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Thursday, July 31, 2008

I'm not in pain today.

Hello guys.

Ok well here I am, sitting in front of my pc and basically I’ve no idea what to do and to blog about.

0-2 to Chelsea, not too bad right?

Yes, too many events happening around me, that I don't really have the time and space for my blogging hour.

We’ve planning to back to hometown, perhaps, by this weekend but it’s not bear out yet by us. Hurm. Ntah. Fuad tu.. kejap dpt cuti, kejap tak. Huuuuuuuu. *sad* The most recent time, I went back to hometown around early of February, and it was almost 5 months ago. Yes, I missed hommie damn much. Miss mum so much though I keep calling her everyday. Fuad Sayang, if u read this post, I wanted u to know that I really, really want to back to hometown and I didn’t mean to high my pitch to u last night, in fact, it happened unintentionally. Sorry, sayang. I heart u a lot and it’s uncountable, okay.

Hey, hey, bolt from the blue, both of us are ready to move to the “next” level and I pleased to hear that. =)

I had nasi briyani at Asam Laksa Café, The Weld for my lunch and it really made my tummy full.

I bought Sex and The City’s DVD, yes indeed, `pirate’ one loh. *giggles* at Uptown last 2 days and the best part is the DVD’s not working. I keep trying and trying, put it in the DVD player BUT its sucks stucked! Cist..

Hey hey. Slight update on Herbal Life thingy ya. :) Recently, I’ve `shrink’ a bit. *laughs* yes, my weight is reducing and I’ve lost a few kilos again. I’m happy. As per I mentioned before, come and talk to me if u want to know the hush-hush of this and believe me u will get the special price that u wont get from others.


Owh ya. Try to keep this in ur head.
“God will not give you something that you can't handle.”

Monday, July 28, 2008


Hello folks.How are u today? Good? Okay. That’s awesome. Mine just fine. :) Thanks, GOD. Happy Monday ya! Ohhh! I just hate Monday sh*tly.

Hey folks, I attended Daughtry concert at One Utama on Saturday night with better half and Faiz and we had such a fantastic time there. Surprisingly to me, there were many people came and watched their concert though weather was not good. Daughtry is one of our favorite artists and their concert was SUPERB! I’m sOOOOoo excited when better half managed to buy the tix from an old lady who was standing next to him. The tix cost rm100 each, and fortunately that Auntie had three tixs. Better half, Faiz and me headed ourselves to the crowded of people around 8.30pm. Yes, a bit late than others. The concert was commenced at 7pm. they had an Indian band at the beginning then continue with two Malay singer yang haku tak tahu sapa nama die, afterwards got Danial Lim, he sang his three famous songs. Later, they had 3 famous DJ in M’sia, DJ Uno, DJ FUZZ and sapa ntah another one. Tak hengat. They are fabulous, enough said. The flow of the music really made all of us jumping. J Amazing. We were really smashed into it! Hebat. Finally,around 11.20pm, Daughtry muncol. Masa tu saket kaki sangat2 sbb aku pakai heel. Chris Daughtry sgt handsome. Haha. Their performance was superb! Everyone was singing and jumping, except for ME. They were closing the stage around 12.30pm in midnight. * My SE Usb cable has gone out of order already pfftt! Thus, pics will be uploaded later and thus I HAVE TO get a new one pffft! *

I managed to watch two movies at Pavillion by last week. ‘Wanted’ on Saturday and ‘I’m Not Single’ on Sunday. The finest movie goes to ‘Wanted’ 10/10. Thanks for Faiz, my brother-in-law-to-be for the treat. We watched I’m Not Single, the movie was just okay, not so excellent but not worst okay. Hey! I loike Pierre Andre, okay =) haha.

As I wait for Better Half in Topman (he seized grey short- sleeve shirt from Topman), all of a sudden my eyes trapped on a Topshop white shirt sleeve puff with ruffle, oh..i was enlightened Better Half, he also suka. So…I bought it. Yes. I bought it. Indeed. *wink* do u know, what the movie that I’ve been waiting for age? Absolutely, Sex and The City. If better half can’t go along with me for it, I’ll definitely buy a dvd and watch it at home. *sob sob*


Friday, July 25, 2008


I have gazillion things to write yesterday. I was so pissed-off. Having a silly arguing with my leader was really not made my day.

