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Monday, October 22, 2012

A little update


The little baby moves to 26 weeks. The belly bump is getting larger and the Super Mommy is getting bigger ;)
Syukur, Super Mommy is just doing fine and in good health.
Heartburn takes place everyday and it’s really making me tense. I feel like the stomach acids are burning up and setting fire to my chest  ;(    
Leg cramps just started last night …ya ya, I know it’s quite common during pregnancy..  T_T
I feel like carrying a ‘karate kid’ ;) the baby is actually practicing all kinds of ‘kicking’ I believe. The kicking become much more powerful day after day.. ;)
Super Mommy and Daddy have done the latest pregnancy check-up by last week; syukur alhamdulillah the baby is well, get bigger and stronger. We have done the detail- scanning as well.
Super Mommy is losing her appetite, have to force myself to eat everyday but happily I have a  super husband who knows how to keep me smiling by persuaded me to eat.. Love you husband.
I am having a lot of cramping lately; it started by last 2weeks, the doctor said it’s just one of those things which happen when a baby is growing in the belly.  Fortunately, there are no unusual signs or bleeding….. InsyaAllah, +/- another 103 days to go.

Qaseh is 20 months young at present ;) she just started to communicate now, she knows to state her own name, able to run, always want to go upstairs by herself, can kick a ball too, love to eat rice on her own, tak nak suap-suap dah sekarang ni…she knows where to put all the make-up things on her clever…habis mekap mummy  ^__^
She has a very strong attachment to me, she seems like don’t want to share me with anyone, including Daddy .. errk! Kesian daddy...
Slowly I am preparing her for the birth of the new baby, dengan penuh harapan she does not feel like a competition with her sibling, InsyaAllah, we will try our best to give the best attention that we have so she may not feel left out……. Mommy promise, sayang… ^__^      Mommy and daddy are always tell her that, the new baby will not change everything…we are trying to keep her daily’s routine as normal as possible, selalu encourage Qaseh’s connection to the baby, by reffering to the belly as her ‘adik’ but she seems macam tak tahu lagi… heheh..
 I still can’t dream up,  how la ‘the homecoming’ will come about bila dah deliver baby nanti, of course it is not like the day when we brought Qaseh at home. Mesti Qaseh pelik and not understand why mommy is lying in bed with the baby…. T___T   honestly, it’s not easy, Qaseh…

Till then, bye

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

It's a Boy!

Alhamdulillah, we have determined the gender of our coming baby.
It’s a boy, InsyaAllah. The penis is clearly defined and visible between the little legs. Previous months check-up pun memang dah nampak but this time, memang clearly nampak. The little one memang purposely nak tunjuk his gender to mommy & daddy :)