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Friday, November 30, 2007


  • Fuad is here!! yey! Alhamdulillah. it was wonderful to know that he will spend most the time with me here...means that, no more LDR aka Long Distance Relationship.. wohooAAAaaa! i'm the one who was so happy....happy... & happy again.... =) muacks! sayang kamo lebeyh, comel.
  • i'll move to new house since the current one will be closed by the end of this Dec.... =) it's hard to move all the things...gosh! but it's occay since Fuad will give me a hand....aite, hunney? =) hee heeeee
  • by next monday, 3rd Dec, i'll start my new work, new job task, new colleagues, new office, new environment, new cafeteria & oso new pantry.... =) & i'm sure that it will be more challenging to me... =) chayoookkKKk~! & all of my old colleagues will be missed!!! ;(

i'm so stressed out! lots of stuff to do ... hohohoho ;(

We need to believe that
everything happens for
a reason,
that random misfortunes
don't just befall those
who don't deserve it,
and have faith that
things will eventually
get better for the ones
you love,
eventhough their lives
will have turned out

hold on hope,

i miss mama.. ;(

i miss my sayangs (Leen, eja, cik mah, umi, ani, akie & mira) + miss Ann [nurehan]

sending mama at KJ for HAJJ

11/26/2007: Fuad & me, went to Kompleks Tabung Haji Kelana Jaya since mama, pak muda & also Mak muda already there around 10pm. we bought 3 boxes of fried rice at Kelana Park View plus had our dinner there. almost a month i didnt meet mama & it made the night is a gloomy night..Perkenal kan Fuad to pak Muda & mak muda & seems like he can get along with them, it was so adorable.. =) yeahhh! Pak muda is a friendly person likes i said before, sayang ... =) Ok, once we were there, i could saw pak muda without Mama & mak Muda..then i saw mama & mak muda, i smiled =) yes! i saw her, my beloved mama & only Allah who knows that i missed her so much... =) when she looked up at me, she cried & gave me a warmth hug, (Ma,i cant tell u how much i love u)..oso mak muda, gave me a hug plus kisses.we chatted and laughter...we sent mama to her room & left her there since she's getting tired & must have full rest since the next day she'll have a long journey to Mecca....before we left, i told her that we will come back the next morning & will have the breakfast togetha... we left for home.......ZZzZZZzzz...

11/27/2007: around 7am this morning, we was there again, at Kompleks Tabung Haji Kelana Jaya =) i called her up & asked her to wait us at the lobby.we brought mama, mak muda & also pak muda had breakfast at the nearest stall there....after having some delicious foods & made our tummy full, we chatted again...talked bout this & that.... Around 11 am, mama will be departured to Mecca. The 'jemaah' will be brought to KLIA first by LHT's (Lembaga Tabung Haji) busses, then the flight will be departured at 2.30pm from KLIA..i was so damn sad.... Mak muda came to me & hugged me!! so long....she whispered to me, asked me to pray for them, pray for their health, pray for their kesenangan to do all the 'ibadah'... i just cried....cried...and cried again..... i just said 'pls take a good care of mama.......pls take a good care of mama....' i was clueless...dont know what to tell more....... Then mama came to me, hugged me......yeah...she cried...from her puffy eyes, i can see that she's strong enough to do the Hajj..InsyaAllah, hopefully, all of u will get 'Haji Mabrur'...Insyaallah.... Slowly, she kissed me & walked to them... Good Bye, Ma... till meet u again on the next 15th January 2008...Insyaallah....u'll be missed, ma... ;(

I'm updating u guys~!!!

3:12 PM 11/30/2007: 54th Floor, Menara Telekom [i-care training]

Salam & hi everyone...

I'm updating.
i miss updating my blog & so many good things happened to me lately..
which I thank Allah for ALL OF THEM.. and today.. it's such a wonderful surprise that I manage to create posts on my blog AGAIN. People might not understand.. but I tried for MONTHS to reactivate my blog but to no avail.
Today it's a miracle that MY BLOG IS ALIVE again.. hehe u might say that I am a bit loose in the head..
Many posts to be created insya Allah.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

i've been tagged =)

I’v been tagged by Leen.

5 benda dalam beg saya:

1) wallet
2) tissue
3) kunci kereta + kunci rumah
4) my mobile phone, 6600
5) my pressed powder

5 benda dalam beg duit saya:

1) IC
2) driving license
3) a few of atm cards
4) cash
5) Fuad's pic

5 benda faveret dalam bilik bujang saya:

1) katil
2) bantal + teddies =) heee
3) wardrobe
4) laptop
5) my toilettries, my perfumes, my make-up's pouch

5 perkara yang saya nak lakukan:

1) wanna meet MAMA & FUAD a.s.a.p
2) have my favourite digital camera =)
3) change my old hp
4) further my study
5) kawen =)

5 perkara yang sedang dilakukan:

1) bersembang dengan Leen .windu sama sayang2 semua. =)
2) kebosanan
3) listening to "Plain White T's - Hey There Delilah". i luv it so muchhh.
4) rindukan 'dia'.. =)
5) rindukan 'dia' lagieee.. =)

orang yang saya nak tag:

2) Cikmah

Friday, August 31, 2007

Happy Independence Day!

6:45 PM 31/08/2007

:) Happy Merdeka Day for all Malaysian!I looked up and felt immense peace. Standing beneath our flag and the twin towers made me feel so proud to be Malaysian. For a moment, the frustrations I often feel about this country dissolved. To me, the twin towers symbolize what we can achieve. We are a young nation with so much potential.

What fills you with pride?