Leader, yes, I’m your ‘anak buah’ but it doesn’t mean that u can simply used ‘exclamation marks’ when emailed me. i really cant take it. Hips, I’m an outspoken person though I looks like ‘diam-diam’ and 'shy-shy' one at office. So what I did yesterday is made some argue with her, as for me there’s no need to her to use “!” when emailed out to me. What the heck! Actually it’s not arguing but disagreement. I really-really don’t loike it, folks. I’ve replied back to her and asked her whether I did something rude to her and notified her that it’s no need to use ‘exclamation marks’ she was admit it. Remember eh, I’m not the one who can terima apa saja yg orang buat, no way, okay. Don’t put that expectation on me. I was like nak meletop semalam. Marah gile. Sh*t.

This morning, took 4 scoops F1. Better half ate nasi lemak.
Today, I am PMS-ing. I miss the days I have no menstrual and no pre and post menstrual syndrome. hari ni betul-betul tak ada mood. Even I keep text-ing better half (though he’s so busy, he’s keep replying my sms), I really- really down. Rasa macam nak jerit-jerit. *sigh*

Last night, went to The curve and gathered with my HL sponsor. Better half didn’t join us so he just toddles around. We discussed about this and that for almost 1 hour. Pittttyyy, Fuad. *giggles*
Ate famous Char kuey tiaw (haku adalah hantu CKT) for dinner and enough said, I didn’t take HL for the whole day yesterday. Bagus kan? =)

Again, want to share with u guys; better half noticed me that I look slimmer than before. Ohh! I was so pleased to hear that. Don’t cha? *big laughs* I feel enough contented, sayang. Today, I’ve put on my new-28”-jeans and I looks good with this.


Wednesday, July 23, 2008



Seriously, I’ve ran out of things to blog about. Chaotic week and disorganized well. I’ve ton of work to be done. I’ve thousands of case to be follow-up. I have to meet my sponsor. I have to meet my HL buyer. Err.. Another buyer too. =(
I’ve to go to HL HQ to purchase stocks of HL. I’ve to find another rent house in addition for the Sentul one. We (better-half and me) went to Sentul last night, find for house to be rent. And 2 house indeed, one for me and another one for better half and his colleagues.
I went shopping last week, I’ve managed to grab 3-inch white pump, a pair of new jeans from Espirit and a new must-have Guess shirt. =)
Today, after work, we’ll have meeting regarding new ING products that will be launched soon. So hips, sooner u’ll see all the bunting, banner and ads on tv too.

What else.
Hurm. On 9th August, ING having a fiesta, like a family day at somewhere around Cheras if im not mistaken, and the best is I didn’t stick on it. I don’t loike. *evil’s laughs*

So, okay. I better off now.


Sunday, July 20, 2008

Buhsan Vs Camwhoring

Hello hips.


I just finished my 4scoop of Chocolate F1. :)
Pstt..pstt.. do u want to know, my other little achievement?.....

I spent past 3 days with family and better half. Since my sister was here, haku teman die jalan-jalan. We went to Jakel for shopping raya. let's pictures do the talking.

moi & my sistah
and, had a little outing with boyfriend on Sunday.


Thursday, July 17, 2008

Happy Herbal Life-ing

Hello hips
Yes, my blog is outdated for a few days already. I was so busy completing my task that was given by boss plus with my daily task, it was so like a sh*t. I don’t have enough time to do anything at all. I don’t have enough time… Ohh! I have been sickly sick for the past few days.

=( duh. I’m craving for chocolates and ice-creams. And cake too. Texted better half just now and asked for cup corn and he promised to get it for me once he end his work. Yes, I’m craving for it too. What to do? =)

I dug out for my old photos just to compare my before and after consuming herbal life. Yes, looks like even though my weight is still the same, erm..NO, it reduced a bit actually, around 4kilos since I started consume HL, I noticed that I have not dropped lots of Kilos but I when looked at my before and after photos, my chubby and excessive cheeks is slightly reduced, I have lost more inches off my body, specifically my hips, thighs, and waist as well.
Hurm……. It’s quite healthy to loose about 2 to 3 kg a month isn’t it? So I have to put in my mind that I have no worry SO MUCH about the weight but will concentrate more on how I feel and look. Better half is one who is feeling very impressive as I look younger, more healthy and gorgeous than before. Eyy… It’s an amazing feeling when u are being noticed. *giggles*

I’m on the right track to have my dream body shape and boost up my confidence. *wink* bunch of thanks to Herbal Life, HL is truly a magic food. It’s simple, fun and magical. Of course! I’m the ones who are obsessed with beauty and figure. Don’t cha?..
Do remember, we don’t have to start big step, a small step is always a beginning to something bigger.. *cheers*

Monday, July 14, 2008

My Good Day

Hello guys! Sorry for the lacking entries last weekend & normally I didn’t blogging during weekend, don’t u notice that? =)

My weekend’s was great. Yeah, great. Most of the time was spent with mum and mama Rohana and little Farah too since they were here last week. Oh ya! Along gave birth last week and I have a new cute niece. I love to cuddle and hold her in my arms. She’s cute and tiny. I didn’t prepare any present yet for her.

