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Monday, August 04, 2008


Hello peeps!
Yes, here I am, blogging at 7pm. It’s been 4 days since my last blog. Pardon me for the short hiatus.

Taadaa! I was at hometown for last weekend. Yes, finally, we drove to hometown after I win over better half and… he took ½ day medical leave on Friday. I went to clinic and took medical leave on that Friday after dropped better half at Menara Olympia. Around 1pm he returned to home, picked him up at LRT KJ. We forwarded to HL’s HQ to pick up the Herbal Life’s products for Ann, myself and another buyer too. Nearly 3pm we headed to Gombak and stuffed our tummies with nasi campur then we off to hometown. We reached our destination around 10pm, forwarded to Better Half’s house since Mama Wan Rohana asked over me to have dinner with them. I’ve packed my tummy with rice, tomyam, ayam halia, telur bungkus… and… err satey too. Oh! Diet koyak already. *laughs*
Reached hommie around 11pm and mama was there waiting for me. Oh God! I missed her damn much. I was like overjoyed for past 2 days and i’ve spent those days with her =)

On Saturday, I drove to Kb Mall, alone, as we (Ann & me) arranged for the gathering. Yes, this is our 2nd gathering; the previous one by last year if I’m not mistaken and we’ve go through this friendship for almost 2 years. Though she’s far away in Kelantan, but it’s not difficult for us to hook up like others. In fact, she’s one of my close friends, the one who I can be in touch and divulge anything. We’ve spent almost 3 hours there, we had spaghetti bolognaise for lunch, chit-chat, gossiping, cam whoring and she did shopping too. We’ve so much fun and absolutely dear, we’ll meet up again.

In night, mum invited better half to have dinner together with my family. We went to D’kantan, as per suggested by my sis. I’ve never go there before and I was like “oh! Best ke? Okay. Try lah.”
Unexpectedly, when we were there, I noticed that the cashier, a girl, keep fixed her eyes on me, and when I looked at her back, she smiled then I was like OMG, she’s Farah Lyana, my virtual friend, and she spotted Fuad too. The food was delicious and really made our tummies full, the restaurant is scenic and enough said I luff the place. Definitely, we’ll be there again. =)

We took off to KL yesterday late evening, fetched better half and headed to one of the famous café at Tanah Merah, called Selera Tepi Sungai. I had nasi campur and desert before we started our long journey. Alhamdulillah, we reached KL on 12am. I was like worn out already. I was exhausted and sleepy. And the result is, my eyes was look like “panda eyes” when I came to work today. *giggles*

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