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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I'm suffering........

I’ve been coughing for almost 2 weeks and I really, really suffered with this… Ya Allah.. Only God knows how I suffered with this.. I can’t sleep at night. My throat often feels dry and sore during cold..
I have seen two doctors before and their medication did not cure me.. I have also been drinking more warm water (holding a tumbler with me at work) all day, avoiding all fruits and fruit juices (I have been told by Doctor that I have to stop from eating any fruits to put off from serious coughing), I’m avoiding fried & spicy foods, my office mates told that I have to stop from eating chicken and meat… (err.. betol ke… ?), I’m taking lozenge almost every hour to reduce this thing but it didn’t get me done at all. Hurghh…… =(

My coughing became serious and I know it might affects my lungs and causes asthma… Nauzubillah… mintak-mintak di jauh kan… Amen..
Tonight, I’m going to seek for Dr Halim again, and will ask him to refer me to any specialist.. Ampang Puteri, perhaps. InsyaAllah….
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