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Sunday, March 18, 2007

. friendship .

i dedicated this to my Lunatic's family yg shomel2 semuanye.........
dear my beloved:
cik Mah
It started out with a great friendship that has lasted almost 3 years..We have had some good talks and times together..dear my beloved fwens,I promise you this: I will never cheat, lie or do anything to hurt you all... u all make me feel so good inside and so happy that I still can't believe it..It's so amazing being with you all because you're such an amazing person. I don't know what the future holds - that's something only God knows...
sememangnye, sgt kerinduan pd semua,...evento dah x dpt nk chill sama2 lagi, since da keje ney..,., rindu maseh lg utuh pd kowang,.,x dpt nk gelak sesama lg.,.,wat keje bodo sesama.,. =)) everytime teringt kowang, msti gelak sorg2.,., huhuhu.,.
gosshhh!!~ i missss u all damn muchhh!
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