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Friday, July 15, 2011

Co-sleeping with baby

We are thinking to have a baby cot for Qaseh since I am willing to train her to sleep in her own bed. Sleeping with baby is a personal choice. Most parents throughout the world sleep with their infants and this is become our culture. Since Qaseh is an easy-sleeper dan pattern tidur pun dah berubah, I am wishing to make a sidecar-arrangement where baby cot will be placed straight up against our bed. 
There is no right or wrong place for our baby to sleep. Some people said, some babies do not like to sleep in the cot I but believe it all depends on how we teach our baby. And for me, it doesn’t mean that you are a bad parent if you don't sleep with your baby.

Keputusan belum lagi dibuat samada playpen or baby cot.

Each of them will have different weight capacity. Naturally, baby cot is much sturdier compared to playpen and it can be used longer. Banyak pro & con, will decide later.

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