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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Run of the mill...

Ramadhan is coming……… Alhamdulillah, thankful to Allah s.w.t, as we are given this chance again to beribadah kepadaNYA. And this becoming Ramadhan, will be the fifth Ramadhan without my late Abah.. Only Allah s.w.t knows how much I missed him every second and minute, every here and then…he’s the best and super-niceness man in my life and the finest and super-cool father for my family.
My prayers are always with you, Abah & let peace pave your way… Al-fatihah…… *sad*

Everything seems to be circling around, so fast... today is Thursday, meaning that, 1 more day left, and then I’ll be back to hometown. I need to do some laundry tonight, I have a bucket of used clothes.. Somebody, please give me a hand….. aihhhhmalas.. malas
Last night, I’ve received a very special ‘thing’ that I’ve retained before for my beloved friend. Tara…tara… Surprise! *chuckles*


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