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Sunday, April 15, 2007

6:26 PM 15/04/2007

a few days tak jot down sumting here since balek kg.
finally, i got dat 'baby' baru..
on 12 of april bertolak ke Kl wif Dzihni..
thanks a lot dear..da banyak menolong ..
fuad dzihni, i had a greatest tyme wif u.
took some pictures together & jalan2 together.
i'm so unhappy everytyme have to send u at Putra.. ;( the first thing is nanges.
unhappy everytyme lihat 'dia' naek bus.huhuh ;( thats mean, we have to be apart again...berjauhan lg...unable to bekfast sama2, watchin movie, dinner wif him & jenjalan wif him..till the next tyme, i do mish u

: to Dzihni, i u so.
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