Thursday, August 30, 2007

him :)

29/08/2007. Fuad was here! :) oh! i missed him so much..i woke up aroud 4am, siap2 & picked him up at Hentian Putra on 6am ;)had our breakfaSt at Kg Baru.then went to Tasik Titiwangsa & had a morning walk with him..then went to One Utama, watched a movie.. :)finally, i bought u the Famous suke tak?,., hehe.even lambat, i tetap kotakan janji kan? =plunch kt KG Baru again.. ;) then g Maju Junction utk jmpa Paih & her gf, Yani.. :)we had tea-time togetha ;) finally dpt jmpa Yani jugee...but terlupa utk snap a few picts ..
;( uhuu!~then 930pm, Fuad naek bas & left me alone here... :( uhu!. ey comel, even satu hari je dpt jmpa, i was really2 happy.. =) thank u so much for it... :) i know how much u missed me..kan?..,., bout next friday? ehehe :) he'll be here..again! yey!~ u knOw how happy i am, comel.
Long distance relationship takes a lot i mean lots of effort,it requires honesty,loyalty and a constant communication,like phone calls,text messages,sending both an e card,do no matter what it takes,two people must take the risk in order to work out the long distance relationship..
actually being away from each other made us realize how much we really cared for each other, kan b? :)

dear Fuad, i dont care how many miles may separate us but i know we do a right always.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

i'm updating!

i'm updating!

here, i uploaded a few pictures * since currently i was not in good mood to write down any story....

  • Shaila's Engagement Day


Moga kebahagiaan sentiasa milik kami. Amen.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I’ll remember, then forget, then remember again...

so many days without new update :)
lots of 'cerita' happened.
lots of big laugh with my Fuad while talked bout relationship & oso friendship.
I have learnt to appreciate a friend :)

i 'expanded' =p
so i started concentrating on my fitness regime & making sure i ate right & making time for exercise :D heee..eating right is the priority actually and LOADS of water! is it? :)
I used to complain about being 'fatty' but I’ve learnt to accept how my body is built, I am still the same Ellena!

i needed BREAK!:)
Insyaallah.tommorow, i'll have my 8hours sleep in Transnasional's bus.
Fuad will pick me up the next morning & i confess that i missed him so much....much more than words can say :)
ow ya! the fasting month is kicking off :) so i have to 'ganti puasa' more lewat2 lagi.

there’s just so much more to learn about the world that we live in, people to love and learn more about, things to see and explore, and less fortunate people to care for.. :)

till then. Bye.

Friday, August 03, 2007

it's remind me......

i found this when i belek2 my pict folder =)
it's remind me to
3rd of June. kan b?

untuk fuad,
kamu yang terhebat untuk aku & aku chenta sama kamo lebey.......

Thursday, August 02, 2007

baby neo & me without Fuad

baby neo & me without Fuad :(

i did:
  • went to OU & bought some foods plus a few things at JJ.
  • already bought a bus ticket for nex wednesday's vacation :)
  • snapped a few pictures of baby Neo ,for my fuad, kamu rindu baby Neo tak? :)

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

today was like...

almost 6 days, no new updates here :)
so it has been a busy weekend.
as a routine, today went to office early in the morning..had a glass of hot Milo as my breakfast.

today was like...erghhhhh~!
sakit perut plus sakit pinggang and also got one ulcer in my mouth made my day worse.

ow ya.
on a much important note, 8 days left & i will balik kampung. :)
i'm counting the day to meet mama & Fuad..u r also counting kan sayang? :) this morning i received sms from him said 'Syg, 8 hr lg!' how sweet.. :)
Yes!.8 days left & we'll meet up soon,okeyh? missed u so much.

new updates:
  • cuti raya already submitted & i'm waiting for the approval to be approved soon :)
  • Kak Un already cancelled the house at flora Damansara :) yey!
  • i already applied for a new position in ACG team which will be based in Kelana Jaya.
  • My quiet and shy mindset motivates me to keep my days u grow up these things will bring u great suffering.together with patience and can turn into a portion that make u move on.tammo lagi risau akan hal2 yang tak sepatutnya dirisaukan...... :)
  • happy belated birthday buat Is. sorry yer terlambat.. :) 19th July kan? may u'll be blessed.
  • Im gaining weight!! :(
  • and to Fuad, I love you more than you'll ever know!

till then.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

sick :(

i'm not feeling well today.
telah mendapat demam.telah mendapat kebenaran TL Dev jugee untuk pulang awl.. :(
i went to Klinik Famili TTDI & got 1 time slip plus 1 medical chit for tommorow just incase this fever will melarat.. plus some medicine for fever & also for headache.
i reached home.
parked the car.
Mama called & suprised..

at this time,
i want Fuad to be with me... :( need u now..
u know just how to make my day better..
missing u already,b
thank you for the sweetness & your loving heart...
and life is very hard without u....

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Get well soon!

Get well soon, Fuad Dzihni :)

Gina Daigo?

Your Japanese Name Is...

Gina Daigo

i'm back & let the madness begin

- i'm back from cuti panjang. actually not really cuti panjang. i took 2 days for emergency leave since Fuad told me that Papa is not really2 well..bergegas balek ke KB & without perancangan.
without any warning, Allah s.w.t lebey sayangkan papa.. emergency leave has been replaced with compasionate leave.. :( Al Fatihah. i wasnt feeling any tak puas hati because i got the chance untuk jaga Papa even for 1 day only, at least dpt melihat senyuman papa for me walau dlm seribu kepayahan..... at least he knew who i am before menutup mata....... :( but i was feeling sedikit menyesal bcoz i missed all the precious time with papa...

-menghabiskan 2 off days plus 2 'hari saket'~ MC .. heeeeee =] yeah!~ i know, i'm not a gud worker..... ;). overall, i spent 6 days at kampung...6 days with mama & fuad... ;) almost everyday kite bersama kan dear?.. from the 1st day, i arrived at KB, like alwys u picked me up, had 'nasi kukus' for our dinner then u sent me home.. ;) . dear, all the best moments are wif u...
thanks for ur thought & luv, dear..

