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Friday, May 30, 2008

perfecto shopping

Hello! Good morning folks!

Better half and I arrived at ING building around 8am after dropped Ida at Hentian Putra. I bought one fried mee-hun and one ‘nasi kerabu’ for better half, from Pak Cik’s stall at the back of ING building. Rushed to mamak’s shop at ING basement car-park, I ordered hot tea for me and Ice Tea for better-half. We enjoyed our meal with some chit-chats and laughs.

Last evening is an extremely-exhausted-sleepy day for me. I like a dead beat already. Around 530pm, better half fetched me at office, we forwarded to mall Pavilion. Again? Yes, again. *giggles* actually better half looking for Onizuka Tiger foot wear since he’s addicted with that style, eventho he already receive a reminded call from Ted Baker London’s Boutique reminding his about the booking. Again, luckily, UK 9 size is out of stocks. Omigod! He was frustrated.

Suddenly, he said ‘yang, jum tgk jam tgn’. I replied “ok , jum”. I thought he just want to ‘tengok-tengok’. We went again to the same shop that we did shopping my GUESS timepiece. When he’s looking around at GUESS collection, his eyes clutched one GUESS Man’s watch-stainless-steel for casual use. He asked me, “yang, okey tak?”. Then I replied, “ha, okey sgt, B nak beli ke?”. He smiled. Adoi…… already decide nak beli kasot, lagi nak beli wrist watch. Aihhhh. After tried that time piece for 2,3 times, he decided to take it home. He said he wanted to have that hot GUESS collection same with mine. Okey. He got it, the bracelet is plated metal. Nice. Here it is:

I've been refraining myself from shopping perfume since last month and better half knew that I am craving a new bottle of perfume so much, anyhow yesterday, I finally grasped a bottle of perfume *yey*, it’s David Off Cool Water Game EDT. Actually I am searching for EDP but what can do since they only come out with EDT. It worth rm223/100ml. I seized it since better half really-really love the scent compared to others perfume that I choose. A fragrance as intense as a moment of fun. Colorful, luminous and playful. Well, i loike it :) much! ey folks! we bought it 2 bottles actually, one for me and another one for HIS mum, Mama Wan Rohana :) we are sharing the same scent. suke!

After done for that ‘therapy’, we moved out to Pizza Hut. Thanks better half for the bill. Hehehe. Okay! Perfecto shopping for yesterday. :) **biggg Grins**

Then, we fetched mum & ida from HKL since mum discharged from ward yesterday evening. We went home, since mama wanted to picked some of her clothes. Oh ya! Mum will be staying at my Mak Ngah’s house in kajang for this whole week since I am working, Ida have to go back to hometown then mum will be alone at home while I go to office. So we, ida, me and betterhalf decided to send mum to mak ngah’s house, mum absolutely agreed, because she will have ‘teman’ to borak-borak and do sembang-sembang. We arrived at my apartment around 10.30pm. OMG. Sangat-sangat penat. I picked some clothes for mum and better half is already there with mum, we forwarded to Kajang. Cari here. Cari there. Around 1140pm, we found mak ngah’s house. I almost tertidur dalam baby Neo. Really-really tak larat yang amatt. Then after sembang-sembang ngan mak ngah and her daughter, we balik rumah. At that time is already 12.30, sampai ke rumah je dah jam 1.30am. sangat penat.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

pstt.. pstt..

Today late evening, around 7.30pm better-half fetched me at office, have to go back late since got a training for our new product. ING Insurance Bhd will launch a new product this becoming 6th of June so we have to get through the product specs and detail about the product.

Hey folks! We went to pavilion mall again for some therapy. *giggles* we did a lil bit shopping. Better-half bought me a new timepiece *smile*. Finally. Heh heh.

A black-tone chain-link bracelet closes with jewelry clasp, with the red case is MINE already! Heeee. Big-big hooray! Anyhow, he offered me with Titus, but that black- Guess design is more sensuous and more suitable with my ladies-style. Oh sweetheart, thank you so much. I luv it J luv u too! So tonight I can sleep tightly. No more chicken-sleeplike before. *better-half said that* noty u!

