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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

sgt kebosanan ;(

12:26 PM 24/04/2007

sgt buhsan.
harini dok sebelah Emon.huerm.
cant wait to meet Dzihni on thursday morning.really really cant wait. ;)

today is my 2nd day kt rumah sewa..
everything's is occay except for dat gurl *huh*.. sgt poyo!! even sume org cakap baek2 ngan die, die still dgn 'kepoyoan ' die tuh.. konon2 die bagus la.adeyyy.x padan ngan umo dah tua, still nk gado2 ngan kak Un..wth~
my roomies are Kak Un & fasihah a.k.a Kak Nor.1st nite titon situh, adey sakeyt belakang since x de have to tido kat lantai, beralaskn tikar +toto.. i decided nk beli katel coz sgt tdk selesa nk baring kat lantai..even kak nor pon tido ats lantai gak ;)

today, dtg ofis & feeling not very flu & bdn sedikit panas. bile bdn da x sehat, mule la nk sedey2 ;( hohoh.. wif milo panas, me start keje.... ;( hohohoh.maybe kerinduan pd Dzihni =)

~hey b!! (if u read dis) cpt2 dtg snie, kite demam sbb windu kamo. ;) hee hee. really really cant wait nk jemput b Khames nnti..dun forget to bring dat digicam yeah.. =) wanna take lotsss of pics wif u..

hurm, semalam baby Neo got dbkl's saman.adeyyy! salah me ke?hahah.da parking takde so me terpaksa parking kt tpt yg x de lot parking & akibatnye, baby Neo dpt surat chenta... ;) hee hee.. shian die... bile nengok ade terselit 1 white paper last nite kt wiper baby neo... ;) it was my mistake la shayang.. ;)

i need to stay in the loop, & right now the only way that i can make that happen is by making sure that my true feelings are known..hohoh
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