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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My Presumption

My presumption is the title for this blog should be changed to The Hectic, Tiring and Eventful Life of Ellena. Am I correct? *sigh*

My life is so busy that I feel like I’m getting nothing accomplished, my to do list only gets longer and longer. yerrr…..that’s my life. I’ve got so many things I enjoy that are not getting much time right now. It’s a never ending process. So what is there to do? I don’t know really, but I’m going to try to create myself a to-do list for the hours ahead of the work day, do what I can throughout the time fixed for different tasks, and make myself halt on the task that has been scheduled knowing that I have a time set aside to work on whatever is trying to turn me away.

Will this work, people?

I don’t know..

But I’m hoping that those will help a lot. Hurrghh.
Now what to do about the regular tiredness, I don’t know. I’m dense…

i'm getting fat.

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