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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

today was like...

almost 6 days, no new updates here :)
so it has been a busy weekend.
as a routine, today went to office early in the morning..had a glass of hot Milo as my breakfast.

today was like...erghhhhh~!
sakit perut plus sakit pinggang and also got one ulcer in my mouth made my day worse.

ow ya.
on a much important note, 8 days left & i will balik kampung. :)
i'm counting the day to meet mama & Fuad..u r also counting kan sayang? :) this morning i received sms from him said 'Syg, 8 hr lg!' how sweet.. :)
Yes!.8 days left & we'll meet up soon,okeyh? missed u so much.

new updates:
  • cuti raya already submitted & i'm waiting for the approval to be approved soon :)
  • Kak Un already cancelled the house at flora Damansara :) yey!
  • i already applied for a new position in ACG team which will be based in Kelana Jaya.
  • My quiet and shy mindset motivates me to keep my days u grow up these things will bring u great suffering.together with patience and can turn into a portion that make u move on.tammo lagi risau akan hal2 yang tak sepatutnya dirisaukan...... :)
  • happy belated birthday buat Is. sorry yer terlambat.. :) 19th July kan? may u'll be blessed.
  • Im gaining weight!! :(
  • and to Fuad, I love you more than you'll ever know!

till then.

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