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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

happy V day!!~

12:05 PM 14/02/2007

i'm sitting beside Amran.,. hoho.,.today, nope really sebuk sgt.,. call biasa je., hurm., i'm hungry lol!~ today masok keje kol 930am..,.,
yeah, today is V day,., =) eppy V day for all of u guys!~ Luv.luv.
by dis morning, i received call from BESKOM TEKNOLOGI SDN BHD. Alhamdulillah, i was shortlisted for 2nd interview, for the position of Project Engineer.. hohoh-,., i'm confused whether nk g ke tak esok.,.x taw cane..adeyy!~ =( sgt2 confused. sgt tataw nk wat keputusan cane,.da la jauh.,Sri Hartamas.,
still think about it,,.,
& esok is my off-day, so planned nk jmpa farah,.huhuhu.,

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