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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

. Celebrity Fitness . =]

5:57 PM 28/02/2007
ey blogger!!=) many days, x jenguk2 snie.thanks for all fwens who dropped ur comments here. :*
yesterday, we registered at celebrity fitness at OU.sgt teruja.waaa =]after lunch kat Gombak (g Gombak since ana tertinggal her hp], then lunch & makan ns ulam.hohoh.shangat rendu makan ns ulam..
then got call from Vicky (Celebrity Fitness's consultant) since da promised wif him nk dtg celebrity fitness.tewus bertolak g TTDI balek, the g OU.hoho.
sgt penat but we are excited. =))
hahahVicky bwk we all jalan2 & terangkan everything..bile tengok sauna room + yoga class + aerobic class, we all teruja..sangat teruja..cant wait nk start our first class (hoping dat tak hangat2 taik ayam =)) haha ) there's so many dancin classes at celebrity fitness.. i am sure it's really fun.. i love salsa class & latin class too :* cant wait.cant wait.
heheh. =) ade yoga, pilates, dancing class (salsa,latin, jazz, hip hop & etc etc etc), aerobic class, gym & so many programmes..we subscribed & paid rm 397 for the first payment =) Hopefully, lps ni selalu dtg & jgn malas2 lagik..hohoho
& to dzihni, dun ever give up to give the moral support =) **ngee**

around 5pm, received call from Vicky again, he asked whether we will come @ not the dancing class today..i am intrested but since ana off duty today & balek kg, so x dapat la nk g class tuh..(even bley g sowang, tp maw tggu ana gak)ahaks. =)

td g Lorong Zaaba, TTDI wif Kak Nurul.hurm, g nengok2 rumah yg bakal nk pindah nex week.rumah tuh ok la.fully furnished except for the bed.x kesah la, since me da ada tilam.that house ade Astro + Streamyx + washing machine + TV, fridge, gas stove..erm..quite okey la.. & all the future housemates friendly sumenye.,rasa mcm dlm family,decided nk rent that house.Kak Nurul sgt baek & she will be my future roomate.die sggup nk dtg amek barang kt Sg Besi & pindahkn ke rumah baru.. =) i feel very lucky.hopefully dat, nuthing bad story will happen.,.,Insyaallah.pls pray for me. =)

tommorrow, suppose, ade interview for the position of Project Engineer at Sri hartamas & today i got the missed call from that company,.,i thought that somebody call to re-confirm again the appoinment.hurm...em confusing whether wanna go there or not...tommorrow is my off day...huhuh.still confuse..huhu.

& on friday 2nd of March, i also got an interview as a Sales & Marketing Executive at Cheras..still tataw gak nk g @ tak..hurm.act, hati nie nk balek keje kt kelantan.....hohoho.....

till here.. =)

. she's missing someone endlessly . & she's confusing.

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