After done for my thingy, we forwarded to Ted Baker London’s Boutique since better half decided to grab one of the hottest-light blue color- footwear from Ted Baker for his casual use. Unluckily, his size (UK9) is already out-of-stock, so they have to re-stock the UK9 size from The Gardens for better-half. We left our contact so easier for them to let us know once the thing is ready to be collected.
So hun, have to wait ya. No worries.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

smile with tired face :)

I just tired.
… And stressed. I need a vacation, perhaps =) I can imagine, if I have a vacation to Phuket, rest and relax, pamper myself.
Owh! Owh! *teruja*
I need some therapy *grins*
Owh! Perempuan tidak dapat di pisah kan oleh beli dan belah.

Berkunjung ke mall Pavillion lagi semalam, menemani Faiz untuk sesi beli dan belah di kedai AX. Better-half juge tidak ketinggalan mencOba itu, mencOba ini. Finally, Faiz bought browny-leather-AX belt. Better half bought nothing since we (saya & dia) are still waiting for our salary for this month. Yey! For this month salary, we are absolutely agreed to spend some of it to buy 2 hot thingy for both of us! *melting. melting*

all of AX stuffs are catching their eyes! me too!

me & lil Farah
leggy...leggy..aiyooo! dont look at left-side ya.. :)) *giggles*


Niece told that, operation is already done.
Mum was sent to ICU for some follow-up.

TUHAN, please safe her.

Separuh Hati

Tepat jam 8.30 pagi tadi,
Ibu di sorong ke dewan bedah.
Sempat ku cium dan ku peluk dia buat penambah semangat.

Hanya D O A mengiringi insan kesayangan.
Ya Allah……….
Aku bekerja dalam keadaan ‘separuh hati’……

Monday, May 26, 2008

Life is a game....

Hi Folks!

How’s your weekend? Hurm..mine’s great and.. Errr…full of excitement I thought *smile*.. Since mama Rohana is here with Lil Farah, I spent half of the weekend with them and another half for my dear mum.. :) Ow ya! Mama Rohana is actually better-half’s Mum.

Late evening last Friday, they arrived at LCCT and Faiz fetched both of them. We met-up in Pavillion and had our dinner. After dinner, everyone liked a dead-beat already especially me *grins* I am so sleepy plus tired. Better half drove us home.

Yesterday was a fatigued day for us. We went to Sunway Lagoon since Lil Farah wanted to go there, hello adik….yesterday is not our first visiting to Sunway Lagoon yaa… yesterday is became the 10-th time already… can tak puas-puas mandi kat sana lagi ni… :) and of course without me, she wont go there since nobody will teman her to make sand-castle, to main this, to main that… hurhhh… but I am happy. We were there for almost for 7 hours! Owh. I almost drained after main main dlm air for 7hours…. *giggles*

Ow ya, since mum re-admitted to HKL again by today, I guess my 2-hours-daily-work out will be postpone to another week. *huhu*

Mum will go through the operation by tomorrow. Ya Allah, I beg YOU for her good health. Amin.

Friday, May 23, 2008

canda ria

Ellena: hi adek! Bila sampai KL?
Adik: Flight pukul 5, sapa pukul 6 kot. Jumpa di sana.
Ellena: okeh. Sure. Happy flying (:

Mama Wan Rohana & Adik Farah will be here this evening.
I am happy (:


If you look closely enough, you'll see there's always something to be grateful about. Allah s.w.t will never test you with challenges that you're not capable of handling.

Good luck, Nurul Eliana...

*ishhhhh! I need a new job. *

out of me.

Today is another day that I feel so “blahhhhhhh” (oh! I don’t have the correct word but…yeah…I mean it). I thought I am a strong girl but I’m not. I am tired with all the things happened surrounds me. I hate my work. I hate office. I am worried of Mum’s health and I begged to Allah S.w.t, hope that mum will be fine. I need lots of penny. God, please give me lots of penny!

