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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I feel relieved a tad.

Please apologies for the short hiatus.
Yeah, I’m taking break from my busy-est day.
And today, I feel relieved a tad…yes, not to bits.
The whole weekend was spent with better half’s family.

# 15/08/2008
Mannn. It’s time for dance and sings … *laughs* Disney's High School Musical: The Ice Tour is in Malaysia currently (during mid term school break until 20th aug) and I was there with all my office colleagues as our boss did sponsor the tickets. The best part is we can see the ass-exploding splits these skaters can do. okay, okay I give 5/10, for the reason that I’m not much into it. So enough said it’s not worth bagi tiket kat aku.

# 17/08/2008
Helluuuu.. all over again-We went to Sunway Lagoon. Better half’s elder brother’s GF known to us as Kak Long Ida did sponsor the tickets for 7 of us. A very big thanks to u, sis.
I thoroughly enjoyed the precious time with all of you. Adik yasmin and Mama Rohana are still here till this Friday, perhaps.

Owh ya, talking about Olympics.. Lee Chong Wei, we are proud of you!! Chong Wei did get a silver medal for Malaysia in the Men's Single Badmintons final. Period.

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