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Saturday, July 17, 2010

And.. it is a big announcement.

Dear sluggish blog,
Apologize for the span of time for this blog. Since March, there was no any update on this blog... it has been so lighter than usual...  

Many things are happening at once.we managed to have our honeymoon about less than 3  months ago..  

Andddd currently i am 13 weeks pregnant.. Alhamdulillah....syukur sangat. 
walaupun, it is all new for me but i really happy being pregnant.. of course, better-half is the one who is really over-happy with this good news..
Alhamdulillah...masa 1st trimester, i was not battling dengan morning sickness yang teruk,just minor ailments.. there was only super sleepiness,asyik nak baring then asyik nak tidur jer... super duper malas..even nk pegang penyapu pun malas.. so bad. :) syukur, better-half sangat-sangat memahami..better-half does really help me much around the house.. 
currently, I am not being able to sleep on my belly, sometimes pains in my back ribs.. bila entering to 2nd trimester of pregnancy ni, i noticed yang suka sangat makan pedas..kalau order nasi goreng kampung, msti nak pedas, padahal before this, i always refused to eat all spicy-spicy foods..heheheh.. but not now, asyik nak pedas je...mee goreng, mesti extra pedas.. makan apa-apa, msti nak cili weird.. huhuhu...pernah one time tu, sebab pedas sangat, terpaksa tukar dengan better-half's meal.. heheh.sian hubby...

Bulan lepas, better-half and I managed to have our first check-up & scan at Hosp Pantai Bangsar with my obstetrician, Dr Idris.. bila saat obstetrician tunjukan my  living-breathing fetus on the screen...i felt a strangest feeling and feel amazed... Better-half looked at the screen & looked at me smilingly with amazement. Better-half almost breaks into tears! :)  Masya Allah, I can tell you it was so overwhelming, to finally comprehend that you have a living being inside you! ALLAH s.w.t is just great!  
InsyaAllah, moga kandungan ni selamat hingga tiba saat kelahirannya nanti...

till then..
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