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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Hello Weekend.

Hola diary. Fuhhh… it has been an empty week, empty with moi latest updates..
Last Sunday, four of us (Kord, Ewan, Better-half & I) managed to be present at my lovely friend, Yani’s engagement ceremony which was held at temerloh..
At last, I managed to eat ‘Ikan Patin Masak Tempoyak’.. =) it’s tasty! Hurm… tapi…ikan patin is not my much loved fish… tataw kenapa… maybe because the taste of the ikan is a bit strange kott.. hee hee. Whatever.. ;)

On the way back to KL, we paid a quick visit at Bukit Tinggi. The panorama is super-duper nice and the countryside really-really catch my eyes… anddd… my heart noiselessly murmured.. “I should come here another time”. Let’s the pictures do the talking…..

Ohhh.. My bigggg day is coming… it’s less than a month… precisely, 26 days left… I have uneasy feeling… i’m worried and fretful... I am pretty sure; its untruth if we say all brides-to-be can be cool waiting for their wedding day… in fact, I got bad chest pain these few days and my left hand is shivering. I have sought for Dr Bavani and her first question after do all the health check was “Are you worrying bout something, dear?” and I said smilingly “Yes, I do… but not really be troubled with it. I didn’t lose sleep.”…. At last, she gave me some medicine for muscle pain and medicine to calm down my mind and advised me to put feet up.. Do I have anxiety disorder?... tataw la… yes, almost all the time, my big day is bothering my mind… I always pray, the ceremony will run smoothly as it should be… InsyaAllah…
all the invitation cards will be mailed out by next week... ;)

I managed to grab a tudung for my akad nikah.. in off-white color. Susah juga nak cari, luckily I found one.. still I have to find 2 more tudung for reception day and majlis bertandang.. susah betol nak cari tudung yang suitable and satisfy with my needs. Uuhuhuh…

Till then.
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