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Friday, November 06, 2009

Down In the Dumps.

I was at Klana Resort Seremban for two days, 31st October & 1st November 2009 for Winning Performance Culture Team Engagement.

I managed to accomplish most of outdoor activities. Though it’s not easy to overcome fear of height but at least, I managed to climb 12 feet wall with full support & assistance from all of the superb team members. Bravo, Ellena.

When I came back to work on Monday morning, one of my office mate give me out a question “best tak pi team building?”

Honestly, it’s just so-so. It was unremarkable moment for me. I noticed, all the colleagues are still feeling the “heat” & “fire” of it, but not me. When I stepped into office on Monday’s morning, they did a very out, loud-mouthed war-cry, but I silently, wordlessly sit at my place with unpleasant, nasty smile and down face.

Straight from my shoulder, it was moderately good for ME. I was not really motivated. What have caused it happened? Personally, something is bothering my mind since a week ago which I was not supposed to amass that “thing” with me all through team engagement days.

Too bad, this weedy Ellena let this sticky situation winning her mind throughout those days. I was not okay at all and I knew all colleagues noticed about this gloomy girl. I gave bad smiles to others. I refused to do few things. I let myself single-handedly and toddle around the resort unaccompanied.

And to my Transformers team members:

Sorry for ‘saying no’ for a number of activities & thank you for those who had replaced me.

Sorry for being unhappy and sluggish team member.

Sorry for being jaded.

Sorry for the all unpleasant smiles.

Fortunately, on the Halloween night, my mood was back to normal. We performed a drama and surprisingly we won the second place.

That night, we danced, we sang songs together and enough said I really-really get pleasure from that moment. I had a good time with my colleagues.

Thank you to my better-half who made an effort to wake up in early morning, without having mealtime together and drove me to Seremban, dissimilar with others who were taking bas to reach there. Heart you, so much.


I’m still jaded till this moment….

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