Better half told that, we can never please everybody & I learned that. People dislike when we're being nice. People dislike when we're being not-so nice. People dislike when we pursue our happiness. People dislike when we pursue happiness for others. Selfish or selfless, they are never enough. We can never satisfy everybody no matter how hard we try. I've learned that we can never really understand how a person feels, even if we've known him or her our whole lives. (What else if we've only known them from far.) I am me and you are you. That's that. There's no way we can say, "I understand how you feel" because we don't. No, not really. So stop. Please stop because it is stupid. I cannot ‘tahan’ anymore I hate all of this & finally, I cried… and better half is always be my compy-shoulder-to cry on.. Thanks for being a good listener. Habes mekap ku comot semalam! Uh. :P

I still remember, an old friend said that: We can't make everyone happy, unless if you have some magical dust or pocket doraemon, then that's a different story… is it true?

I fetched mum from HKL last night around 9pm, pity her because she waited so long until I finished my work, sorry for that mum. After we made our tummy full, I sent her to Along’s house in Sg Besi then I go back to Damansara. Tired yang teramat. Better half went to shah alam last night with his brothers, visited their grandma, who is going to Mecca for ‘Umrah’ tomorrow. I can’t make it together since have to fetch mum.

For mum, I am trying to make you happy as best as I can. I want to be the best daughter to you. I want you to know that I love you so much.
And you are my life. *sob sob* I am prayed and begged Yang Satu to give you the good health.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Lately, I'm just tired of everything that surrounds me.
Until I can find something to perk me up and rejuvenate me, I'll write again......... *sad*

taggy taggy

I was tagged by Ann and below is the 7 facts about me! (:

The rules:
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7 facts bout Ellena:

1. When I was in primary school, I was scared with the sound from ‘blender’, so everytime mum start to blend spices; I will start to run jauh-jauh. *grins* and the surprise is Better-Half oso experienced the same thing in his childhood memories. *big grins*
2. I am Geminian. *smile* and Better-half oso Geminian!
3. i loike cars :) I am Neo-rian! I love speeding while driving!
4.I love to go to swimming pool but the in fact is I can’t swim because: lack of water-self-confidence! Hohoho! I wish I can swimming freely!
5.I am a romantic person! *grins*
6. i am a simple person, who’s love shopping and make-up! Errr.. I love coffee too!!!!!~
7. I am FAT! (: teeee heeeee

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Adore, Love & Desire in Fashion

As per told by aydelyn bout play dress up through virtually, I came across to that website and created my own styles. Below are some of the outfits that I created just now. I luff it so much and this is my style and my desire in fashion *giggles*. Ok fab, can? (:

Work-apparel :)
sexy-tary rite with the vest :) i already have it! Making me look all lady-like and gorgeous even when at work!

go back to the basics. sometimes when we’re feeling a little lazy or down, we just wanna snuggle up in a comfy piece, no?
A pinky simple top with a row of many buttons! simple yet cute! :)

Wear it casual :) nothing too loud in colour.. with flats-on, i can go shopping freely!

Awesome! a bit different from above. simple yet STYLISH! (i love to look stylish every time I dress up *grins*)


holla peeps!

It’s being 5 days already from my last update. Mum’s health is getting good day by day. Alhamdulillah. By yesterday, around 11am she just has done the angiogram for her health problem. Mum’s going to do Angioplasty (a process to open narrowed coronary arteries) end of this month. Doc said the problem occurred since year 2003 and it surprised me! OMG! How can nobody tell us about it?

I had overnight with mum in surgical ward last night. Better-half picked me after he done his work yesterday late evening, we had ‘makan-makan’ at our favorite stall near Pasar Besar TTDI then better-half sent me home. Around 10pm, he picked me up again then sent me to HKL. I can’t sleep well last night, around 4.00am, an old lady, beside mum’s bed just passed away after she done imputation for both of her legs yesterday.

