My Devotees

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

today was like...

almost 6 days, no new updates here :)
so it has been a busy weekend.
as a routine, today went to office early in the morning..had a glass of hot Milo as my breakfast.

today was like...erghhhhh~!
sakit perut plus sakit pinggang and also got one ulcer in my mouth made my day worse.

ow ya.
on a much important note, 8 days left & i will balik kampung. :)
i'm counting the day to meet mama & Fuad..u r also counting kan sayang? :) this morning i received sms from him said 'Syg, 8 hr lg!' how sweet.. :)
Yes!.8 days left & we'll meet up soon,okeyh? missed u so much.

new updates:
  • cuti raya already submitted & i'm waiting for the approval to be approved soon :)
  • Kak Un already cancelled the house at flora Damansara :) yey!
  • i already applied for a new position in ACG team which will be based in Kelana Jaya.
  • My quiet and shy mindset motivates me to keep my days u grow up these things will bring u great suffering.together with patience and can turn into a portion that make u move on.tammo lagi risau akan hal2 yang tak sepatutnya dirisaukan...... :)
  • happy belated birthday buat Is. sorry yer terlambat.. :) 19th July kan? may u'll be blessed.
  • Im gaining weight!! :(
  • and to Fuad, I love you more than you'll ever know!

till then.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

sick :(

i'm not feeling well today.
telah mendapat demam.telah mendapat kebenaran TL Dev jugee untuk pulang awl.. :(
i went to Klinik Famili TTDI & got 1 time slip plus 1 medical chit for tommorow just incase this fever will melarat.. plus some medicine for fever & also for headache.
i reached home.
parked the car.
Mama called & suprised..

at this time,
i want Fuad to be with me... :( need u now..
u know just how to make my day better..
missing u already,b
thank you for the sweetness & your loving heart...
and life is very hard without u....

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Get well soon!

Get well soon, Fuad Dzihni :)

Gina Daigo?

Your Japanese Name Is...

Gina Daigo

i'm back & let the madness begin

- i'm back from cuti panjang. actually not really cuti panjang. i took 2 days for emergency leave since Fuad told me that Papa is not really2 well..bergegas balek ke KB & without perancangan.
without any warning, Allah s.w.t lebey sayangkan papa.. emergency leave has been replaced with compasionate leave.. :( Al Fatihah. i wasnt feeling any tak puas hati because i got the chance untuk jaga Papa even for 1 day only, at least dpt melihat senyuman papa for me walau dlm seribu kepayahan..... at least he knew who i am before menutup mata....... :( but i was feeling sedikit menyesal bcoz i missed all the precious time with papa...

-menghabiskan 2 off days plus 2 'hari saket'~ MC .. heeeeee =] yeah!~ i know, i'm not a gud worker..... ;). overall, i spent 6 days at kampung...6 days with mama & fuad... ;) almost everyday kite bersama kan dear?.. from the 1st day, i arrived at KB, like alwys u picked me up, had 'nasi kukus' for our dinner then u sent me home.. ;) . dear, all the best moments are wif u...
thanks for ur thought & luv, dear..

-16 July, tepat 5am sampai d hentian Putra..kaki melangkah laju ke arah taxi2 yg ade di situ..mata sgt mengantok & hy perlukan bantal saat ini..530am, sampai d rumah & i paid 25 bucks for it... ;(

- since 2 days ago, Fuad tdk sehat.. cough telah membuatkan suara nye berubah...hampir tdk mengenali suaranye lg.. how pity u,sayang... ;( jgn lupe minum obat yer. nnti cepat sembuh.. and jgn lupe juge mendengar nasihat spya menjaga mkn anda supaya batuk2 itu tdk melarat... i care bout u,dear =]

- 11 ogos nanti, bakal ke Terengganu, menghadiri majlis pertunangan Shaila & Khairul.. ;) finally, saat kamu tiba dulu..tumpang gembira untuk majlis mu nanti.. telah siapkan sepasang Kurung pahang berwarna 'belacan' untuk majlis itu nanti... ;) & i'll attend the majlis wif Fuad... ;)

- terlalu rindukan all my sayangs.. ;) & i'm waiting for the outin... let's rawk the world.. ;)

that's all for tonite.. Nothing more to say I guess. Till then... time for sleep..

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

You Will Be Missed..

Selamat kembali ke rahmatullah buat papa Wan Hussain..
Salam takziah buat b sekeluarga..


My Prayers Are Always With You & Let Peace Pave Your Way ...


Thursday, July 05, 2007

detik 12.01 mnt mlm......

current mode: menunggu kehadiran 'dia'.... ;)

skrg da hmpir 12tgh mlm...bdn kepenatan tp mata maseh cerah.... ;) beberapa jam lg, 'dia' akan tibe......sgt tdk shabar menunggu kehadiran 'dia'.......
kpd ms Ann, makaseyh yerp..pastinye aku nelepon kamo nnti...temankn yerp ke keretee...heeeeeee =]

mawu titO..
mawU mimpi 'dia'..
mawu rendu sama Ann.. ;) heeeeeee.

rendu dia lg,

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

i want my 'b' ;)

9:21 PM 02/07/2007

masih di opis..
keje yg menimbun...
lg beraper minit nk baleks.

i was confused.
berbelah bahagi.
antara move out atau tdk dr rmh itu..... ;(

semalam menghabiskan 1hr, bersama kak Un ke KL.
she dropped me at SOGO ;) oyeah!~
sgt penat..melihat sgt ramai umat manusia...
oh My God!!
it was so crowded.
so many people..
ade yg sorg diri..
tp ramai yg bersama family masing2.
me keseorangan lagi..
meredah lautan manusia...
kaki melangkah laju ke 2nd floor.
since didnt receive yet the salary for last month,June [today is already 2nd of JULY],
terpaksa menahan dr dr bershooping.. ;)
likes Fuad said to me "cOp dl apa yg nk d beli, nnti shopping jumaat ni nge B"...
;) ecececec...nk belanje ke?.... heeee =]
my feveret corner is 'Somorset Bay'.... baju2nye sgt chantek...ala2 Inggeris & i luv it..
i like one piece of modern 'kebaya' from 'Somorset Bay',sgt chantek & nice kalau dipakai bersama jeans, yg pastinya, kalau pakai akan terima bebelan fuad.... ;) heeeee... sgt transparent... ;) heee heee...
hurm....b, i cant wait to meet u dis becoming friday...nk shuupin bersama2.. & guess whut in my mind, dear? hurm... LV shoes!!!! =] hehu....*melting* melting* aaaa...nak!.... huk huk... (mcm anak kecil kan?...) =) u are the one yg sgt sbr melayan "anak kecil" ini.....thanks, shayang....

turun kedapur untuk masak ns grg bersama Kak Un.. ;) heee..heee.. da lwt malam, tp dsebabkan lapa...gagahkan jugee tuk memasak.. akhirnye masak lah 'ns grg kg'...ecece ;) mkn bertiga : me + kak Un + kak zura ....ns grg kg made my tummy full ;)

it's time for sleep...
Fuad suda tdo..& jugee Ann ;)
how pity u, taw kamu sgt penat.... =] hoping dat papa will getting better & better soon. InsyaAllah..
i luff u so much.
i'm waiting the time to be together again............

Miss u much more than words can even say,