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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I’ll remember, then forget, then remember again...

so many days without new update :)
lots of 'cerita' happened.
lots of big laugh with my Fuad while talked bout relationship & oso friendship.
I have learnt to appreciate a friend :)

i 'expanded' =p
so i started concentrating on my fitness regime & making sure i ate right & making time for exercise :D heee..eating right is the priority actually and LOADS of water! is it? :)
I used to complain about being 'fatty' but I’ve learnt to accept how my body is built, I am still the same Ellena!

i needed BREAK!:)
Insyaallah.tommorow, i'll have my 8hours sleep in Transnasional's bus.
Fuad will pick me up the next morning & i confess that i missed him so much....much more than words can say :)
ow ya! the fasting month is kicking off :) so i have to 'ganti puasa' more lewat2 lagi.

there’s just so much more to learn about the world that we live in, people to love and learn more about, things to see and explore, and less fortunate people to care for.. :)

till then. Bye.
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