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Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Four (or maybe five) of us are going to beach holiday this weekend. My first picking is Port Dickson, as its takes just over an hour by car to pass through from Kuala Lumpur and Port Dickson has one of the longest beaches in Malaysia. I’ve booked an apartment, Marina Crescent for us to stay there. Yeahhh… I guess, this is one of the natural alternatives to slow down and relax like a cat ...teeeee-heee.. hurm, lately, my work became more distressing and painful you know...urghhh… I need this holiday to heighten my energy and I’m glad for it.. *smile*
Erm.. Talking about things that need to be packed when going for holiday... I must have eyeglasses, my medications, disposable wipes, maps (perlu ke?), cool & comfortable clothing, jacket, and long trouser, rubber sandals and plastic bags. Oh ya! Toiletries as well. Hehuuuu. I was told that, kettle, microwave, fridge, rice cooker are available. Thought to bring some foods then we can have our-own-cooked-food. Heeee.

Oh! It’s time for tea. Off.
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