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Saturday, June 16, 2007

shopaholics no more Ellena!! ;)

Mowning Liana!!
aihhhh...bangun lwtt lgik..Hee heee.afta received 3 messages from Fuad, i opened dis eyes.. ;) terpisat2!~ ekekeke.yippiee! today is Saturday ;) & today is my oFF day to0~ yey!! *while i'm pressing this key & doing this blog, Fuad already asked me to go to mandi first juz now & i'm guessing, he's waitin for my sms..hee hee ;) tuit!! my mood already come lah for mandi..ecece.mandi pown need mood ka?..ceh!*
away for mandi .....
hadeyh..kak zura told that MEGA SALES bermula suda starting by today!!!! gosh!!~ ;( & kak Zura's mumbling "time-time duet gaji dah nak habes nie la baru nk start SALES." huwaaa! da name pompuan kan.....mate neyh akan terkebil2 bile nengok sales. ;) hee hee..da taww sgt da.. & me pown x terkecuali..hee is 16th already....adusshhh...almost more than 2 weeks br dpt next salary...& i gueessed, this month salary will be 'sikit'..sgt sikit...since this month already on leave for 10 days!~ 10 DAYS! hee hee ;) shopaholics no more Ellena!! ;) takper la...nnti2 la shupping... ;) asek nk shUpping jerk..kopaks duweett.. ;) tummy dah start menyanyi....hadeyy...
had 'nasi bungkus' from pasar TTDI for my lunch ;) & it made my tummy haPpy!~bUrppp!#

i complained bOut my weight but i'm still eatin non-stop..huaHua. ;)
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