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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Wonderful Celebration

Definitely I wrote this not to fly my own kite but to engrave the memories so that my husband and I can read and fall down laughing about it when we get older.

Alhamdulillah, husband and I managed to rejoice our 2nd anniversary a few weeks ago. Like other couple, we did have our typical celebration. We wished each other a happy anniversary and exchanged gift. Thank you so much for the present , no amount of presents could replace your love, respect, and forgiveness...

He did a pleasant surprise for me indeed when he gave me red roses with chocolate after fetched me from office, he unexpectedly stopped the car and claimed that he wanted to change his shoes, I stayed in the car while waiting for him, suddenly he hand over red roses. I was like wordless but like it so much. Thank you, husband.

I endow him with his much-loved cheese cake;

anddddd on a wonderful evening; we had a fine dinner at a nice restaurant, Bora Asmara.

The band played for us a few amorous love songs and Qaseh had hers too.

The best place ever and I totally immersed in ‘Bali’ exactly. We were greeted by beautiful Bali scenery.

Thank you so much, husband as you did a correct option.

I am grateful beyond words for each day we are together.. I love you so much, from bottom of my heart :)

Some pictures taken before the celebration...


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