-16 July, tepat 5am sampai d hentian Putra..kaki melangkah laju ke arah taxi2 yg ade di situ..mata sgt mengantok & hy perlukan bantal saat ini..530am, sampai d rumah & i paid 25 bucks for it... ;(

- since 2 days ago, Fuad tdk sehat.. cough telah membuatkan suara nye berubah...hampir tdk mengenali suaranye lg.. how pity u,sayang... ;( jgn lupe minum obat yer. nnti cepat sembuh.. and jgn lupe juge mendengar nasihat spya menjaga mkn anda supaya batuk2 itu tdk melarat... i care bout u,dear =]

- 11 ogos nanti, bakal ke Terengganu, menghadiri majlis pertunangan Shaila & Khairul.. ;) finally, saat kamu tiba dulu..tumpang gembira untuk majlis mu nanti.. telah siapkan sepasang Kurung pahang berwarna 'belacan' untuk majlis itu nanti... ;) & i'll attend the majlis wif Fuad... ;)

- terlalu rindukan all my sayangs.. ;) & i'm waiting for the outin... let's rawk the world.. ;)

that's all for tonite.. Nothing more to say I guess. Till then... time for sleep..

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

You Will Be Missed..

Selamat kembali ke rahmatullah buat papa Wan Hussain..
Salam takziah buat b sekeluarga..


My Prayers Are Always With You & Let Peace Pave Your Way ...


Thursday, July 05, 2007

detik 12.01 mnt mlm......

current mode: menunggu kehadiran 'dia'.... ;)

skrg da hmpir 12tgh mlm...bdn kepenatan tp mata maseh cerah.... ;) beberapa jam lg, 'dia' akan tibe......sgt tdk shabar menunggu kehadiran 'dia'.......
kpd ms Ann, makaseyh yerp..pastinye aku nelepon kamo nnti...temankn yerp ke keretee...heeeeeee =]

mawu titO..
mawU mimpi 'dia'..
mawu rendu sama Ann.. ;) heeeeeee.

rendu dia lg,

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

i want my 'b' ;)

9:21 PM 02/07/2007

masih di opis..
keje yg menimbun...
lg beraper minit nk baleks.

i was confused.
berbelah bahagi.
antara move out atau tdk dr rmh itu..... ;(

semalam menghabiskan 1hr, bersama kak Un ke KL.
she dropped me at SOGO ;) oyeah!~
sgt penat..melihat sgt ramai umat manusia...
oh My God!!
it was so crowded.
so many people..
ade yg sorg diri..
tp ramai yg bersama family masing2.
me keseorangan lagi..
meredah lautan manusia...
kaki melangkah laju ke 2nd floor.
since didnt receive yet the salary for last month,June [today is already 2nd of JULY],
terpaksa menahan dr dr bershooping.. ;)
likes Fuad said to me "cOp dl apa yg nk d beli, nnti shopping jumaat ni nge B"...
;) ecececec...nk belanje ke?.... heeee =]
my feveret corner is 'Somorset Bay'.... baju2nye sgt chantek...ala2 Inggeris & i luv it..
i like one piece of modern 'kebaya' from 'Somorset Bay',sgt chantek & nice kalau dipakai bersama jeans, yg pastinya, kalau pakai akan terima bebelan fuad.... ;) heeeee... sgt transparent... ;) heee heee...
hurm....b, i cant wait to meet u dis becoming friday...nk shuupin bersama2.. & guess whut in my mind, dear? hurm... LV shoes!!!! =] hehu....*melting* melting* aaaa...nak!.... huk huk... (mcm anak kecil kan?...) =) u are the one yg sgt sbr melayan "anak kecil" ini.....thanks, shayang....

turun kedapur untuk masak ns grg bersama Kak Un.. ;) heee..heee.. da lwt malam, tp dsebabkan lapa...gagahkan jugee tuk memasak.. akhirnye masak lah 'ns grg kg'...ecece ;) mkn bertiga : me + kak Un + kak zura ....ns grg kg made my tummy full ;)

it's time for sleep...
Fuad suda tdo..& jugee Ann ;)
how pity u, taw kamu sgt penat.... =] hoping dat papa will getting better & better soon. InsyaAllah..
i luff u so much.
i'm waiting the time to be together again............

Miss u much more than words can even say,

Friday, June 29, 2007

tired :(

10:06 AM 29/06/2007
smlm hr yg sgt sengal.
gOsh~!penat dgn prangai 'si pendek' yg bodoh sombong tuh..
adeyh!apa yg mampu kami buat hy bsabar..&mlm ni ade meeting utk dak2 rumah..yey~ *big clap* =p ahaks~!!!
thanks to B yg sudi mendgr.. hehU.maaf sbb tak sengaja termarah b.. :( huHu.maaf. i missed U~
toAnn: tengs jugeeE sudi mendgr celoteh Na. ;) eheeee...kan ku kuMpoll njiZ & cmpk ats katel die..ekekekek ;))

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

have no tittle ;)

today is wednesday =)
bermakna hampir 8hr lg 'dia' akan kesini..
;) sgt teruja~ sgt2 tdk sabar menunggu kehadiran 'dia', tdk sabar utk mkn bsama2, jalan2 bersama2, gembira bersama2, gelak riang bersama & the most important thing is 'shopping' bersama!!! yey! ;)

semalam menghabiskan separuh hari mnemankan Kak Un ke KL..mengusha brg2 perkahwinan.... ;) tepat 1030 am bertolak dr petronas tuk mengisi myk & jugeee mengisi perUt ;) heeeeee.
i bought 2 muffins plus 2 Milo for us ;)
park kete kat Sogo & melangkah laju ke Sogo...aisehhh...pagi2 pown org berpusu2 ke Sogo since MegaSale da bermula. ecechhh~ hasrat terbantOt dek gaji tak masok lagi...ceh,.,. ;(

then ke jalan Sayang You...kak Un mengusha brg2 utk gubahan hantaran nnti...i was so excited..memilih itu & ini for her...sempat bersms dgn b & told him that i cant wait the day for us soon ..InsyaAllah...muge Allah satukan 2 hati ini.......Amen. ;)
mengusha baju kawen yg semuanye comel kt mata nie... ;) heeee... kak Un memilih warna biru.... warm but sweet ;) me terkenan kan bronze color...sgt gorgeous... ;) hurm...hijau firuz pown chantek plus ocean blue pown chantek jugeeee.... aaaaa... sapa yg nak tawen neyh.......... hee heee ;) me yg lebeyh2 pule.....

