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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Patiently awaiting.

Dear diary,

During these months of wedding planning and getting things ready,
I’m thinking about making my big day simple yet perfect and at the same time, better-half and I also planning the changeover to a married life, it can’t be deny.
We’re planned to find a ‘nest’ to be rented, shyly after Hari Raya Puasa. Most probably, it’ll be somewhere around Ampang or Pandan Indah. Precisely, in the center of KL. bukan tak nak tinggal kat Damansara lagi, but… jauh sangatt dengan tempat kerja…..
We preferred more on terrace house compared with apartment. Why? senang nk cuci kereta, moi boyfriend kata… ya, you’re right, dear. heee heee. Later, tak ada excuse kalau rim baby neo saya tak berkilat ya. =P

Essentially, 4 months to go before the big day. Most of the items in our to-do list have not been strike out yet, there’s still 70% pending. Wedding invitation card? Tak design lagi. Door gift? belum jumpa lagi. Oh yeah, kursus kahwin belum attend lagi. Barang-barang for hantaran, belum habis beli lagi. Probably Pusat Kursus Perkahwinan Bandar Damansara will be our choice. When? During ramadhan, perhaps.

We chose better-half’s close-friend, Azri as our official photographer & he will shoot our most memorable day nanti, and for bridal make-up, I’ve booked make-up artist, Auntie Norlida, to do the putting of the suitable make ups on my face.

We’re looking for a nice wedding invitation card. All I want is just a simple, presentable but elegant kind of wedding invitations. Hurmm… A simple but nice would be right with me…

Personally, there were so many emotions mixed up at this moment. So many things lingering in my mind… I know I am getting anxious of everything whether my big day will turn out fine. i keep remind myself that i need to reside with my budget since there are still many things we have to chew over right after the wedding. Better-half always said, "Sayang, we will work things out together so there’s no reason to get so stressed & anxious about this preparation". I am just so fortunate that I always have his support; I have his hand tapping on my shoulder saying "everything will be alright, don't worries too much....".

Owh ya. We planned to have our pre-wedding photography before our big day. Photographer? We have not decided yet… Tak tahu nak pilih sapa……… sabau je la….

Oh diary…
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