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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

My Monotonous Life

Can u give me 1001 reason why I should not refrain from this blog-sphere? Can u? *giggles*
Hurm. I’m nicking my pack-time to peep into this blog-sphere.
I know I have not been updating for quite some time since last 2 weeks.
There’s nothing much going on in my life. A monotonous life I would say, without any flavors that would generate a desire to write, let alone to share.
This morning, there are no flavors yet, but yet... I am writing. I’m, updating thus breaking the hiatus. Yes, I managed to forget the tense tittle-tattle for a while.

I use up the previous last weekend with Mama Rohana & Farah as they were here for a few days, we managed to clamber Genting Highlands in late evening, lingered there for almost 4 hours and we headed ourselves home.

I’m still reading the emotional-heart string book that purchased not many weeks ago, thus with pack-time, I only managed to read half of the novel at the moment. P.S. I Love You was a wonderful heart warming story about how life moves on after death no matter how tragic the conditions. The story is truly heartbreaking and once I started to read it I couldn’t put it down, I had to know what each of the envelopes said to find out what was in store for Holly. It really does pull out me into Holly’s life and I laughed out loud and cry with Holly.

Finally, after hold-up for such a long time to have my own TV in my room, finally I got one ;P

We managed to watch an urban film, “Budak Kelantan” on last Saturday. The film worth the ringgit spent and did not disappoint us. By watching this film, I was musing over the homey scenic of Kelantan which was added through the images, songs, and of course the dialect used in this movie; I really-really enjoyed the Kelantanese dialect presented in this film. I strongly encourage every Kelantanese to go to your nearest cinema and support ‘Budak Kelantan’. Weee-heee. ;)

After counting for shopping-day for ages…I bought something for myself last week, a boyfriend shirt from Zara. Oh! Rara, I have it, at last! ;) Teeee-heee. I know, I was in love with it at the first sight, because it's just so darn simple and effortless... Hurm… with my high-waisted-belt, it completely changed the look, I luff it.

I’ve lost another kilo in the past two weeks. Big yay for me! I’m feeling good and so glad and I’m going to carry on this path. I have had success and failure in many of my weight loss attempts before, until I found HL. Kudos to Herbal Life! =)
Note! Who wanna get special discount for Herbal Life’s products, don’t shilly-shally to drop a line to me! teeee`Heeee.


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