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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Minal Aidzin Wal Faidzin...

I want to take this opportunity to wish everyone a great and warm "Selamat Hari Raya Adilfitri and Maaf Zahir Batin" to all my family members especially my beloved mom, better-half, friends, my blog readers (not to forget for the silent readers as well) and all Muslim people.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

facts about myself

Tagged by my dear Athirah.

# Share 7 facts about yourself; some random, some weird.

  1. I super duper hate leech! Ewwww!!! And any other species that have the same similarity to it, bloodsucker and slimy like it... Pacat pon sama. Boleh pengsan tau.. ewww.
  2. I love white and I realized that I have lots of white tops and stilettos!
  3. I can't leave the house without wearing at least 3 inches-high shoes... truth is, that 3inches is one of the factor that boost up my level of confidence for the felt so discomfited if I slipped on my flats. Pakai flats only bila nk drive jauh-jauh.
  4. I hate horror movie! Kasi tiket free pon tamau. *laughs*
  5. My weakness (ni kawan2 Uni mesti tahu) is bila orang kejar dari belakang, seriously, I cant run away… memang tak boleh… if ada orang kejar, I’ll stop then akan marah orang yang kejar tu , tatau nape. Sebab tu, masa tadika, tak suka maen kejar-kejar. *laughs*
  6. I’m the type yang suka buat surprise and I love surprise too. =)
  7. i love coffee. :)

“Dancing Queen”

Hello people! Yes, it's 12.58am and i can’t sleep then I’m blogging. We just reached home from Cathay Cineplexes. Yay! Finally, i managed to watch Mamma Mia. After breakfasting with better-half's colleagues, we rushed to Cinneleisure. The opening scene gave me goose bumps, in a nice way. The movie is really fun and surprising, believe me :) hurm. The besttt scene is the Dancing Queen part. I love it so much. I was like...nak stand up and dance!! *laughs*.Lighten up people, this is really a light hearted movie and enough said i really, really enjoyed this movie because it was so much fun. This movie left me feeling happy and joyful. Hehehe I’m the big fan of Pierce Brosnan, u know.. ;) i give 10/10* ok, done for the movie. I’m packaging some stuffs for balik kampung. Huhu. I miss hommie…Ok, I guess I should have a sleep before bertolak around 4am. Night. End.

Friday, September 26, 2008

I was unfilled today..

Finally, I managed to squeeze in the time and walked into throng of people at Jalan TAR to grab for some hijab for Hari Raya. ;) better-half and I headed to Jln Tar last 2 days after we dine at Kg Baru. Once we get to Jln TAR, hastily I forwarded to TURKUAZ and stumble on all the hijabs there.. dengan di bantu Mr Fuad. He was so patient, uncomplaining, dig for the best hijab to be suited with my baju raya, I mentioned before I’m not so picky but I’m finding the finest for my raya =)
After a long search, I bought 2 pieces of hijab in shocking pink and satin red color. For those who never know about TURKUAZ, they are selling multiplicity of jubah, selection of baju kurung & baju kurung moden, casual attire, and lots and many kind of hijabs. My eyes will always bling-bling every time I step into TURKUAZ.
Okay people, it’s already 5.30pm, better half will be here in a few minutes later, got to go. Until then, bye.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hari raya is approaching..

Hari raya is approaching and I’m all in the mood for Hari Raya already (yes, before this, I was not in Hari Raya’s mood for the reason of my Hari Raya’s leaves, but no more qualms now. Teeeeheeee). I tot up, 6 days left before we greet Aid-Mubarak! Syoknye! =) anddd… 3 days left before we off to…. “Balik kampong Ooo0 Balik kampong” *laughs* Furthermore, like always, I keep repeating playing all Hari Raya’s songs, oh, I miss my mom so much. =(

Bunch of thanks for Syamiey for this lovely Raya card. :)

Monday, September 22, 2008

The Last 8 Days Of Ramadhan

It’s the last 8 days of Ramadhan, and yesterday we managed to get together with some friends for breakfasting at SS2 Murni after we did some shopping at Sunway Pyramid, I pretty sure, KL was flooded and jammed with jutaan umat manusia. Ha-ha, actually, I was hoping to have a new pair of stilettos for Jalan-jalan, and Better-Half found something dead gorgeous and different, something grey-ish and it’s 3inches….i lurve it and ultimately I tend to purchase it.. =) puas hati! Heeeeheeee. ;P

Before we headed four of us (Paeh & yani coupled together with us too) to SS2 Murni, we forward to Kelana Jaya Pasar Ramadhan for some kueh-mueh, beli satay and popiah basah tapi tak sedap. Huhu. Then we moved to SS2 Murni, yay. Surprisingly, spot better-half’s friends, Azri & Qistina. So we all assembled together. I ordered Seafood Fried Rice, memang sodap and Nasi Lemak Ayam for Better-Half. 1 Ice Blended Mango & 1 Ice Blended Ribena. Kenyang tak terkata. Tee-hee.

