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Friday, February 06, 2009

I Haven't Been on Hiatus

Apologize for the span of time for this blog. Better-half keep recap me to update this blog sphere and I, myself too noticed that I have not made any update on this blog for quite sometime..few days.. :)
A bunch of bits and pieces have ‘disappeared’ from the time when I last posted together with a 2 days trip to beach-holiday (that was so remarkable), a 4 days voyage to hometown, and a tonne of work, my hectic days. Believe or not, I’m fully occupied when at work. Hurhhh. Essentially, I'd love to blog daily, but my daily job doesn’t allow me to do so). uhuk-uhuk. Even if, everyday I come across something I want to share here - somehow I just end up not having the time any longer. These days, I usually sleep late and I wake up early. Tapi, okay what, because I still do have time to do blog hopping. ;)

Yesterday, I was scheduled to attend a job interview at X company which I looking forward to. It’s great news to hear, however, due to certain circumstances, I’ve postponed it to next week, perhaps on Wednesday/Thursday. Hurm……I’m looking for a new job and it’s reasonable. Of course, my first intend is great pay, plus I wanna find a challenging job. I did some study about that public-listed company before sit for this becoming interview, and I wish to endeavor it at my best level. InsyaAllah.

We, better half, faiz and me, are going back to hometown tonight and it’s unplanned. Baby Neo didn’t chase us. *sob sob* I’ve called Mama just now, and she sounds happy with this. I do miss her a lot.

Oh! Better half is on his way to fetch me; I need to go. Daa.
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