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Friday, August 31, 2007

Happy Independence Day!

6:45 PM 31/08/2007

:) Happy Merdeka Day for all Malaysian!I looked up and felt immense peace. Standing beneath our flag and the twin towers made me feel so proud to be Malaysian. For a moment, the frustrations I often feel about this country dissolved. To me, the twin towers symbolize what we can achieve. We are a young nation with so much potential.

What fills you with pride?

Thursday, August 30, 2007

him :)

29/08/2007. Fuad was here! :) oh! i missed him so much..i woke up aroud 4am, siap2 & picked him up at Hentian Putra on 6am ;)had our breakfaSt at Kg Baru.then went to Tasik Titiwangsa & had a morning walk with him..then went to One Utama, watched a movie.. :)finally, i bought u the Famous suke tak?,., hehe.even lambat, i tetap kotakan janji kan? =plunch kt KG Baru again.. ;) then g Maju Junction utk jmpa Paih & her gf, Yani.. :)we had tea-time togetha ;) finally dpt jmpa Yani jugee...but terlupa utk snap a few picts ..
;( uhuu!~then 930pm, Fuad naek bas & left me alone here... :( uhu!. ey comel, even satu hari je dpt jmpa, i was really2 happy.. =) thank u so much for it... :) i know how much u missed me..kan?..,., bout next friday? ehehe :) he'll be here..again! yey!~ u knOw how happy i am, comel.
Long distance relationship takes a lot i mean lots of effort,it requires honesty,loyalty and a constant communication,like phone calls,text messages,sending both an e card,do no matter what it takes,two people must take the risk in order to work out the long distance relationship..
actually being away from each other made us realize how much we really cared for each other, kan b? :)

dear Fuad, i dont care how many miles may separate us but i know we do a right always.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

i'm updating!

i'm updating!

here, i uploaded a few pictures * since currently i was not in good mood to write down any story....

  • Shaila's Engagement Day


Moga kebahagiaan sentiasa milik kami. Amen.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I’ll remember, then forget, then remember again...

so many days without new update :)
lots of 'cerita' happened.
lots of big laugh with my Fuad while talked bout relationship & oso friendship.
I have learnt to appreciate a friend :)

i 'expanded' =p
so i started concentrating on my fitness regime & making sure i ate right & making time for exercise :D heee..eating right is the priority actually and LOADS of water! is it? :)
I used to complain about being 'fatty' but I’ve learnt to accept how my body is built, I am still the same Ellena!

i needed BREAK!:)
Insyaallah.tommorow, i'll have my 8hours sleep in Transnasional's bus.
Fuad will pick me up the next morning & i confess that i missed him so much....much more than words can say :)
ow ya! the fasting month is kicking off :) so i have to 'ganti puasa' more lewat2 lagi.

there’s just so much more to learn about the world that we live in, people to love and learn more about, things to see and explore, and less fortunate people to care for.. :)

till then. Bye.

Friday, August 03, 2007

it's remind me......

i found this when i belek2 my pict folder =)
it's remind me to
3rd of June. kan b?

untuk fuad,
kamu yang terhebat untuk aku & aku chenta sama kamo lebey.......

Thursday, August 02, 2007

baby neo & me without Fuad

baby neo & me without Fuad :(

i did:
  • went to OU & bought some foods plus a few things at JJ.
  • already bought a bus ticket for nex wednesday's vacation :)
  • snapped a few pictures of baby Neo ,for my fuad, kamu rindu baby Neo tak? :)