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Monday, February 26, 2007

. bowling wif Ana .

nothing much to jot down here for the 2/3 days ago.hurm.
everything's went as per normal.
yesterday, maen bowling ngan ana kt Ou Bowl.
waa!~ sgt excited, since da a few months x maen bowling.
tp smlm maen 1 game je, then lunch.
we chose A&W for our lunch.
then, after lunch, g Celebrity Fitness..hohoh.hajat hati, nk usha2 jer.
then their consultant entertained us.
waa!!~ sgt besh bile masok Celebrity Fitness..sgt teruja.adeyy =] & we decided nk join dat class starting nex month.. dancing class!!! yes! act, i luv dancing.hehe.
& we will take this oppurtunity,.,. hohohoh..come.come.dancing.


isketamxdebola said...

main bowling x ajak is pun...huhuuu

Anonymous said...

Wah, best nye main... OU bowl ni kat mana yek.. dah sekian lama ana start main boling, tak pernah dgr lak OU Bowl.

Anyway, hamba pun dah lama dah tak update blog hamba. BTW ni Anuar Shah... sebulan ni asyik travel kerja je, penat tak terkata la... Blogspot pun hamba ada, tapi bukan personal

lain kali, kalo main boling tu jgn lupa la ajak... YM je atau sms 019-6663654. Lama dah tak angkat bola nie

ellena said...

to is: haha.sowy is, x rancang pon act.lenkali eh. =)
to anuar syah: thanks for dropped ur comment here.i'm ellena =) si gothic fairy.ahaks!!~ sure.nex time yeah..
keep in touch.daa~