And, last night we had watched Black Water at Cathay Cinneplex. I was so maddening sebab tak dapat tengok Mamma Mia. Uhuk! Ropa-ropanye sneak preview’s shows on Saturday. Huh. Black water is being based on true events, this crocodile movie was just okay for me, and it was very suspenseful. The acting is top notch and the camera work and music add to the 'where has it gone!' feel. A must see for suspense fans but I was not IMPRESSED with this movie! The people in it (only 5 actors in this movie, jadi 6 kalo campur BUAYA) with were so stupid and it wasn’t exciting at all. 2/10* huh.

"Three Cheeky monkeys, sitting in a tree,. Teasing Mr Crocodile. "You can't catch me". Along comes Mr Crocodile, quiet as can be and SNAP..."

Friday, September 19, 2008

Piteous Girl.

People, today I feel a little bit sentimental….it happened perhaps because of Hari Raya is just around the corner. While better half driving to office this morning and we habitually listen to HOT fm every morning, I told him “B, lagi 11 hari nk Raya” and he smiled, I can see the overjoyed face he has at that moment.
Yes hips, there 11 days left before we greet Syawal on 1st of October. I miss all the chaos and madness at hommie.. Plus I keep playing on all the Hari raya’s songs in my lappy and it made my mood most awful. I still can hear my mom’s voice urging us (my sister & me, because the rest are married) to do this and that, to wash the curtain and then hang it back, clear the garden, make cookies and plans the menu for the Hari Raya etc. I miss the fighting during breaking fast with sistah… ;) ohh! I missed all those time enjoyed Ramadhan at home. Again, Raya’s song made me miss everyone at home even more. *sob sob*

Oh.. It‘s cold in my office that my fingers were freezing, hurm, thought to wear gloves ;) hehe. Sejuk sangat, okay. Huhu.

Yay! I managed to get a pair of 4 inches, black gorgeous stilettos last night while did Jalan-jalan with better half, finally! ;)
Yesterday, breaking fast party for better-half’s colleagues was held at Restoran Nelayan Titiwangsa and I'd say the party went well.. thanks to better half for the invitation.. =)

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Grrrr.. I superrrr pissed-off!!
Hips, can u imagine that I only entitled Raya leave starting on 1st October and I HAVE TO come to work on 30th September until 4.30pm??? isshhhh… I was like………eee.rasa macam nak.. hurmmhhh.. tak tau la nk cakap apa.. Dim! I was begging like stupid person and end up, I only entitled leave starting on 1st October up to 9th October. How sad. In fact, I told my leader that I really do not wish to take leave on 6th October till 9th October but she said I OUGHT TO. OMG. My boss is so thick! And Stup*d too! Hurghhhhh!

To make my heart feel relieve a bit, i ‘m listening to Raya’s songs in my lappy since morning to now… err... those raya songs makes me miss everyone even more.... sedihh nyee... :(

Urgh! Benci okay! And breakfasting with Better-half’s department at Nelayan Titiwangsa, today cheer-up my mood. Thanks, dear.

I wonder what tomorrow brings….

Trend alert!

Act, my eyes locked on this……

Yes, maxi dress being famous now and u can see this trend on the street.. hurm… but, I be unsure whether I’ll look lovely or not in it, thought to use bolero or light cardigan to cover my bare shoulder. But, cantek ke?...

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


While I browsing our internal ING site and clicked on HR division, I found this…


And… I rolling on the floor… eh.. tade la.. :P yayyyyy!

My Thought

I went to bazaar ramadhan TTDI last Sunday after watched movie and there’s spread and array of colorful foods to choose from. And all of a sudden my old memories draw closer again to me….. “How fast time flies ya,b” I’ve told better half and he smiled… Yes, before I moved to Ara Damansara last December, I stayed at Lorong Zaaba, Tmn Tun Dr Ismail for almost one and half years. At that moment, better half was not here, he was in Kelantan, working and staying with his family and…. I was far-flung from him... Long Distance Relationship precisely for a year and it’s so dreadful to me… few times I told him that I don’t want LDR happened again because is too pain and tough. Yes, to those who familiar and experienced with LDR, of course they will have the same thought as mine. Don’t you? =) hey, some peoples say that Long Distance Relationship doesn’t work and difficult? Erm, yes a bit tough but its works and we made it successful! :)
A good tip is to always try to keep the conversations even if things are going in your life and i ring him copiously even when i have nothing to say. Better half would ring everyday practically and we would sometimes have nothing to say so it was like he was ringing out of obligation. What’s more, we use SMS to keep in touch more frequently. I always made bonbon hand-made greeting card for him and with hand made cards it can show that u put lots of care and attention into making them. Agree? *tee-hee*
Sometimes I do listen to love songs that remind me of him and remind me of our relationship. We habitually take pictures of everyday activities and send them to each other. Andd.. The most worthy thing is you have to trust your mate.