ke Semua House tuk mkn tgahari........had ns campor for my lunch......afta spent half of day di KL.....terus balek.........

tired but happy... ;)

currently em waiting for FDzihni ;) i missed u so, shayang!...
dun forget to bring me Cadbury yeah~

**ow ya! to Leen: aku da dpt predict siapa itu Mr FH kamo! ;) hek hek =p jgn maen sorok2..tabaek... hehehe ;) cpt2~ open table ramai2~ muger berbahagia yer.......

Thursday, June 21, 2007

i want LOMO CAMERA ;)

i love LOMOGRAPHY#!~ =]
B...I want this..... ;) heeeee

Colorsplash Camera # comel kan?...

sample of lomo art ;

no more nanges ;(

holla~ holla~
hrni adelah sesi tuk 'menguruskan badan'.. ececece.
actually da janji ngan kak Un bgn pagi2, nk g gym...
xsedar nye pasal...bangun lwt..tu pown setelah mendapat call dr 'dia'.. ;)
kejotkan kak Un..hehehe..
seterusnye kami mandi & bersiap2...
sebelom mandi, sempat lg kami berdua relax2 smbil pgang hp memasing..
'sms'.. me with fuad & kak Un dgn abg khairul nyeeee ;) ekekkeke.

Alhamdulillah....bangun pg neyh..da terasa okeyh...tidak seperti semalam..terasa nk terjUn dr bilik~ & to Ann, thanks for ur advice.. ;) hehU...berpengalaman nampak. heee heee.. adeyh..sumtime terasa seperti diri ni maseh " anak kecil"..yg cpt merajuk bila keinginannye tak dipenuhi...yg cpt menanges bile dimarah....... hurm....
u are big enough, Eliana.

afta spent almost 1 hour, kak Un said 'nurul, jum mkan...lapa la..' ekekke.. br je pas workout nk mamam lak..ehee ;) then bersiap2, tuwun ke food cOurt & mencari sesuatu tok di makan... ;)
i had nasi campur + nescafe ais for my lunch.... ;)
balek rumah...bersama kak zura, kak Un, makan reramai... ;)

i had complained boUt my weight but i still eat non stop.... ;)

fuad, i heart u!~

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

second thoughts

Why do people always end-up doing things that they know will eventually hurt someone?
i only wish a normal life....
I've tried to talk to you and make you understand ..

to Fuad: u r only one who knows me...

broken into pieces

i HATE my life........... :(

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

i lost my money

i LOST my money!
Oh my GOD#~
mungkin 150 tak byk tp sgt terasa. huhuuhu.
;( sedey gile.
siapa la yg 'bertuah' tu.............
to B..thanks for ur time & ears yg sudi mendengar tangisan 'anak kecil' ini.......i'm so sorry..everything was happened without any warning...... :( *sob sob*
i promised i alwys here, for u, for us & for this lovely relationship............ i heart u!

Proud of it

Proud of it ;)

Sunday, June 17, 2007

selamat berbahagia leen..

to Leen: selamat berbahagia sayangku.. ;) ur 'so FH' tuh lom muncul2 pown..yerp. ;) biarpown 'FH' bkn yg petama..hopefully, he'll be the last.... mOga berbahagia selalu hendaknye... dan x lama lg, mkn ns myk ko..ekekek. & u owe me itu cerita taww.. ekekke.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

shopaholics no more Ellena!! ;)

Mowning Liana!!
aihhhh...bangun lwtt lgik..Hee heee.afta received 3 messages from Fuad, i opened dis eyes.. ;) terpisat2!~ ekekeke.yippiee! today is Saturday ;) & today is my oFF day to0~ yey!! *while i'm pressing this key & doing this blog, Fuad already asked me to go to mandi first juz now & i'm guessing, he's waitin for my sms..hee hee ;) tuit!! my mood already come lah for mandi..ecece.mandi pown need mood ka?..ceh!*
away for mandi .....
hadeyh..kak zura told that MEGA SALES bermula suda starting by today!!!! gosh!!~ ;( & kak Zura's mumbling "time-time duet gaji dah nak habes nie la baru nk start SALES." huwaaa! da name pompuan kan.....mate neyh akan terkebil2 bile nengok sales. ;) hee hee..da taww sgt da.. & me pown x terkecuali..hee is 16th already....adusshhh...almost more than 2 weeks br dpt next salary...& i gueessed, this month salary will be 'sikit'..sgt sikit...since this month already on leave for 10 days!~ 10 DAYS! hee hee ;) shopaholics no more Ellena!! ;) takper la...nnti2 la shupping... ;) asek nk shUpping jerk..kopaks duweett.. ;) tummy dah start menyanyi....hadeyy...
had 'nasi bungkus' from pasar TTDI for my lunch ;) & it made my tummy haPpy!~bUrppp!#

i complained bOut my weight but i'm still eatin non-stop..huaHua. ;)

Thursday, June 14, 2007

i want cake!

