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Friday, March 02, 2007

. happiness .

9:10 AM 02/03/2007

currently happy.. =) since Mama, Eda, Tina, Abg Ary, Tirah & Ammar sampai this morning..hurm..around 5am dis morning, Eda called me & asked me to open the door..hohoh.dan tido sudah terganggu.,., =) then smbg tido balek & mama laid beside me.. pg td, had breakfast ngan mama : kue tiaw grg + milo panas.. selalunya dtg keje x makan pon, tp sbb Ma ade, then makan la sket ngan Ma.. then siap2 dtg 'guwd mowning' call from Dzihni.,., since semalam call putus bcos battery low.hurm. =)

hurm,yesterday, suppose g 2nd interview, tp dgn kemalasan nye, call company tuh & bitaw takley dtg, x sehat.. =) ahaha.apa la nye pemalas.then, in the afternoon, die nye secretary called, soh dtg harini..adeyyyy!~ punyalah die soh dtg gak..huhu.erm.then ade lg satu interview kt Cheras, pon x g gak. ahaks. =))

erm.yey~~ hrni, gaji masok.yahuu!!~ many things yg ader lam kepala ney.ahaha =))
& today, nk g celebrity Fitness & today is our first dancing class.hehe. =) i'm sure it's FUN!!~
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