Yes, we’ve our sweet and bitter moment before. More often than not, better half will flee from Kelantan to KL every two weeks *glint* sometimes every week and he spent his weekend (Saturday & Sunday) here. As early as 4 @ 5am I woke up and picked him up, we did have our breakfast together and it’s priceless for Long Distance Relationship’s couple like us. Oh! I can’t put out of my mind all those old sweet stories.. It’s too sweet to wipe out.. (: Butttt…..thanks God; he’s here now, with me every second and minutes and spends all the precious time together. I pray that this relationship will remain until we move to our new leg … (: Insya Allah.

Okay, back to the Bazaar Ramadhan, so as that it's breaking fast for two this year, the menu can't be instant noodles or bread with Kaya anymore heheh. Last Sunday is a special treat for us as it was our first time went to Bazaar Ramadhan for this year, I managed to have Nasi Kerabu, Ayam Percik, Puding Caramel, Soya Bean, Air Kelapa, Kuih Bakar, Kebab Malawati and etc.. etc.. and.. nasib baek Mr Fuad dah jelling-jeling so I have to avoid myself from ogle on those variety of delicious food. Huhuh! Yes, yes, I know, I’m the type yang sukak beli banyak-banyak and in the end buang je sebab bile dah makan nasi, so perut kenyang, mcm nk meletop, so all the kueh-kueh tak pandang lagi, then membazir….. masya Allah.. *giggles*

Maybe it is spirit of Ramadhan; better-half enlighten me yesterday, that he already pass the probation for the post of ____ and I’m so pleased for that.. Congrats dear, like I said before, u deserved for this… :) hey hey… don’t break the promise ya, a BIG treat at Madam Kwan’s, of course. *laughs*

Though I'm so tempted to buy new shoes, I have to refrain the wanting as we visited a few shops in the One Utama such as Aldo, Lewre, Clarks, Blay, U.R.S & Inc. And etc.. but no one was catching my eyes… somehow, this happened:

B: “Ni Lawa Ni…”
Me: “Uh, Rendah Je…Tamau... (I’m Looking For 3 @ 4 Inches Shoes)”
B: “Ha…Ni Lawa….”
Me: “Eee.. Die Punya Atas Tuh Mcm Besar Je.. Tak Lawa *Laughs* ”
B: “Yang, nie.., Okay Ni Yang, Cube Try...”
Me: “Ala…Macam Tinggi Sangat Je…”
B: “ Nie, yang…. (Sambil Pointing Kat Kasot Tuh)"
Me: “Errrmmm.. Lawa Ke? Color Die Mcm Tak Lawa Je.. *Laughs* ”

End up, I bought NOTHING. Heheh. I’m not so picky kan?.. But… I’m looking the finest for my coming Raya…
eh! B, kite belum tgk Nine West lg…. :) huhuhu. Nanti-nanti la….

Monday, September 15, 2008

It's a Poor Comedy

He wears long hair, a long beard and a flowing caftan. And. he’s Guru Pitka.
Better Half, Faiz and I went to One Utama yesterday to do some shopping err.. window shopping precisely and we managed to watch The Love Guru as an alternative of Black Water (sold out). The stories is about Darren Roanoke loses his wife to Jacques “Le Coq” Grande because he has a , and begins to lose focus on the field as well and here Guru Pitka made Roanoke as a champion. Basically, I was thinking that Myer's has talent, but THE LOVE GURU was doomed the moment he created this unfunny character and it’s a poor comedy for moi… urghhh…. I give 4/10**.

Friday, September 12, 2008


Today is 12th September and its well into the second week of this blessed Ramadhan…more than 2 weeks left before we greet Syawal. Besides give over myself to do more ‘ ibadah’, it is also a great time for me to get together with friends and family, some more masa Ramadhan ni la akan dapat call dari kawan-kawan lama yang jarang contact to breakfasting together. I feel blessed having another year and another chance to celebrate this time with friends and family. Tapi sedih, tahun ni dapat berbuka kat rumah with mum only once on the first Ramadhan and the rest until end of Ramadhan, berbuka(sudah berazam untuk berbuka ala kadar je orrrr....i'll put on weight) dgn better-half, as I’ll back to hometown on malam raya. I’m pretty sure, traffic jam will be so bad lah nanti..harap-harap sampai rumah before sebahyang raya… isk. How sad. Huh!

Next week, I’ll have a gathering of department for berbuka puasa 20th September and we are heading for Muara Ikan Bakar, Klang. Then on 18th September, we will have colleagues gathering for berbuka puasa too at JW Marriot sponsored by ING.

