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Friday, November 30, 2007

sending mama at KJ for HAJJ

11/26/2007: Fuad & me, went to Kompleks Tabung Haji Kelana Jaya since mama, pak muda & also Mak muda already there around 10pm. we bought 3 boxes of fried rice at Kelana Park View plus had our dinner there. almost a month i didnt meet mama & it made the night is a gloomy night..Perkenal kan Fuad to pak Muda & mak muda & seems like he can get along with them, it was so adorable.. =) yeahhh! Pak muda is a friendly person likes i said before, sayang ... =) Ok, once we were there, i could saw pak muda without Mama & mak Muda..then i saw mama & mak muda, i smiled =) yes! i saw her, my beloved mama & only Allah who knows that i missed her so much... =) when she looked up at me, she cried & gave me a warmth hug, (Ma,i cant tell u how much i love u)..oso mak muda, gave me a hug plus kisses.we chatted and laughter...we sent mama to her room & left her there since she's getting tired & must have full rest since the next day she'll have a long journey to Mecca....before we left, i told her that we will come back the next morning & will have the breakfast togetha... we left for home.......ZZzZZZzzz...

11/27/2007: around 7am this morning, we was there again, at Kompleks Tabung Haji Kelana Jaya =) i called her up & asked her to wait us at the lobby.we brought mama, mak muda & also pak muda had breakfast at the nearest stall there....after having some delicious foods & made our tummy full, we chatted again...talked bout this & that.... Around 11 am, mama will be departured to Mecca. The 'jemaah' will be brought to KLIA first by LHT's (Lembaga Tabung Haji) busses, then the flight will be departured at 2.30pm from KLIA..i was so damn sad.... Mak muda came to me & hugged me!! so long....she whispered to me, asked me to pray for them, pray for their health, pray for their kesenangan to do all the 'ibadah'... i just cried....cried...and cried again..... i just said 'pls take a good care of mama.......pls take a good care of mama....' i was clueless...dont know what to tell more....... Then mama came to me, hugged me......yeah...she cried...from her puffy eyes, i can see that she's strong enough to do the Hajj..InsyaAllah, hopefully, all of u will get 'Haji Mabrur'...Insyaallah.... Slowly, she kissed me & walked to them... Good Bye, Ma... till meet u again on the next 15th January 2008...Insyaallah....u'll be missed, ma... ;(
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