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Wednesday, April 30, 2008



i noticed that cupcakes have became a huge crazy nowadays.everyone just can’t get enough of this sweet goodness.. aite? :) i also the big fan of the cupcakes! Cupcake chefs are even opening up stalls at The Curve to sell their cupcakes.

So, why do people love cupcakes so much?

1. Can we spell C-U-T-E How can you not love the small little things with sweet frosting on it? The prettier it is, the more “oohs and aaahhs” you get from people.
2. Yummylicious combination Icing (or frosting) + cake = yummy! My mouth just waters when I think about cupcakes.
3. Un-Domestic Goddesses can bake too. Cupcakes are very easy to bake as it is small and you do not have to worry about whether or not the insides have baked.
4. The Variety of flavours!Cupcakes are not about butter cakes and icing only.

If you really don’t want to bake, you can always visit bakery shops to purchase your lovely cupcakes..!

happy buying! =)

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cOOllienius_caroline said...

tgk cupcakes mcm nak pi the curve je lepas nie...lapo..lapo..lapo...