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Thursday, February 01, 2007

~is there a such thing as soulmates?~

3:03 PM 01/02/2007

hohoh. i'm getting fat =)

sgt tabesh!!~ aku rs cam da getting fat,., tol ke?,.,

huhu..ntah jmpa Doc dat day, ley lak aku ty Dr "dr, sbb sy gemok ke sy dpt saket nie?" & she's smile.. hehe.she said "u x de la gemok sgt eliana" ahaks!!~ really ke? ke Doc ni salah tengok.huhuh. xmo gemok2 lagikk!!~ adey!! erm, dat day ms jmpa Mil, he sangup tlg me nk get my dream body shape =) ngee ley ke.. kompius!~, die soh aku cr gym dlu then bitau die & die will arrange kan jadual for me..adeyy,., sangat baek ati..since he knows dat Doc said that, aku kne bykkn eksersais,., bwat regular excercise,.,but u know la, dgn keje nie , bile masa lah nk g excercise lak.adeyy!!~ but, i'll try to find any gym yg nearest ngan my place. huhu then will let him now later la. =)
sekarang aku ngan break = bored.nak balek kang, umah jauh lak..huhugaji lak lom masok lagik.adeyyy, so lambat..,. like Anne said, 1st week of feb,., adey, parah nk menunggu.,.,& me dah list down dah whut i wanna buy =) ngeee,.

1. ipod shuffle =)

2. shoes =) *sgt gile kasot*

3. Blay hand bag =) * dat one yg i tgk dgn farah dat day heheh

4. toiletries =)

hehe, so cepat2 la dpt gaji,.,~~ money!!~ money!!~ i want money!!~ $$$ sgt kerinduan pd mama.,.,last nite she called me, told her evertin bout kptusan ultrasound dat day,.,mama, juz tell her dat everthin is under control..& she faham.,.,i luv u so, Ma!~ no one can replace ur place in ma heart. =) hurm.dis week,my off day is saturday.,., hohoh.x de plan agik nk wat pe.since farah pon dah ke Perak.,.i'm alone.,.last nite she sent me sms,bitaw yg die da ade lam bas nk ke perak..,.,she looks happy,.,taper lah, nex time jumpa lagik k. =)
last nite, around 2am, i got msg from shuk.,.,terpisat2 me bangun.,.,huhuh.,., & he asked me about "cinta & sayang",.,huhuh,.,die mengigau ker?,..hehehe.,.,sian kt my fwen sorg neyh.,
i'm wondering,.,., whut is cinta & whut is sayang?,.,,for me: Luv is ONe heart =) & two sOuL,.,luv is a feeling of the mind that can reach the heart, 7 one it reaches it's reflected out upon others around u,.,bile kite dah mula menyayangi someone, for us, she/he is the one for us,.,we dun want anyting else in our life.,.,is there a such thing as soulmates? or do we just end up with the best person we can find? for me, i believe in soul-mates.,.,there is only one person out there for every one person.u can learn to luv & be happy with almost everyone in this world.,., =) i do belive dat ALLAH s.w.t has made male & female for one another. =)
~where's my Luv? ~

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