current mood:
i'm mad
rindu mama + riNdu b!~

hadeyhh...aku rase ingin mana? balek kg lahh... ;( hohohoho.
hrni balek keje kol 930pm.kepenatan...bersemangat utk ber'ym' bersama dia tetapi die plak terlelap...shian ama kamo,b...saket pale katenye......hehU.okeyhs.tape, tape, biarkan die tdo...di ulit mimpi.. *jgn lupe mimpi kite eh..* ;)
afta on laptop sekjap..then call si dia..shian...tpksa menjawab call dlm mamun-mamun..naseb baek cakap tak tersasul.. heee heee ;) then amik towel & tewUS mandi..waaa!~ sgt segar slps mandi... seterusnye menulis blog ineyh... hurm..act, dlm kemalasa, tp perlUkan sesuatu utk mlpskn perasaan neyh...........hurm..............buhsan!~ yerp! i miss die tito so tammO kacO... esok keje kol 10am...then tggl laptop kejap, g iron baju tuk esok...tataw nk pakai bj pe..since esok jumaat, pakai casual but jeans are not allowed..huhuhu ;( memilih, pakai bj kotak2,suar kodroy & tudung pink =] baju sudah di iron....
Kak Un plak br alek keje.....aik...lwt lak makcik neyh balek...... hurm.then menghabeskan menulis blog neyh... tibe2, hp berbunyi....aik...sape lak sms di kala mlm neyh.... 'is'? hohoh...
to Is, maceyh utk sms kamo..thanks kerana doakan kebahagian kami [me+Fuad]... ;) yana tggu kamU naek pelamen dl laaa~ cpt2 mkn ns myk... ;) hee hee.
melayan kak Un berbual sejenak... esok nampknye tdo sorg, since kak Un alek kg lps hbs keje kol 7 safely yeah dear! ;) harap2 kak nor balek umah........
to kak nor: eppy besday tuk mu jua *13June kan?shian............
hadeyh! b...nk cake! nk secret recipe.... ;) cpt2 dtg sni................... i want cake!~ heee :D
k lah.
da lwt.
ngantok...nitey nite!~

b...dtg sni............... ;(

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

happy birthday

"happy birthday to you.. happy birthday to you.. happy birthday..happy birthday.. happy birthday to you"

hey ellena, slmt ulangtahun kelahiran yg ke22 [=
since hari neyh keje, so x dapat nk celeb8..
since si dia jauh di sana,tpksa smbut bsama roomies tercayunk!~ huU hUU..
b...i really want to eat cake wif u but u are far away from me today...thanks for the wish..even sgt penat & taw kamU penat.. ;) ow ya!~ thanks for dat song oso!! hahaha. sgt schweet when u sang the 'birthday song' fOr me!~ i smiled ;) i luff u much more than words can say........

Monday, June 11, 2007

fun time!

Fuad & farah =]

me & Farah =]

me & 'Mama'... ececcee ;)

me & my Luff <3>

farah & faez
Sunway Lagoon!!!
likes kanak2 Ribena, sgt2 teruja bile melihat sunway lagoon!!
ow yeahh!!~
me, Fuad, Faez, Farah & Mama Fuad..had a great tyme there!!..
hahaha. =]
b, (if u read this, sgt kelaka kan bile naek terowong yg panjang tuh..OMG!~) apa yg mampu dijeritkan 'B!!!"'......hahahhaha...........sowwy dear, if telah membuatkan kamu malu yeahhh...heee heee... ;) & hakikatnye me sgt penakot...hahah. ;) sgt gayat....hadey!! & b, plz dun give up yeah, nex time me nk naek lg..... heeee ;)
to Mama Fuad, terima kaseh di atas penerimaan family mama.... [= heee heee... makaseh di atas layanan baek mama, farah & faez..... & i'm the one who felt very2 lucky to be among of u....Insyaallah................ ;) heee hee

to b:
Thank you for touching my life in ways you may never know. My riches do not lie in material wealth but in having someone like you - a precious gift from Allah.... =]

Al- Fatihah

9 June 2007, 230pm...
arwah Mak Teh selamat kembali ke rahmatullah........
moga arwah ditempatkan di kalangan org2 yg beriman......

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


To Fuad,
thanks for ur love.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

extreme tiredness

sgt2 extreme tiredness this week.
so byk bende yg berlakU.
suda lame tak mengupdate kan blog neyh.
this fatty ellena (eyh, da rase put on weight la, siyessss!!! aikhhh, ni kne jg mkn neyhhhh hehee) dah rasa fed-Up berkerja di situ.terdengar byk ura2.tataw samada rumors @ mmg betol....huhuhu.terase nk belaja me.dah penat da keje.camni lah....da keje, nge gade nk smbg belaja baleks.. tp seriesly nk sambung laja baleks...rindukan all my fwens... =)

"ey sayangs, rindu kamo semua!!! sorry cuties, aku sebOk..xdpt nk jengah2 korg sll d sana.hoping dat all doin well.see u all later yeah.luff! "

o0ow yeah.esok 'matahari' akan dtg! yey!!! im the one who is really-really excited =] insyaallah, pg jumaat, jemput matahari d Putra =] hohoho.rindu kamu sgt deyh...hee hee nk tdo. nite.~

Cinta Laut & Langit

dahulukala, langit dan laut saling jatuh cinta.Mereka saling menyukai di antara satu sama lain. Oleh sebab sangat sukanya laut terhadap langit, warna laut sama dengan warna langit.Oleh sebab sangat sukanya langit terhadap laut, warna langit sama dengan warna laut.

Setiapa senja datang, si laut dengan lembut sekali membisikkan kata2 ' aku cinta padamu' ke telinga langit.Setiap kali langit mendengar bisikan penuh cinta laut pun, langit tidak menjawab apa2, hanya tersipu sipu malu, wajahnya kemerah merahan. Suatu hari, datang awan....

Begitu melihat kecantikan si langit, awan seketika itu juga jatuh hati terhadap langit.Tentu saja langit hanya mencintai laut, setiap hari langit hanya melihat laut sahaja. Awan sedih namun tidak berputus asa, mencari cara dan akhirnya mendapat akal. Awan mengembangkan dirinya sebesar mungkin dan menyusup ke tengah- tengah langit dan laut, menghalangi pandangan laut dan langit terhadap satu sama lain.