This morning, better half came and picked me up again, we had breakfast in Kg Baru then he sent me to office. Better-half, thank you so much for all you have done. Day by day, I realize that, there’s nobody who can replace you and I am the one who’s feel very lucky for having you in my life. i luff u so!

Mum called just now and told that she might be discharged from ward by today or tomorrow. And I am happy for that. Alhamdullilah.

Saturday, May 17, 2008


yesterday, went to HKL with Ida & mum.
there's no parking lot available, then have to park Baby Neo jauh2 then walked together to Klinik Pakar Bedah Am in HKL. *tired* orang sangat ramai. tunggu 30 minit, then mum di panggil masuk. yes, there was Dr Haniff, the Doc in-charge for mum. he likes to say "oh! tak jauh" for that, "oh! tak jauh" for this. *hurm*
i asked detail for mum's problem and he explained from A to Z.
he told that mum MUST be warded a few days for them to do citi-scan and some check-up.
mum has been warded to Surgical Ward in level 3.
around 2pm mum did Citi Scan. around 5pm, Doc said, mum can be discharge from hospital. mum's happy. :) but mum will be admitted again on this Monday for Endoscope on this becoming Tuesday. well, I'll be here again. oh! i really-really don't like 'hospital'. *sigh*

then in late evening, we went to Sogo for some "therapy". *grin*
i bought a pair of 3inch stiletto for my office-daily-use. it was in black plus gold color. i loved it so much! In fact, i love stilettos for my work apparel, stiletto is more comfy than sandals. even it is in 3inch, i can walk confidently. i am finding a pair of Wedges but tiada yang menarik.

for dinner, better half bring Mum, Ida and me to Satay Kajang Haji Samuri, he knows that mum likes satay kajang. around 11.30pm, better half sent us home. better half, thanks for the treat. :)

Thursday, May 15, 2008

mum & him

My life is unsmooth.
12 days more then I’ll get May’s salary. Oh! i am suffering!
I need some money to do this and that, to buy that and this. Oh! I can’t stop myself from shop and shop. In reality, shopping is the best therapy isn’t it? Heeee.
Mum will be here by tomorrow morning.
I took 1 day compassionate leave for me to bring & accompany her to seek for the doctor in HKL.

This morning, while having breakfast at mamak stall, better half asked me “syg, nak apa birthday nnti?” I said “apa-apa lah” and smiled. Then I continued “jam Guess yg tgk kat Tangs haritu?” I smiled. “B, beg Paris Hilton pon chantek kan?” I gave him a big grin: D
He replied “later, we decide okeh?” I smiled in mute.
Well, he knows me well! :)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

No Electricity

How my office looks like when there is no Electricity :)
i loike!

see.. everyone enjoy the blackout. heee :)
my happy 'com' since she can took rest for a while :)
kekecohan when it was suddenly blackout :)
in fact, we're happy. :)

Eifa with her 'gedik-ness'

my screen is blank and it's hOOray :)
Opps! hope my bos will not read my blog :P

OMG! it's 'alive' back. i've to continue my work. :(


Mum is not in a good condition.
She will be admitted to HKL this Friday.
I am sad
I am worried
All that can be done is D O A

Monday, May 12, 2008

Personal Make-up Class

Hi buddy! Are you looking for Personal Make-up Class?
Yeah, most of us didn’t know how to put the eye-shadow and mixed-up it correctly, know ‘zero’ how to do shading, how to put lipstick, how to blush your cheek and so on... ow ya, did u know how to apply mascara without jumbled? Ngeee =)

here it goes:

Wardrobe Clearance

Recently I am thinking about to sell most of my items that already purchased but I didn’t wear or use it, the item that I used but I don’t want it anymore.

I have lots of things in collection but most of them, I didn’t wear it. Some items, I just wore them for twice or several times only. I have a few pieces of designer’s shirt (hard to get it, but what to do?) that can’t fit on me anymore (yes!! I noticed that, I am EXPANDING) aissshhhh!!! Uh!