We went out to pavilion yesterday. Better-half, me, yanny, Faiz, another Faiz, Ewan and Issey. We watched Hancock. Lepaking with good food. Did window shopping. and so many on…Let’s picture do the talking..

Hey. The internet connection at home is like a*s. so I’m not able to update frequently… *sigh*

Hey girls! Since hari raya is just around the corner, have u all got any baju raya made for this year? Or are u going to get ready-made baju raya? Hurm.. I haven’t thought about it yet. Erm..No, I thought it once yesterday, when we passing by Jln TAR, and I told better-half 'B,hujung bulan nie, kite beli baju raya,eh?..'
Yes, we absolutely decided to look over it end of this month. Perhaps, I’ll get 3 @ 4 pairs of kain pasang for my baju kurung. And of course one of them is family-theme-color.. (: normally, we’ll dress in theme. I reckoned, kebaya will not be made for this year. Maybe.

I feel so damn happy today. *big big grins*, I already have my cheque and I’m gonna to deposit it soonest possible. :) hurm. I don’t think I need to tell u what type of cheque it is. :P

Oh ya! mid year ING staff gathering will be held at Sarawak Room, Shangrila Hotel on next week 22nd July. As far as I concerned, attire has not been decided yet. BUT. I have to find something nice for it. Hurm. Habes lagi duet haku. L

end of update.

i was so happy today :) for quite some time, i'm not feel so good as today....

Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Hello hips!
I have a lot to blog about but I am still procrastinating. I have workload in the office & laziness. =)

Last night, after better half fetched me from office, we forwarded to Cinneleisure Damansara to watch Sepi.

For those who supported film “Cinta” before, believe me, Sepi will not disappoint u though Sepi’s theme is quite similar with Cinta. I really, really enjoyed watching Sepi last night. Same goes to Better-half. Sepi has three different stories of Adam, Sufi and Imaan who are facing some challenges in their personal lives and relationships. For me, the strength of the script is amazing and Sepi’s strength lies in its script. Sepi stands on its own. Two thumbs up to Kabir. :) oh! I was marveled for Pierre.. and I luff watching all his scene :) he's one of the superb actor for me! The so-unexpected and twisted part is when we found out that Kahlil is actually dead. Sampai balek rumah pon, aku terbayang-bayang si Kahlil ni kat beranda rumah… adeyhh…takott.

At this time when I’m jotting down, mama wan Rohana, lil farah and Faez on their way to KL and received SMS from farah just now, they were already at Raub, Pahang. Prayed for their safety and really hope that they will be arrived by this evening with safe. Amen.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

being Moi

Things are not getting better in July; it’s not as good as compared with June. Maybe I am too sensitive for my own good. Oh…. I’m hoping that the entire thing will be getting better soon…

Hurm… I ought to rent another house & I have no choice, due to petrol price is already raise up and for sure my monthly belanjawan will be raised up too and I’m the one who badly-affected.. *sob* *sob* Maybe somewhere around Ampang or Pandan Indah. And..Sentul perhaps. (Currently I’m staying in Ara Damansara, it took almost 30minutes from Ara Damansara to KL on weekdays other than 15 minutes on weekend.) And of course better-half will move out too from his current house. I can’t survive without him. Yes, I’m big enough but he’s the one who will pick me up from home and send me to office, he as well fetch me from office and send me back to home, everyday we spend the quality time together, we have our breakfast and dinner together, except for lunch. Hey, I’m deserved for it eyy *laughs*, he’s my love, my other half & my wicked boisterous laughing companion.. ngeee..i have so much fun with him and certainly both of us love spend time together-gether. Like mum said, we spend almost 25hours per day together. Tee-heee :)
Thank you for the most 'colorful' and lovely day I have experienced, Sayang & i feel being loved deeply.

'Be calm - love me –
today - yesterday –
what tearful longings foryou - you –
you -my life - my all –
farewell,Oh continue to love me –
never misjudge the faithful heart,
of your beloved.Ever thine.
Ever mine.
Ever ours.

'By Ludwig Van Beethovenfrom SEX AND THE CITY The Movie”

Ok, let’s move to another story.