Hurm.. what else.. ah. I should stop from writing this crap things :) tee-hee What shall I have for berbuka puasa today?.. erm.. yes, nasi kerabu. Oh! Craving. Craving.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I am not a flip flop girl!

Buttt.. I love wearing heels…. =)
I need a new pair of Raya’s shoes. Have you got yours, people?
Essentially, I’m looking for a pair of stilettos for this becoming Syawal, in black indeed. I’m be mad about peep stilettos compared to stripy heels.. I, for one, tend to always fall for the same type of shoes….

When I put them on, I’ll feel more confident, more alive and more sexiness, perhaps! :p
I quite hatred stripy heels, maybe because it’ll cause feet ache or zebra tan lines if u wear it throughout the day….

I goggle and i have a weakness for this..

and this lip-smacking stilettos...

I was eyeing for these stilettos for ages already… It’s so… hurm… scrummy… oh! I better get the black one… huhuh.. oh! today is 11th, sixteen days to go for salary... :(

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Last Weekend, I was with Zohan

We went and watched the latest comedy from Adam Sandler, You Don’t Mess With The Zohan last week. Enough said, the whole movie was full of laughter and some UNCENSORED scenes, andddd… it’s SO DISGUSTING, GUYS! Haihh. Seriously, my mind keeps wondering, why this movie entitled for ‘tontonan umum’… ya, ya, I am errr..serious-taker. So?

Regardless, the movie is plain stupid, funny and it made me laughed…. But…it’s still made my stomach-churning. Huhu..
Mamma Mia movie will be in the theatre soon and i can’t wait for that… ;)

un-inspired blogger

I am having a bulky stress, plus a bit starving. I’ve tons of work to be done.
Yes, I had a quick “sahur” at 5am this morning with white rice and fried chicken.
For buka puasa yesterday, better half and I drove to Kg Baru, we managed to get together with Abg Long, Kak Long and better half’s close friend to break fast.

People, please excuse this un-inspired blogger… *sigh*

hmm...cant wait for buka puasa...what shall I have today?

Thursday, September 04, 2008

On The Other Day On Hunger Strike...

Hello people.

Salam Ramadhan.

Yaaa.. This is what you get when the blogger is blogging with a headache plus with so bad sore throat and lack of sleep (Mann.. I woke-up as early as 3am and prepared fried rice, telur mata and serunding for sahur) plus a lot of unfinished work, plus she’s craving for food, she’s craving for “Ayam Golek” because rainy yesterday she only bloated herself with ‘nasi goreng-goreng’ at Kg Baru, devoid of ‘Ayam golek’, without taufu-fa, butttt…she managed to buy rm1 soya bean and rm2 popiah jagung. Heh. Pernah makan popiah jagung? Seringgit 2 ketul. *grins*
Alas, we failed to buy any foods from Bazar ramadhan (ohhh I was so rindu to call it Baram, I missed my student’s cycle. how fast time flies ya.) due to we come to a sticky end to park my baby Neo…. Huh huh. So people, today, I’m looking forward to have no less than nasi campur for breaking my fast.. I’m wish to… huhu.
Dlm keriuhan dan kesibukan Kg Baru, i spotted one girl. She’ve put on a green shirt and she walked around with her lover boy. Yeah! She’s Rara! She waived her hand to me… yes.. tak silap lagi.. hehe. Quickly, I told better half and tunjok tu Rara. *wink*

Err.. what else….
Since I have nothing much to rant about, let me put up all the period of my previous days… :)

We dine in Pizza Hut and celebrating her 24th Birthday shindig. We’re really happy and had so much fun together…. Kaka, next time, we MUST get together again and should set up one proper day which nobody will fasten together. Only four of us. Promise? *laughs*

Mann… she managed to munch eat 2 slices of Super Supreme Pizza and two pieces of chicken wings.. Ohh.i cant believe it! Demn….

During Ramadhan, our working hours is until 4.30pm. yeay! It’s 4.16pm already, a few minutes left…. Yay!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Gazillion of thanks to Fara for this award. =) I’m cheery.

Gobble up?

Hello people.
Salam Ramadhan. Today is the third day in this enormous fasting month.

It takes almost a week for me to update this blog as I was on leave and went back to hometown.
Mannn…in fact, I wanna blog and talk more and upload more pictures. But I am consumed with too much kerinduan pada keluarga…so nanti-nanti lah.. *sad*

I just wanna do nothing now :)

fikir-fikir…apa juadah untuk berbuka nanti..
Should I choose “nasi campur”or “nasi tomato”or “nasi beriyani”…errmm.. ohh i so-want “ayam golek”.. but, Taufu-fa is a must! *grins*