Laut berasa marah kerana tidak dapat melihat langit, sehingga dengan gelombangnya laut berusaha mengusir awan yang mengganggu pandangannya. Tetapi, tentu saja tidak berhasil. Lalu datanglah angin yang sejak dulu mengetahui hubungan laut dan langit. Angin rasa harus membantu mereka menyingkirkan awan yang mengganggu.

Dengan tiupan keras dan kuat, angin meniup awan. Awan terpecah pecah menjadi banyak bahagian sehingga tidak berupaya lagi melihat langit dengan jelas dan tidak berupaya lagi berusaha mengungkapkan perasaan terhadap langit.Kerana berasa terseksa dengan perasaan cintanya yang menggunung tinggi terhadap langit, awan menangis sedih.

Hingga sekarang, kasih antara langit dan laut tidak terpisahkan. Kita juga boleh melihat di mana mereka menjalin kasih. Setiap kali memandang ke hujung laut, di mana ada satu garis di antara laut dan angit di situlah mereka sedang berpacaran...

~Cerita chenta in di 'copy' dr blog Is.. =]maaf Is yeah.. bkn niat utk mencuri tp Cinta Laut & Langit sangat indah..
utk "matahari"itu...kaseh ku tak pernah berubah.........~

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

putera berkuda ku..

hari ni hari rabu!
hari ni off day!
hee hee
bersama Kak Un dok rumah..
bgn lwt..
mandi pon lewat..
ekekke ;)
'anak dara' yg 'baek'..
cup! me mandi lg awl dr kak Un taw.heheh.kak Un lg lwt! hehe.
bgn then basuh kaen since washing machine da rosak dan telah di ambil oleh si pembaiki washing machine semalam..
so tpksa la basuh kaen secara manually..
even x agak meleteyh kan jua...
then..on my shayang laptop.....then godek2 die.......since agak kelembapan 2-3 hr neyh..kenapa agaknye pun x taw...
then lps flush dns & everthing...
die kembali ok,...
tp lembap la jugak kenkadang.. teringt..da lama x scan windows & defrag pc...hhoohoho..okeyhs2, akan ku bwat nnti..
maen2 laptop & ym bersama 'die'..smpi terlupe uk makan tgahari...adeyh! kepala da mule saket2 plus terasa kepala neyh da semacam tertido...
around 6pm..kak Un kejutkn...aduh! kepala ney...rasa nk pecah je..then siap2 ke belakang psr TTDI utk makan2...& there's one of my feveret tpt mkan d sni... =) hee hee.. i know dat, bkn me sorg je ske makan d ns cmpur + milo ais.... around rm8++ but it deserved it...masakan nye mmg sedapppp..series..! then lps makan balek........ me keletihan & smpt tertido....... =) kemudian bgun tuk solat.... then meneruskn ym ngan 'dia'.. hinggalah saat blog neyh d tulis 1129pm......

utk putera berkuda ku, aku menunggu kehadiran mu......dgn penuh sabar..................

Monday, May 14, 2007

10 hari lg......

Harinie ade training, tpksa la bgun awl2 siap2 & turun g opis.since training start kol 9am.hehe.smpi opis pon da kol 854am..hehe.awl la tuh, sbb selalu lmbt jerk smpi ofis. =) hehe.then terus ke floor 15th..& training pon bermuler.......

huhuh. around 4pm, blackOut!!! OMG! da la sorang3 kt rumah..dengan ributntnye...sedeyh tol..gelap jer umah neyh... =)) hee la..da besar2 pon nk takot...hehehe. then me carik2 main switch..aik..mane la letak nye main switch neyh..huuhuh.x jumpe..uh.siap2, trus g opis.. =)

Alhamdulillah, ms blog neyh ditulis, Fuad dah pon bertolak balek dr Perlis & on his way ke rumah... =) heheh.dear, drive leklok yerp..

nuting much to say.
em'waiting for fuad.. =)

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

u are not juz an amazing woman but also a symbol of inspiration, the best teacher, an understanding friend & a wonderful guide for me. I love u so much. happy mother's day. =)

for my mum [Rokiah Ibrahim]
sincerely from ur daughter,

Friday, May 11, 2007

i'm breathing.....

3:35 PM 5/11/2007
sedar tak sedar, dah kol 3.35pm maseh kat dlm bilik Kak Zura..borrowed her desktop & browse ke internet..hurm.sorang2 dlm rumah neyh..Nasrah yg ade td, dah hilang..mgkin ke ofis agaknye...
mama called last nite, tetibe mama cakap, bile nk balek? adeyhhhss..sorry Ma, bukan tamaw balek..nakkk sgt balek since x de cuti plus budget da melarikan dr...terpaksa la pendamkn hasrat tuk balek kg ke nex month...Insyaallah. =) em' so sorry Ma, bkn x mo balek..rindu sgt nk alek..huhuuhh. ;( i asked her "ma x nak dtg sni ke?" hee hee :) bertuah kan 'anak ini'... ;) hehehhe..
die diam & continued 'tgk la, nnti Ma g la KL'... hehehe.. & me sambung lg..'Ha, mari lahhh....'
=) she knows me..her youngest daughter yg manje ngan die... ;) missed u sgt2,Ma...
hari ni Off pg2 bangun, drive g sg besi, repair lock kete yg dah fault.hurmm...nape lah ngan baby Neo neyh.... adey.sabar je la... ingt kan lama, upernye 10 mnt jer dah Okeys.. & uncle yg merepair tuh bitaw, die cam stuck so have to boh minyak sket..tu je.. then lps tuh, drive, g tapau...then balek rumah..
kak Un pon da alek! yey! dats mean, i have my roomie back!! have so many stories to tell, die dah nk g she told me "Nurul, tggu akak eh, akak break nnti, akak balek".. ;) yes Mem! hee hee.. rindunye nk borak2 wif her since die alek kg & bercuti panjang for her wedding day.... 'family arrangement'..her family already arranged a guy for her.. Alhamdulillah..& she will be married soon & i'm the one yg sgt excited dgr all her stories ;) hehehe.
Norul Hazrina a.k.a kak Un, 27 yrs old, my new roomie merangkap my colleague ;) sgt baek..sgt peramah..eventho baru kenal her x smpi 6 bulan, die sgt baek.. & i'm thankful to ALLAH, dpt roomate cam die bkn 'si pendek yg sengal' tuh... uh~! everytime ingt si pendek tuh, jiwa ni rasa terbakar jerk. s***! & all in this house said "she's sucks!" die teruk... omg! tataw la,ade gak org cam die....... hurm.......... so everyday, we all dlm rumah neyh sume mengelak jumpe ngan die...hohoh..isk! x bebas dok dalam rumah neyh....
okeh la.
:) nuting much to say..
to be continued..