I am so excited to be an aunt AGAIN for the 12th time! Supposedly yesterday is the due date for Along to give-birth her eighth baby. The whole families are waiting to hold our new comer soon. Should be baby girl, I reckoned. :) I can’t wait to cuddle u honey bunch! :)
I haven’t prepared any pressie for my new niece yet, never mind, will prepare it later. *giggles*

What else ya?..
Most of the items of mine from my branded couture are sold out already. Thanks to all the buyers. Numerous of branded clothes will be uploaded soon.=)

Ok then. Will blog later.

Monday, July 07, 2008


A small party at Sunway Lagoon with better half’s colleagues.
I went for it. We spent the whole day there. Get together with all his colleagues. We shared the best moment and spent the quality time together. We were there as early as 8.30am in the morning after better half picked me up around 8am from home and we had our breakfast first before headed to Sunway Lagoon. It’s just taken 10 minutes to be arrived there. Did mandi-manda, renang-renang, makan-makan, main-main.. The party ended at 6pm and we took off to home around 7pm. We were so weary and exhausted plus badan sakit-sakit sebab banyak berenang-renang… hohoho. No pics will be uploaded for that party since I’ve locked my cam in locker. I am so tired and the result is around 9pm, I was lying on the bed and get prepared to have sleep. My room looks like a tornado have been through it, there was stuff everywhere and I don’t ever have enough time to tidy all up last night. I was like damn tired & felt like I could sleep for 3 days. *giggles*

Teee-hee...Even in fever-mode & feeling not so well, I managed to have a pair of I-so-want-Brownish flat shoe that was bought on Saturday. We did Jalan-jalan to Pavillion and Lot 10 after better half fetched me from Along’s house in Sg Besi. I also managed to grasp new Armani Exchange white shirt and better half seized a new AX shirt too. We were enormously happy, enough said.. (=

Oh! i’ve lots of work to be done. Gosh!

Friday, July 04, 2008


Today is a pretty good day to me. Woke up at 6am and head out to office at 6.45am. I didn’t have enough sleep last night; a lot of things were going through my mind. I was feeling too critically moody since yesterday. My leave on 11th July has been freeze by big bos. Oh sh*t! all the leaves have been freeze until further notice and bos only allowed us to take replacement leave (agong’s holiday) since it’s gonna be expired by end of this month. the fact is I have to cancel my leave. I have to! Oh sh*t!

I’m still coughing every here and then. I hate this. Maybe the reason why this became worse is I didn’t take all the medicines that has been given by Doc. Yes, I don’t have enough time even to take cough syrup at least once a day. How busy I am... Haiyoo. Uh!

Oh. I’m bored to death at this moment. I’m do surf internet at the middle of work. *giggles* Peoples, I am sick :(

I have nothing to write now. It’s only 2.37pm, two more hours to go. Huh. Hey, maybe ‘little therapy’ will make me well? Who knows? *laughs*

Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Hey babes!

owh! I’ve been missing from blogging for 5 days and it’s because I’ve been really, really busy for this week. Plus I was slightly unwell for a few days already. I went and seek for Docs for two times already. First was Dr Bavani and 2nd was a Doctor at Bdr Tasik Selatan’s clinic. I went there and was accompanying by mum since visited mum and stayed at Along’s house on Saturday. Oh ya! We’ve cancelled our plan on that day since; better-half’s auntie was getting fine already. Alhamdulillah. So, I’ve took one day leave on 11th July (same goes to better-half) and planning to go back to hometown by next week. Hooyey! I really, really miss hommie! Hurm ):

I thought ¾ of last Saturday was spent with sleeping then mum woke me up and asked for lunch treat. Drove to The Mines and headed ourselves to Pizza Hut. Mum enjoyed her pizza so much and she managed to finish the small pan alone. J Ya, she is pizza’s big fan. And then we did jalan-jalan and I managed to grab a long stripey top in brown color. Owh, I love to make some therapy even in fever mode. *giggles*

Well people, I’m still down with fever and my throat is sores as hell. *sigh* I am so wanna be at home, roll in my bed with my comfy comforter, hug my heart-shaped-pillow-that-was-given-by-better-half, make a cup of hot chocolate and enjoy my sleep. I’m totally bored at office. *sob sob* I feel tired and sleepy. My throat is become worse since I have to talk a lot. Enough said I feel grumpy. Uh.

High School Musical and Ice Tour is coming to Malaysia this becoming August 2008 school holidays and I’m pleased to hear that ING Malaysia employees may purchase the tickets at 25% discount. Big yeay! Already inform better half about this and he decided to book and purchase the ticket and we know that his lil sistah is really, really crazy with High School Musical. (:

What else?