At first I was thinking to throw it away or just keep it in my closet until the things di makan ‘anai-anai’ . eheh. But..rugi kan kalau buang… herm… why not I just try to sell them online. Perhaps, there are maybe some peoples who have the interest to buy it …. So, I start to downloading some pictures and upload to a new-shopping-2nd hand items-blog ... :-)

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to my beloved mum, Rokiah Ibrahim.
You have the strongest, quietest and the most caring influence on me. Ma, you give us (all your daughters) roots and wings and you are always there to listen. Thank you so much for being a nicest mum in this world. and i love you so!
and to Mama Wan Rohana, trillion of warm-thanks from me :) you have touched my heart and i want you to know that you are very dear to me.

i admit that there's nothing as powerful as mum's LOVE!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Cinta U-Turn

Last week, Fuad, Faiz, Issey, Yani and I watched Cinta U-turn at KLCC’s Cinema after we had a “BBQ Party” in Rawang. We decided to watch this movie since there’s wasn't anything else good to catch, Faiz & Issey did the online-booking then Fuad & I came and collected the tickets. In fact, we do love comedy+romance movie. :)

The movie was good lah…… :D it was about Faiz, is pressured to marry Juliana the daughter of his father's best friend. Upon receiving a picture of Juliana, Faiz was displeased and decided to runaway. Unbeknown to him, the picture he received was not Juliana's picture. He ended up working in a car repair shop and befriended Hafiz. There, Faiz met Juliana and fell in love. Things got complicated when Datuk Jamal met Hafiz and mistakenly assumed him as his future son in law. With all that is happening Faiz begs that Hafiz continues on this charade. At the end, their true identities revealed. Starring by Awie, Fasha Sandha, Mazlan Pet Pet, Abu Bakar Omar and Jalaluddin Hassan. The comedy was so hA! Ha!~, really funny. It was humorous.

I guess if you're a fan of romantic comedies, this wouldn't be too bad. Besides, Fasha Sandha and Mazlan Pet Pet in a romantic comedy are always entertaining. It's just not one of those movies you just MUST watch and would even catch it at any of cinemas and absolutely Cathay Cineplex at Cineleisure Damansara is my first-choice-cinema!! I totally love Cathay Cineplex rather than others!

I give the movie 4/5 :) heeee.

Perfume Warehouse Sale !!

Hello gorgeous folks!

Please make yourself a reminder. There does will be a Perfume Warehouse Sale and the discounts will be up to 70%! Its sounds great, huh? Hehe. The prices is from rm 5 and onwards. Product offered is branded perfume, cosmetics plus hair products. It will be held at Caliber Hotel, around Cheras Commerial Centre at Taman Cheras. So girls, do make yourself available and do grabs as much as u can!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

I am getting fat?

I am getting fat, yes I noticed that. With height is 160cm only (hey, I am not too short!) and my weight is 60++ kilos, some more my round & big face, made me looks plump and fat!! Ngeeee :) . I want to slim down fast but it is not a best way by taking diet pills and fad diets because it can be dangerous to me. Hurm. I am still finding the best solution how to reduce my weight healthily but rapidly. Ngeeeee. :)

Currently, I follow a few simple steps which I believe it will work on me:
1. i cut- out & reduce a few foods. I reduce my intake of high-fat, high-calorie foods and I am sure, I will lose weight faster. I tried to find other alternatives for my foods that I have taken, example reduce the amount of mayonnaise that I put in my daily-taken sandwiches. Frankly speaking, I am trying to eat healthy in most meals. I try to replace meats in my diet with chicken and fish, both are very low in fat.
2. Fasting.
3. I do take breakfast. Fact is eating a healthy breakfast can increases our rest metabolic rate earlier in the day, and reduces snacking before lunch. I do love snacking before, but I’ve pushed myself not to take snack before lunch time. I stop off from taking ‘the-tarik’ during my daily tea time. uhuhu!
4. I am shopping when I am not hungry! :)
5. I am trying to stop-off taking fast food and order pizza.
6. I am avoiding temptations like chocolate, ice cream, and cookies.
7. Drink plenty of water. Remember, the more we exercise, the more water we’ll need.
8. Exercise. Remember, we can lose weight either by decreasing our calorie intake or increasing the number of calories we burn. Any health strategy should include both, but if we want to lose weight fast, exercise is essential. Let’s do more exercise.
9. Aerobic. I am trying to get at least 30-40 minutes of aerobic exercise at least three or four days per week at gym. I do love gym. I love to spend more on the treadmills.

