as well. Oh no! Better-half purchased one stripey-simple-t shirt from TopShop and I craved for a pair-of-new-jeans. Im waiting for the next hunting!

Better-half sent me home around 10pm. Tired.

Thursday, June 05, 2008


Petrol price up by 78sen! OMG! Malaysia’s government announced yesterday about increase of petrol and diesel since they are not able to continue the subsidies to us. Yaks! I hate to hear that!!!! Because I one the Malaysian who will be too badly-affected cause of this! Cist! Owh ya! Electric rates go up too! *longgggg sighhhhhhh*

On the way to home last night, better-half and I was stuck in traffic-jammed for almost 3 hours, actually the jam started from 5pm. From 8pm until 11pm in traffic-jammed made me feel so tired. Most of the roads were locked as long queues of cars lined up at petrol stations to fill up in time before petrol pumps adjusted their prices in the middle of night. We already fill-up ‘baby Neo’ with full-tank-petrol. Huhu. *sigh* The government should take action against this! Huh!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008


I am not in GOOD mood today.
I want to cry.
I want to scream.
I want to roar. Errrrr. Shit!
I want to yelling to anybody.

I am whispered to myself, deeply in my heart……I am still ‘hamba ALLAH s.w.t’.. Ya Allah……………….. *cry*

Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Today is 3rd of Jun.
Happy 24th Birthday to Mr Fuad Dzihni.
I surprised him last night around 11:55pm with ‘happy birthday’s song’. He loike it, I reckoned! Hehehhe kan b kan? =) ngeeee**

Well, happy birthday sayang. Semoga di panjangkan umur, di murah kan rezeki (so that u can spoil me for some other ‘therapy’ *giggles*), semoga naek pangkat lagi, semoga dapat keja yang lebih baik dan of course gaji yg lebeh baek, supaya boley simpan duet banyak-banyak. Hehehe =) we had a lots of fun and laughs for past one and half year. We treasure our good time together and I am extremely happy having u in my life. Thank you for sharing ur time, tears, and laughter. I love u so much.

I was thinking to buy him a cake, chocolate cake perhaps! Better-half does love it so much! Since one of the secret recipe’s branches is just inside The Weld so it should not be a problem for me to get it for better half.
Hurm, I do surfing the secret recipe website, searching for the best chocolate cake and found this chocolate-cheesy cake:

Hope better-half will loike it :)

Monday, June 02, 2008


If there’s one word I would use to describe my excitement is I would use - HOORAY!! Big big hooray! Sambil lompat-lompat. Hahah. Well, indah bila dapat bergelak ketawa dan senyum sampai ke telinga, bukan?


Keep it up, Eliana!

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Personal Touch.

Hello peeps! Happy Sunday!

I just staying at home today, plus its rainy-cozy day, feel warm and homely. So I decided to do some laundry for all ‘baju kotor’ and do some ironing for 5-days-work apparels. Senang keje aku. Tak susah-susah nak iron-iron lagi….. eheh.

Mama Rohana and Adik Farah are on their way to Kelantan now. Their flight’s time is 3.00pm today, Faiz helped to send them to LCCT. Happy flying for both of you. I am going to miss all of you again.

Yesterday, I woke early in the morning as received call from Mama asked about the flight’s ticket and Along texted me also asked about the same thing. Mandi-manda. Siap-siap. Better half came and fetched me, drove us to Jalan Raja Chulan. After dropped better half at his office I forwarded to Giant KJ since there’s a travel agency so it’s easier for me to buy the flight’s ticket there. I arrived at Giant around 9am, that travel agency will be opened around 11am, gosh! Tak larat tunggu sampai kul 11 pagi, aku terus amik baby Neo drive g airport Subang. Bought one flight’s tiket for Mum amounted rm282.00. oh my God. Mahal giler. Nasib lah. Dah beli dah. Huhuhuhuu~

Around 4pm, drove to kajang & fetched mum. Then we forwarded to LCCT. Mum’s departure time is 820pm so mum has to be there 1 hour 30 minutes before that, so should be 7.00pm mum has to be there. Unluckily, tersalah jalan ke KLIA. Aduh! That time memang bengang sangat dah lah drive sorang-sorang ke KLIA. This is my first time drive ke KLIA. Better half kerja, that why he can’t make it together. Uh. After pusing-pusing, asked Taxi’s Driver, finally jumpa jugeee… suke! Senyum riang! Better half texted from home “jgn kalut,syg”. Well….. u know me.. :) after mum masok balai berlepas, aku pun bertolak lah balik ke rumah. sgt penat. drive jauh. on the way to home, better half text ed asked me to come to their house since mama wan rohana was in KL. Makan malam ngan mama wan rohana, since she already masak-masak.. after made our tummy full, they decided to watch movie. we watched movie at cinneleisure Damansara. the movie is SuperHero. enough said, Super Hero tak BEST! almost 2 hours mama wan rohana, me & better half enjoyed our sleep in the cinema! and only Faiz and Farah who did fully-enjoyed the movie :) hehehehe.

ow ya! Today, i did bought one brown-hobo bag from Ware House. it is just a simple hobo bag for casual use. it's slouchy, unstructured bag. the most i liked it because it's very functional, it is playing double duty as handbag and shopper bag! :) cool!