& to fuad yg on the way ke rantau panjang, thanks for the song k ;)

heart u.
ellena =)

Thursday, May 10, 2007

. jiwa ini kosong .

i have too much to say.
but..entah la..
everthing goes wrong since past 2 days..
serba x kene..
i'm tired of this.
i'm needin Fuad here, needin my mum & oso all my sayangs kt uniten tuh.
omg! rase sgt tabesh.
rase cam alone.

Insyaallah, nex 2 weeks, he will be here ;) hehe & i'm the one who is glad to hear this. ;) cant wait.cant wait.

to Fuad Dzihni [if u read dis]: i'm waiting for u..cpt2 dtg sni.. huhuh

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


hye Mr blogger!
after a few days away..
i'm back.
semalam hari yg sgt sengal!!!
i got drf letter & sgt depressed dgn si pendek..
everything happened have a it?
OMG! tataw nk ckp pe la ngan si pendek tuh..
i cried..bkn sbb marah tp sbb sedeyh, ade gak manusia yg berperangai cam gitu..hurm....betol la mcm all in this house saidmase memule jejakkan kaki kt rumah neyh "nntila, nurul pun akn kene gak ngan Farah tuh" happened last nite. ;( Oh My God! tataw nk ckp pe ngan perangai sombong die tuh......OMG!!! :( adeyhh...naseb baek maseh ade Kak zura, yan, Nasrah, Sabun yg sudi tenangkn me..huhuhu...

nuting much to say.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007



nonton ZOMBI KAMPUNG PISANG wif Fuad ;) hohohohoh.. cite yg sgt kelakar.hehee.sengal! sengets! directed by mamat khalid.The film stars some pretty big names in the Malaysian entertainment industry: rock star Awie, AC Mizal, Que Haidar, Ezlyn, and many others...Zombi tells the story of one strange night in a village, when several people die suddenly and mysteriously...# but their bodies refuse to stay dead! we all enjoyed with dis movie ;) & i'm fine to watch it for 2nd tyme!!! :) heheh


huhuh.oso x lepaskn peluang nengok Wild Hogs.venue: Times Square.mid nyte showing ;) hohoh.sgt besh.mase nengok tuh, mate dah ngantuk sesangat tp cte neyh mmg besh.. :) 2 thumbs up!!# distributie oleh Tim Allen, John Travolta, Martin Lawrence, William H. Macy, Ray Liotta, Marisa Tomei, Kevin Durand, M.C. Gainey ..

Friday, April 27, 2007

. a best day ever .


dat nyte..tak ley nk tido...huhuhu..nape? hurm.because i'm waiting for him...... ;) hohoh.around 2am,kak Un kejut, kate nye we all (satu rumah) ade meeting...whutt?? 2 pg?? adeyy.. :( okeysh.then, dgn mate ngantuk..tuwun bwh wif kak Un..adeyys!!~ hurm.afta sedikit perbincangan.. & si 'pendek' tu mmg kurang d ajar dat nyte..eyyyy...mmg sabar je la.....around 4am, me siap2 & tuwun dr rumah.....destinasi : hentian putra to jmput him.. hee hee...even x tdo walau sminit pons, mata neyh cerah jerk...excited to meet him...finally...afta sedikit bosan menunggu 'dia'.. die tibe jugak..wif 2 bags & knocked my chermin kete..... yipeee!!! =) smiled. i opened pintu kete... heeee.... shangattt rindduuuu......huhuhuhu....felt mcm mimpi, he sat beside me.. ;) hehehe.then, had breakfast at Kg Baru.. (feveret place, evrytme 'die' ade d sniey...) then bertolak ke genting Highland....

a day at Genting Highland.

.: Snow World :.

hohoh ;) after gediks2 wif him whether nk masok @ tdk..afta dok kt tepi tuh nengok all people yg dok dlm tuh eppy playing wif snow..finally, we decided masok Snow World ;) hahah. & me likes 'kanak2 ribena' sgt eppy..... entrance fee is rm17 per person.beli socks since i didnt bring any socks...hee hee then amek glove, shoes & also dat jacket, we entered Snow World ;) hohoh. one word only can describe : Best!!! Dlm tuh sejukkkkk.....we do not allowed to bring camera!! goshh!!! :) but.......we still took some pictures there..curik2..hahahah ;) what i can say, we have a great tyme there.....& Fuad demam afta kuar Snow World..oww..shian... :) x tahan sejuk ehhh?.. nex tyme, kne pakai jacket tebal2 lg, stokin tebal2 lg...okeyhs?? Snow world is really awsome..

