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Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Hello people!
Yes, sorry for the short hiatus, the blog is lagging. I’m damn busy with my work loads. Huhu. I had 4scoops of F1 this morning and better half managed to eat nasi lemak at his favourite pakcik bawah pokok rendang tu. He loves that pakcik’s nasi lemak to bits. (:

Well, I have many things to talk about, but I didn’t have enough time to blogging. I just did some bloghopping around. :) I’m looking forward to meet Mama Rohana and Adik Yasmin this becoming Friday. They’ll be here and will spend the school break with us. Yay for that! *laughs*
Here some of the pics taken:
And this new-top-that-I-managed-to-grab-on Friday attracts unwanted attention, I tell you.
I luv French Connection! (i managed to take pics with Acha Septriasa when she did shopping at FCUK too)

time for tummies, time for picchas..

we had so much fun!

errr... Mr & Mrs Fuad.. :P

Mann.. This is so called first- Topshop polka hottie top-I have that better half told that I looked lovely with it, and then I purchased it. Better half hatred polka dot the most as I know. *giggles*

Last weekend, better half and I did spend the whole 2 days together. I thoroughly enjoyed those days with my better half. So yeah, all in all… I have a great weekend, indeed. I guess I should stop blogging since I have tons of work to be done. Gosh.

A small p/s here: to all of my customers, the paid items will be courier by this Sat. pls do wait and pls apologize for any hassle ya.


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