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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

On the other day, she’s not well..

Hello folks.

I was on medical leave yesterday and it didn’t make so much different for my mouth. I managed to seek Doctor on Monday and I was given one day medical chit, pain killer and two type of antibiotic from one clinic in Kg Baru. What's more, Better-Half not so well already for 3 days.. :(

Last week, Better-Half and I did jalan-jalan and did some shopping for Hari Raya’s preparation. Some of my colleagues said that, it’s ahead of time for me to do so, but it’s much easier when aku tak perlu nak berpanas, bersesak membeli belah sewaktu Ramadhan, there’s lots and sort of collections that I can choose on, there’s lots of size for me and the most weighty part is I still have time to look for my accessories, my shoes, my shawls, my brooch and my bag to be matched with my baju. *giggles*
After all's said and done, we bought a pair of Baju Kurung in Better-Half’s-family-theme-color. For this family theme color, I’ve plump for ready-made Baju Kurung, which easier for me to go for it. The Modern Baju Kurung that Better-Half decides on it is looks austere-nice and elegant with the embroidery and needlecraft. I love it to bits and big thanks to Better-Half for it. I already purchase the kain baju kurung in my family theme’s color before whilst my sister and I did shopping in Jakel last month.

Mann… I’m not in good mood today… even in chew-less mode, still I managed to eat Nasi Briyani for my lunch. It’s really made my tummy glowing…hehehe. Before this, perut tak glowing sbb tak mkn bebetol… *sigh*

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