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Monday, February 26, 2007

. bowling wif Ana .

nothing much to jot down here for the 2/3 days ago.hurm.
everything's went as per normal.
yesterday, maen bowling ngan ana kt Ou Bowl.
waa!~ sgt excited, since da a few months x maen bowling.
tp smlm maen 1 game je, then lunch.
we chose A&W for our lunch.
then, after lunch, g Celebrity Fitness..hohoh.hajat hati, nk usha2 jer.
then their consultant entertained us.
waa!!~ sgt besh bile masok Celebrity Fitness..sgt teruja.adeyy =] & we decided nk join dat class starting nex month.. dancing class!!! yes! act, i luv dancing.hehe.
& we will take this oppurtunity,.,. hohohoh..come.come.dancing.

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