My Devotees

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Place: The Coffee Bean, The Curve.
Time: 10.00 pm

Hi guys! To those friends yg always pay ur visit to this dusty blog,thousand appologise... The main..and the only reason why this lovely blogspehere was not updated because it was blocked by my company..thus,I do not have enough time to google it from home. Seriously, damn tired once reach home. Only God & better half too, know how much i missed to 'coret2' here.. Uhuhu. So, tonight we manage to lock our bump kt coffee bean internet, not with lappy but with hp. Alhamdulillah,akhirnye berupdate jgk blog ni. .
So far, everythings are okay & run smoothly...
To all fellow readers,i miss u all especially my darling2 & kak ann..End.
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