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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

. kerinduan .

3:58 PM 13/02/2007
kerinduan pd all my besh buddies.. leen, cik mah, eja, aki, mira, aini, umi,., since da keje, didnt have much time nk melawat dey all kat Uniten,.nk hang-out pon agak susah coz dey all too busy wif all asgments & club diorang.,. huhu.,.eventho jarang jumpa, tp hakikatnye diri ni tak pernah melupakan dey all.,., =) really mish them all so muchh!~ goshh~!! i really mish u alll..
to all my sayangs: As I look back on my past,.,I remember the jokes I laughed at,., the things I missed and lost, ,.but there's one thing I'll never regret,.,it's the day you all become my friend,., =)

With love and devotion,

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