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Friday, January 23, 2009

.......yet again.

Hi folks,
Oh! I can’t express how much I missed my diary….
Last 2 days, I was on medical leave.. I’m not so well and I’m still suffering with fever, it have turned me away from steal a look to this blog sphere.. I’ve seek for two doctors and I was given with panadol, two type of medicine for flu, a few packets of oral rehydration salts to replace my body fluids, a packet of lozenges and banyak lagiiii…
Last week, I had a nice beach holiday, enough said.. =)
Eyyyyy, everyone loves beach holidays, isn’t it?

As I’m not in good health, let’s pictures do the talking.. When i arrived at home, I feel relax, refreshed, and ready for work. Anddd my heart does speak softly …. “When can I go on beach holidays once more?”

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