My Devotees

Monday, August 24, 2009

2nd day of Ramadhan

I had a hectic weekend. Sangat-sangat penat sampai tertidur, tak tersedar nak bangun bersahur. Fortunately, mom called and woke me up, tu pun dah pukul 5.30am. haiih… I had cornflakes & fresh milk to full up my tummy. Harap-harap kenyang sampai waktu berbuka.

Last night, berbuka di seafood restoran di Kg Baru, Nang Kam. All the meals that we ordered really comply with our needs. Ikan Siakap masam manis, sayur kailan ikan masin, tom yam ayam, telur dadar and 2 watermelon juices worth rm50.70. Enough to say, memang puas hati, service tip top, all meals sampai on time. Better-half kekenyangan sampai tak leh nk drive ya? *heee heee*

And I managed to grab a watch for ‘him’ yesterday… not for me this time as part of our hantaran list. He seems so happy and gave a cheerful smile sampai ke kereta, as this is the watch which he has been eyeing since 2-3 months ago.

Okay, talk soon.

Saturday, August 22, 2009


dear Diary... I managed to wake up at 4am,around 4.30am, better-half picked me up and we had nasi goreng at Hairun Maju.. Happy fasting, hips...

Friday, August 21, 2009

Besar sungguh hajat di hati...

Jentayu burung di awan
Batu gemala penghias mahkota
Tepak sirih di atas puan
Itulah mula pembuka kata

InsyaAllah, malam ni, kami akan menerima kunjungan dari pihak lelaki, dengan penuh adab kami menerima...

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fat No More

see.......... better-half is weighing himself on a scale.....

oh! fat no more!! =)


hey Mr Diary,
Better-half recently reduced almost 10 kilos. He did it in a completely natural and healthy way. yaaa....exercise is certainly a major part of his weight loss success. some more, he controls what he puts into his mouth..
I’m so
proud of you, dear.
Ya…. he always keep remind me that it's not impossible to look and feel great...ohhh..puasa tak lama dah ni.......Sila Ber-diet, Ellena!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Patiently awaiting.

Dear diary,

During these months of wedding planning and getting things ready,
I’m thinking about making my big day simple yet perfect and at the same time, better-half and I also planning the changeover to a married life, it can’t be deny.
We’re planned to find a ‘nest’ to be rented, shyly after Hari Raya Puasa. Most probably, it’ll be somewhere around Ampang or Pandan Indah. Precisely, in the center of KL. bukan tak nak tinggal kat Damansara lagi, but… jauh sangatt dengan tempat kerja…..
We preferred more on terrace house compared with apartment. Why? senang nk cuci kereta, moi boyfriend kata… ya, you’re right, dear. heee heee. Later, tak ada excuse kalau rim baby neo saya tak berkilat ya. =P

Essentially, 4 months to go before the big day. Most of the items in our to-do list have not been strike out yet, there’s still 70% pending. Wedding invitation card? Tak design lagi. Door gift? belum jumpa lagi. Oh yeah, kursus kahwin belum attend lagi. Barang-barang for hantaran, belum habis beli lagi. Probably Pusat Kursus Perkahwinan Bandar Damansara will be our choice. When? During ramadhan, perhaps.

We chose better-half’s close-friend, Azri as our official photographer & he will shoot our most memorable day nanti, and for bridal make-up, I’ve booked make-up artist, Auntie Norlida, to do the putting of the suitable make ups on my face.

We’re looking for a nice wedding invitation card. All I want is just a simple, presentable but elegant kind of wedding invitations. Hurmm… A simple but nice would be right with me…

Personally, there were so many emotions mixed up at this moment. So many things lingering in my mind… I know I am getting anxious of everything whether my big day will turn out fine. i keep remind myself that i need to reside with my budget since there are still many things we have to chew over right after the wedding. Better-half always said, "Sayang, we will work things out together so there’s no reason to get so stressed & anxious about this preparation". I am just so fortunate that I always have his support; I have his hand tapping on my shoulder saying "everything will be alright, don't worries too much....".

Owh ya. We planned to have our pre-wedding photography before our big day. Photographer? We have not decided yet… Tak tahu nak pilih sapa……… sabau je la….

Oh diary…

Sunday, August 16, 2009



i managed to blog with my own lappy now! happy banget! =)

to all of my darlings who are graduated today, Happy Graduation! I heart you all so much.. sorry because i was not there today to share the joy.........................

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hantaran part I

We took one day leave today, did survey a few things to be made as our wedding's hantaran. End up, better-half managed to get me the lovely handbag as one of hantaran list. So happy. It's so lovely,dear. Luv it. Luv it. =)

No fret, i love u more than the bag! =p

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Dear diary,
It’s not official yet, but really close to it...
I am the future wife.
It's so strand going from single woman to a married woman, from miss to mrs, from one become two.
Better-half and I have been together for few years.
We've been through great times and extremely hard times together.
We've helped each other when needed and made life decisions together.
Well……… now it's finally going to happen.
I really am marrying my dearest-best-friend and I can't wait for it.
I'm really excited about this.

Plus, he has made me even more excited about my wedding’s preparation.

Erm.. I’m dreaming about an adorable, ‘faeearytale’ wedding…. Heeee =D

Talk soon.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Bowled over..

hye sluggish diary…
Today, finally, I manage to update my blog yang berhabuk dan bersarang labah-labah ni dari office.
Alhamdulillah. I felt like speechless sekejap, surprised, tergamam, tak boley bwat kerja. Omaigudnesss… Kenapa? Sebab dapat berblog! Kenapa excited sangat? Sebab normally, bila bukak blogspot dia akan display macam ni:

Your network already blocked Kindly contact your network administrator for assistance.. bla.. bla.. sangat tension. Huh..

Better half’s ears yang selalu menjadi tempat luahan-luahan dan segala macam jenis doa, hoping that someday later, boleh ber-blog dari office.. bukan tak dapat ber-blog dari rumah but my lappy tak ON since decade ago.. cehh...
Ey wait, thankful to Allah, my lappy dah back to normal after di format & di operate kan by my BIL. But now, not with me yet… no fret, at least, lappy dah back to normal.. suke =)

baru realize, i <3 JASPAL.