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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Am I testy?

To those person who be familiar with me well, am I testy? I mean….am I bad-tempered? Yes, I realize, some time, when I’m having my menses, my mood will be a bit cross and cantankerous… errr… I’m pretty sure, all females will encounter the same thing... isn’t it?..
Arrghhh.,. I’m not bad-tempered person. I’m good-natured people, okay?..

I did text better half cepat-cepat and asked him: “b, syg ni panas baran ke?”
He did reply: "
No lah, for a while je, those times u have ur menses, ada la sikit, tp b faham :) ”…

Suspicion mode.

So people, am I testy?..

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