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Sunday, April 05, 2009

A rainy day

it's raining.. I love the smell..i'm alone in this small room.
Bau 'teddy's dream' memenuhi segenap inci bilik.
Yesterday,spent half of the day with Mama. Mama, better-half & I had our lunch together at Sunway Pyramid,the we rushed to Subang Airport.. Almost 2 weeks mama was here,spent her free time with us, her anak-anak.. Then, better- half & I headed to OU, after we spent almost 8hours there, we went to Teh Tarik Place, one of my favourite place in The Curve & met Better half's friend.. Tired.. Sgt penat..but sgt puas hati.. Reached home at 12 midnight..

To Leen, happy belated birthday, dear. Aku tahu, its too late, so sorry...yes, better late than never. :( moga panjang umur, murah rzeki & cpt kahwen,okay? Many happy return. Luv all my sayangs & i missed all those memories during my study in Uniten. May GOD bless all of u.

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