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Saturday, February 17, 2007

. Lovers .

i'd just read aydelyn's blog,.,

it's all about love,.,

huhu,.maybe we're in the same condition.,yeah, i want to meet my soulmate too,., i'm not desperate, maybe it's sounds crazy, but i juz want "somebody",., who is always be wif me, in thick @ thin, cry @ laugh, sad @ happy.,.someone who will always give his 'shoulder' for me to cry on.,when i look at his eyes, i know that he's the one for me.,all i can do is think about him..i will dont know how love feels till i meet him.,i want that somebody, who will show me the light, show me the love & show me my future.,.,for me that's secret luv.

.painful ending.

OH GOD Its hurts so bad, when i lost my luv...when i left him, all can i do is cry..,., so stupid, i believe that he's my first life, first luv, the best man,..,but it's not true.,.Things moved really fast between us..This relationship may not have ended the way I wanted it to but sometimes you just have to let go..It hurts but everyday I get stronger..
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