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Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Letter.

Apologies because I was put my diary blog into hiatus for a very long time. Finally after a year, i managed to compose a new post today.

Many things happened at once. I have been married to my husband almost 2 years ago and I got pregnant 6 months later and I absolutely cherished every moment of the pregnancy. Then 5 months back we have welcomed our first, healthy baby girl, Qaseh Edora. She has been delivered at Hospital Pusrawi Kota Damansara @ 3.8kg. Our life certainly changes with the arrival of the baby. Our look at the world is in a different way – and even that sensitivity changes over time. Our first few weeks are tough; a good amazing beautiful tough, between no sleep and finding our routine. As far as it is changing me, it completely changed my sense of priorities, and now I think about responsibility towards my family first and fun second. Sometimes, I noticed my life really is not mine anymore. Qaseh changes our life so dramatically because we are no longer live for ourselves.  But Alhamdulillah, we still managed to go out to dinner, hung out with the same close friends and made a small party at home. Our life is about be flipped upside down but, quickly, things will fall into their place and we realized that our baby who was turn over our world upside down made it the way it’s supposed to be… I love you so much, Qaseh [and daddy too ;) ] I can’t wait to see her progress when she will crawl on the floor and utters her first word, or says ‘Mommy’ or mama or dada… everyday I love to find out how Qaseh learns and grows. Currently, she managed to transfers objects from hand to hand and the one that she loves to do is explores with her hands and mouth :)

Sept 2010.
Many people were not known that we have been involved in a major, unexpected road accident by last year, middle of September, when I was 4months-pregnant.  Personally, I can’t forget the moment when we had met in that bad accident. It is not easy to get rid of all those traumatic experience. "Why us?" keep rising and falling in my mind almost every minutes, as well as flash backs to the event that led up to the car crash. No one can’t feel how difficult to be patch up emotionally and regain the confidence to drive a car again. I need to overcome the fear of driving after that major car accident which was dramatically changed my life. Alhamdulillah, we are emotionally recovered currently and yes I will be stay away from talking about that road accident with others because it is not easy and painful to be told. For my husband, I will forever be thankful to Allah for gifting me with you. You are not just my husband, you are my best friend. I know I can always count on you. I love you so much. 
As a tribute, I would like to say thank you to all of our beloved family members and some good friends [Ira & Ewan, Yani & Paeh] who are always with us during our hard times, lend your hands to us, tak putus-putus hulurkan bantuan. Terima kasih juga pada semua yang meluangkan masa melawat kami di hospital dan dirumah .We are grateful to receive such kindness and empathy from all of you. Their supports were like music to our ears and warmed our heart. I can only say fine friends are few.. It has meant a lot to us when we were able to share with each of you about our pain and suffering. Thank you…..
I have changed my career recently and I believe I have to make a best effort to adapt with this new culture. Buruk atau baik, all changes require some sort of action. I must get used to it. InsyaAllah.. semoga Allah permudahkan segalanya. For this time being, syukur sangat since better-half managed to send and pick me up…
Hopefully I am able to update this blogosphere from time to time as what I love to do- writing blog.

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