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Friday, August 08, 2008

i luff . . .

I’m updating.

I had 4 scoops Strawberry F1 while better half ate nasi lemak at Fatimah Food Corner.

Woke up at 6.40am this morning because last night I was indeed tiring as better half and me went and look for his office apparel.
He’s looking for long sleeve-stripes shirt that can be used with cuff-link. And it’s trouble-free to find any long sleeve-stripes shirt, on the other hand, it’s tough to discover a can-be-wear-with cufflink’s shirt that can fulfilled his needs. He wants a shirt like this, like that; the color must be like this….. *laughs* Yes, he’s pretty choosy when it comes to find out for his best attire, dissimilar with me while I’m not so fussy. He has to, isn’t it? *smile*
After a long wait, I chose a pink + blueish long sleeve shirt for him and a pink neck-tie plus cuff link in pink color too. Here he goes today:

After all, we reached home at 12 midnight; it was so late for me as normally I go to bed as early as 10pm. huhu.

I’ve noticed that I’ve spent “loads” for this month. *sob sob* I got my eyes of this..
Like long time ago, I felt in love with this, but…… at that time, I was broke, I was like lack of penny.. yey! Finally, it’s mine already. *giggles* Hee hee, err way over budget for the first few days of August *sob sob* Must munch on Maggie only this month ……. *grins*


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