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Friday, November 30, 2007


  • Fuad is here!! yey! Alhamdulillah. it was wonderful to know that he will spend most the time with me here...means that, no more LDR aka Long Distance Relationship.. wohooAAAaaa! i'm the one who was so happy....happy... & happy again.... =) muacks! sayang kamo lebeyh, comel.
  • i'll move to new house since the current one will be closed by the end of this Dec.... =) it's hard to move all the things...gosh! but it's occay since Fuad will give me a hand....aite, hunney? =) hee heeeee
  • by next monday, 3rd Dec, i'll start my new work, new job task, new colleagues, new office, new environment, new cafeteria & oso new pantry.... =) & i'm sure that it will be more challenging to me... =) chayoookkKKk~! & all of my old colleagues will be missed!!! ;(

i'm so stressed out! lots of stuff to do ... hohohoho ;(

We need to believe that
everything happens for
a reason,
that random misfortunes
don't just befall those
who don't deserve it,
and have faith that
things will eventually
get better for the ones
you love,
eventhough their lives
will have turned out

hold on hope,

i miss mama.. ;(

i miss my sayangs (Leen, eja, cik mah, umi, ani, akie & mira) + miss Ann [nurehan]

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