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Friday, February 16, 2007

.watched Ghost Rider.


still in office.sitting beside Anna,., & now taking my PRB,.,huhu.,so tired today + xde mood + moody.,

yesterday, had fun wif farah, watched G.h.o.s.t R.i.d.e.r wif farah 0so.,. sgt beshh!!~ Nicholas cage so cool,.,awl2 pagi lg, g Sogo.,. tggu farah kt sogo since da janji jmpa there. then, farah smpai, "makan2" first.,
we chose food court' sogo,., i decided mkn Crispy popia, since da lama x mkn & sngat 'mengidam'.,. hahah =))
and farah juz amek ns grg pattaya.,.,afta makan2.,.pusing2 sogo, dat tyme maseh x ramai org.,.so we decided g Midvelly & nengok G.h.o.s.t R.i.d.e.r,., yeah, Nicholas Cage so cool same as Eva Mandes..,.,jalan cerita yg menarik.,.around 1.55 pm, wif a big box of caramel Pop Corns, in row H11, we are watching G.h.o.s.t R.i.d.e.r,., finished around 4pm.,. then pusing2 midvel., so bored plus my hp having low of battery.,huhu.,.
jalan2 lagik.,. minom2 ngan farah & bersembang.,., so many things kteorg borak kan, like so long tyme x jmpa.,. sembang psl my stories & her stories.,.her Hamed, bout shooping.,.bout shoes, bout luv, bout career life,., =) so happy.,

around 7pm, my hearting beating fast.,., so fast,.,like cam sumting happened.,.hurm ,.,and hp lak x de battery, so rasa cam sangat tabesh.,. tetibe my "sixth sense" rasa cam sumting happened kt mama, changed hp wif farah, turned on her hp wif my simkad in it..,. i got 11 missed call & a few messages.,. one of them from my sis, Eda,., "Ayu, call back.Kecemasan!" that's all & my heart dah mcm nk luruh.,.,. =(( huwaaa!! nk nages je.,., kan da agk sumting bad happened. =( pahtuh terus call my kakak & she said, mama kt Kecemasan Hosp Sains Kubang Kerian..,.,what happened?,., she said, mum look tired & pale, nmpak mcm nk pitam, so abg ary & her took mama g hosp.. & she passed the hp to mum.,. heard her voice & i smiled, tp rasa cam nk nanges.,. hohohoh.,., rs cam nk terbang balek rumah.,., adeyy.,., =( she said that she's getting well & advised me x yah balek sbb die ok..hurm.,. so sedikit lega bile dpt ckp ngan die sendiri..huhuhu.,., erm.,.tataw camne nk face this life if sumting bad happen to her.,., =( since abah passed away almost 2 years, i only have her,.,who's always wif me.,.in cry & laugh.,. she's always there for me.,.,then around 1030pm, call her up, & Eda picked up the call, she said, mama da kuar hosp & sekarang ngan mkn., hohoh.,. Alhamdulillah.,,., syukur sgtt.,. huhu., then ckp ngan die sekejap, advised her untuk makan ubat.,., she understood.. =)

dear mUm, thanks, you have been there for me 24/7 through thick and thin..I want to thank you for everything, mum, everything you have taught me in life..
luv mum :*
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