afta that, jenjalan d sekitar genting.....terpikir nk masuk Theme apa sgt la nk d naek, since me penakot... hahahah :) ey, oso u, Fuad!! u oso penakot... hehehe :P excely, die neyh cepat pening.ryte..? hee hee.around 7pm....bertolak tuwun dr genting..because he's not really well........then bertolak ke kL.....

some pics:

B, thanks for spent ur tyme wif me....

sincerely me,


Tuesday, April 24, 2007

sgt kebosanan ;(

12:26 PM 24/04/2007

sgt buhsan.
harini dok sebelah Emon.huerm.
cant wait to meet Dzihni on thursday morning.really really cant wait. ;)

today is my 2nd day kt rumah sewa..
everything's is occay except for dat gurl *huh*.. sgt poyo!! even sume org cakap baek2 ngan die, die still dgn 'kepoyoan ' die tuh.. konon2 die bagus la.adeyyy.x padan ngan umo dah tua, still nk gado2 ngan kak Un..wth~
my roomies are Kak Un & fasihah a.k.a Kak Nor.1st nite titon situh, adey sakeyt belakang since x de have to tido kat lantai, beralaskn tikar +toto.. i decided nk beli katel coz sgt tdk selesa nk baring kat lantai..even kak nor pon tido ats lantai gak ;)

today, dtg ofis & feeling not very flu & bdn sedikit panas. bile bdn da x sehat, mule la nk sedey2 ;( hohoh.. wif milo panas, me start keje.... ;( hohohoh.maybe kerinduan pd Dzihni =)

~hey b!! (if u read dis) cpt2 dtg snie, kite demam sbb windu kamo. ;) hee hee. really really cant wait nk jemput b Khames nnti..dun forget to bring dat digicam yeah.. =) wanna take lotsss of pics wif u..

hurm, semalam baby Neo got dbkl's saman.adeyyy! salah me ke?hahah.da parking takde so me terpaksa parking kt tpt yg x de lot parking & akibatnye, baby Neo dpt surat chenta... ;) hee hee.. shian die... bile nengok ade terselit 1 white paper last nite kt wiper baby neo... ;) it was my mistake la shayang.. ;)

i need to stay in the loop, & right now the only way that i can make that happen is by making sure that my true feelings are known..hohoh

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Tercipta Untukku

Menatap indahnya senyummu di wajahmu
membuatku terdiam dan terpaku
Mengerti akan hadirnya cinta terindah
saat kau peluk mesra tubuhku
yang tak mampu kuungkapkan
kepada dirimu

Aku ingin engkau selalu
hadir dan temani aku
di setiap langkah
yang meyakiniku
kau tercipta untukku
Meski waktu akan mampu
memanggil seluruh ragaku,
kuingin kau tahu
ku selalu milikmu
yang mencintaimu
sepanjang hidupku ...

.listen to my heart ?.

.hey Blogger~!
everything's perfect now...
Alhamdulillah, I'm thankful to ALLAH swt.
i am so happy with my new life.
to My dearest Fuad Dzihni, mama, all fwens & all my sayangs: thanks for be wif me in my long journey!
Thankful to Allah..i'm feeling great now..with my job, with my mum & Fuad Dzihni, my sayangs, my new colleagues, my new frens..i know something that they don't know i know , so i have to play this hand smartly .. =) i realize that life is a miracle so i should not let it slip away..

i wonder if i should listen to my heart. ..

Convocation Ceremony 2007~ Uniten

hey Mr Blogger!!~

on 18 of March, yesterday, i went to Uniten & collected Academic Attire at Gallery, Admin Building.
tommorow [20 April 2007 (Friday)], as early as 8.00 am, i will be going to Uniten again for Rehearsal, since it was compulsary..adeyy~

and Convocation Ceremony will be on 21 April 2007 (Saturday), 7.30 am at Multipurpose Hall (MPH), Uniten..

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

. he will come again .

he will come here!!!!!
i'm so so so happy!!!
can't wait to pick u up at Putra again nex week =)
Insyallah, 5am 26042007
hee hee..
dats mean,
i'll meet my hunney nex week,
will spend tyme together again..
will have someone to borak2 & gelak2..
will have someone to usik2..
will have someone who will pamper me..
i would miss u!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

6:26 PM 15/04/2007

a few days tak jot down sumting here since balek kg.
finally, i got dat 'baby' baru..
on 12 of april bertolak ke Kl wif Dzihni..
thanks a lot dear..da banyak menolong ..
fuad dzihni, i had a greatest tyme wif u.
took some pictures together & jalan2 together.
i'm so unhappy everytyme have to send u at Putra.. ;( the first thing is nanges.
unhappy everytyme lihat 'dia' naek bus.huhuh ;( thats mean, we have to be apart again...berjauhan lg...unable to bekfast sama2, watchin movie, dinner wif him & jenjalan wif him..till the next tyme, i do mish u

: to Dzihni, i u so.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

3:31 PM 10/04/2007

arghhh..jam baru kol 3.31pm..
sgt bushan.
nk menunggu sehingga jam 7pm nnti.
rindukan ana.
rindukan dzihni.
malam ney balek kg.
sure tido tak gerak2 ats bas nanti.

Monday, April 09, 2007

6:58 PM 09/04/2007

tanpa Ana.
needin someone to borak2 & gelak. sembang2.
already bought that bus ticket.
since tommorrow nk alek kg.
cant wait nk balek kg.
meet my dzihni & all family members.also cant wait nk have 'baby' baru.
je me suis ennuyé de toi tellement, Dzihni.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

. Ana left us .

Ana, when you leave one home for another, there are always lessons to be learnt...Farewell! God knows when we shall meet again..

ana, we are friends and I do like to pass the day with you in serious and inconsequential chatter. I wouldn't mind washing up beside you, dusting beside you, reading the back half of the paper while you read the front. We are friends and I would miss you, do miss you and think of you very often...

Itte irasshai!! (Good Bye)
There are no good-byes, where ever we are, you'll always be in my heart..