Be confident! I need to believe with myself. I have to encourage myself to achieve the goal that I have set!

love letter.

Love can be expressed in many ways and many methods. One of the methods is by write a love letter, herm, it sounds traditional isn’t it? But I love it. :) Who cares? :)
Dear Fuad Sayang,

Thank you so much for coming into my life and showing me that there are still good men in the world. Thank you for being so caring and sweet. Thank you for being so just so wonderful in every way. Thank you for letting me loves you like I do. Thank you for always being sincere. Thank you for being you. Even though so many “thank you”, I appreciate for every moment, the time that you spend for me. I knew from the day we met, that you were meant for me. B, you know, how happy I am when I am with you - you make me who I am. I thank Allah everyday for leading us to each other. You complete me. I think back to how empty my life was without you, and I am so grateful that you are here. B, I can't wait to spend our new chapter of our life, forever with you.

I love you Fuad, with everything I am..

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

i am the junk sale hunter!

On last Saturday, better half and i went to the Zara Warehouse Clearance in Hotel Corus, we arrived there around 5pm, so many shoppers there.. i left my handbag outside of the ballroom and stepped in the crowd of shoppers! OMG! My eyes terus bling-bling when saw all the hot stuffs hanging here and there.. hehe. After jalan-jalan and pusing-pusing for almost an hour, i grabbed two hot pieces from ZARA coloured bright orange (I didn’t have any pieces in orange colour) and old green with key-printed on that(it’s cute). i love these two pieces! No pic yet! It will be uploaded soon. :)

That’s all for this shop. I’m hunting for the next shop! i am the junk sale hunter!

Friday, May 02, 2008

Zara Warehouse Clearance

Irresistible savings on apparels & accessories, so gals, don’t wait anymore, do grabs lot & lot hot stuffs from this warehouse sale. It will be held at Crystal Ballroom (Level 1) in Corus Hotel on 1 to 4 May 2008. It will be beginning as early at 10am till 7pm. Brands Offered: Zara, Massimo Dutti, Pull and Bear, Ted Baker London. So, make sure both of your hands is full with paper bag ya!! J

Happy shopping! #!

Tea-time, J.CO Donuts

The famous J.CO Donuts just opened their first franchise in Malaysia at Pavilion, perfect. Last Monday, all the officemates and I decided to go there after office hours and make a first try. We ordered 2 dozens of variety flavors for. Individual donut goes for RM 2.00 to RM 2.30, but the more you order, the cheaper it gets. A big box of 2 dozen donuts would be less than RM 30 instead of the expected RM 48. Pretty interesting pricing scheme I’d say, sort of like an evil plot to make you fat... he he the donuts were sweet, and to be fair, pretty good. The fillings were generous, and the dough very soft and airy, it’s YUMMYLICIOUS!! , they have a very nice bite to it and do not fill up the stomach too quickly. My favorite would be the original glazed donut. i also ordered Cool drinks- CafĂ© Latte, its nice and not too sweet.
My first trip to J.Co Donuts made me craved for their donuts every now and then. They are simply addictive and irresistible, almost.
hello, i'm hungry for more..... :)
my cafe Latte, erm..... yummy!
i love the white one, white choc plus almond!!
they're seems to be enjoying their snack.
*Munch munch munch*
they're enjoying the tea-time!
a dozen sweetness that go straight to your waist line#

our iron Lady & Kah Seng.
Vallen, Carol & Sherina
Krishna & Safina are enjoying their donuts!
me & Kah Seng

Try it :)