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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The big move from one to two

Hi little diary, I definitely missed blogging but also feel a little disconnected since my last entry. I am slowly cathing up from being away from my blog.

On 31.01.2013, we’ve expanded our house by another ‘two feet’, the birth of our handsome baby boy; Qaleef Emran weighed 8.84 lbs (4.01 kg) in the afternoon. There is a new branch on the family tree other than Qaseh Edora, our first child. A new year 2013 is a new beginning for us with our second child, syukur Alhamdulillah he arrived safely and warmly..

Welcoming a new sibling was not easy, the transition from one child to two was quite hard-hitting … Jealousy, tantrums and strife proved that welcoming the second baby brought the impact to Qaseh. On the early days when we (baby & I) were home, she showed her conflicting emotions for the baby. She loved to draw our attention at most time mainly when the baby’s mood is cranky, and Daddy and I were soothing the baby. Yes, I know regression and jealousy is very common but it’s easier said than done, end up, mummy jadi panik and I felt like Qaseh tried to stay away from me :’( 

The best thing that I did was spent MORE one-on-one time with her, during feeding and playing time. Save for a few extra tantrums she was so much better than we expected. Alhamdulillah, it is only a matter of time.. Sekarang Qaseh dah okay sangat dengan baby. Everynight she will lend her hands by ushering little baby to bedroom and she is mostly helpful.  The best moment is when the little baby is given hugs and kisses from his big sister..

Having this second baby undeniably alter my daily life hence I have to put down my daily routine, at least for the first few months. Full hands and super hectic yet having a sweet small baby (again!!) is truly awesome! Besides from the whole not sleeping at night part, of course. ;)   It’s so hard to put that feeling into words… and I know the hard times will pass and that they'll grow so fast. I love being a mother of two.
Two is an adjustment and one day it will just click..... ;)

Till then…
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